How to Clean Velvet Shoes & Make Them New Again?

Looking for ways to make velvet shoes fresh and new again? Or you may be thinking that velvet material shoes cannot be washed and how you suppose to clean them.

Undoubtedly, velvet shoes are charming and give a luxurious touch to the lady’s wardrobe. But proper care is needed to clean such fine fabric. The reason is that spills leave deep marks on these shoes and crush their material.

This post will solve all the puzzles of cleaning velvet shoes. Stick with me to know all the tips and tricks of cleaning.

Let’s go!

how to clean velvet shoes

How to Clean Velvet Shoes?

  • Use dishwashing soap to remove the tough stains from the velvet and scrub it with a toothbrush or sponge. Dry the mixture using a clean fabric.
  • Scrub the dry velvet shoes with a clean cloth or toothbrush to remove the dust. Make a habit of brushing shoes after each wear.
  • Apply protector spray and keep it a little away from shoes. Do a spot test to ensure whether it is effective and not harsh.

What You’ll Need

  • An old toothbrush or soft brush
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Clean cloth
  • Protector spray
  • Water
  • Bowl

Methods to Clean Velvet Shoes

To clean my gorgeous pair of velvet shoes, I followed the given methods, and the results are highly impressive. If you read my guidelines carefully, you will not need to go to a professional cleaner.

1. Wiping the Stains Away

Step 1. Blot

If the stains are fresh, the microfiber cloth works amazingly in absorbing them. All you have to do is to dab the cloth on stained spots and do this step immediately before they dry. Another reason is that wet stains are easy to remove.

You can also use a paper towel or regular fabric if a microfiber cloth is unavailable.

Step 2. Make a Cleaning Solution

Next, I added two squirts of dishwashing liquid to the small water bowl and dissolved it completely to make a solution.

If you don’t have dishwashing liquid, use lemon juice and baking soda instead. Keep mixing it until it forms foam.

Step 3. Scrub with A Toothbrush

Afterward, I applied a generous amount of mixture on the shoes’ uncleaned areas and began scrubbing it gently with my soft toothbrush. After leaving my shoes for two minutes, I wiped the mixture away with a dry cloth.

Step 4. Dry the Area

I gently pressed the paper towel to dry the cleaned spot. Instead, you can also dry it with a microfiber cloth. The main purpose is to soak the mixture, which can be done with any of these items. If you want to dry faster, then use a fan or hairdryer.

Step 5. Go to A Professional Cleaner

If the stain marks are still not gone, then it is better to visit a professional cleaner. Putting a lot of pressure on velvet shoes can damage them.

2. Removing Dust and Dirt

Step 1. Let the Shoes Dry

If you have some dirt on your velvet shoes, dry them first if you want to keep them in good condition. That’s why I dried the shoes first before removing the dust.

Step 2. Brush the Shoes

When my shoes were completely dried, I used the dry cloth to wipe off the grime. Use a soft brush to remove the caked-on dirt for more effective cleaning. Remember to move the brush in the same direction.

3. Use a Protectant Spray

Step 1. Choose a Right Product

Before buying any protector spray, check the label to ensure that it is appropriate for velvet shoes. Not all sprays are good for velvet, so you must pay attention.

You can easily purchase them from the nearby department store. Vectra Furniture, Fabric Protector, and Scotchgard spray are good for this purpose.

Step 2. Do a Spot Test

To make sure that the selected spray does not have any negative effect. I did a spot test on the stained area and observed for a little while.

This step will protect your shoe from damage. You just have to spray on the backside of the footwear and ensure that the material’s color is not darkened.

Step 3. Keep the Spray a Little Away

Furthermore, I held the spray bottle 15 cm away and used it on the entire shoe surface. Holding a protector spray too close is not right if you want to extend the life of your velvet shoes. Try to reapply it after seven to eight wears.

Step 4. Dry

Lastly, I put my shoes in fresh air to dry them immediately and naturally. Dry them fully before wearing velvet shoes again.


  • Don’t wear your velvet shoes during stormy weather because it forms stains on your charming velvet shoes. The best option is to wear them on sunny days.
  • Develop a habit of brushing shoes regularly. It seems difficult to do it daily, but this will protect you from many future problems.
  • Remove the stains immediately because it is harder to eliminate the caked-on dirt.
  • Apply sealant on velvet shoes before wearing them. You can still apply if you have worn them for a little time.
  • Protector sprays are also effective in preventing shoes from damage.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Wash My Velvet Shoes?

Little rain causes no damage, but it is not recommended to soak and scrub your velvet shoes in the water. Instead, use a velvet cleaner for the best results.

What is Good for Cleaning Velvet Shoes?

Use a soft brush or horse hair to scrub. A soft toothbrush is also good at removing dirt. Apply safe velvet shoe cleaner, or you can use baking soda.

How Do You Restore Velvet on Shoes?

Add dishwashing soap and water to a bowl. Mix it well to dissolve all the elements and apply it on velvet fabric to wipe the tough stains away.

Does Water Ruin Velvet?

Water is inappropriate for cleaning velvet shoes because it ruins them and forms stains. The best we can do is to clean them with a specially designed cleaner.


To make your velvet shoes fresh and new, follow the above steps. The best thing to do is maintain the shoes and clean them regularly.

You just need the right tools and cleaning items for effective results. Make sure to dry the shoes before wearing them because water damages them. Read the instructions carefully, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

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