How to Clean White Hoka Shoes?

Do your white Hoka shoes also get dirty, and have you tried many methods to get rid of those tough stains?

It also happened to me, but my cleaning method works like magic. No matter how tough the stains are, my washing method will wipe them away.

All you have to do is to read the whole post to know every little detail about cleaning white Hoka running shoes.

After realizing that many people face difficulty in washing their shoes. Why not write my own experience? Without taking further time, let’s proceed!

how to clean white hoka shoes

Can You Clean White Hoka Shoes?

Hoka is one of the best shoe companies, well-known for its long-lasting and comfort. It is the first choice of many professional runners, but the main point is keeping white Hoka shoes clean.

You can either clean them by hand using a sponge and soapy water. The company does not recommend the washable machine method as agitators can spoil their excellent quality.

Steps to Clean White Hoka Shoes

Hoka dirty white shoes can be cleaned by using household things. If they are very dirty, they might need more proper cleaning to keep them durable.

Keep in mind that using a washing machine and dryer is unacceptable, so you should take the following steps for better results.

Required Things

  • Hoka white shoes
  • Socks
  • Soap
  • Toothbrush
  • Soapy agent

Step 1. Dissembling

At first, I removed laces, liners, and insoles for an easy experience.

Step 2. Washing of Laces

Then, I put the laces in the washing machine with towels and cleaned them with cold water. You can add regular soap as a cleaning agent.

Note: I also stuffed Socks in my white Hoka shoes to protect them from tangling and getting lost. Don’t forget to remove the Socks before putting them in the dryer.

Step 3. Remove Dirt and Mud

Next, I removed the grime from my white sneakers using a paper scarf and cleaned deeply with a Toothbrush. If your hokas are very dirty, then wipe them when it is dried. The reason is that it is easy to wipe the crusted slush.

Step 4. Scrubbing

Once the mud was wiped, I put the natural color-free soaping agent into the cold water. You can also use dish cleaner for this purpose.

Scrub it gently on the dirty spots and keep running the brush until all the dirt is gone. After that, I Removed the muddy water with a dry rag.

Step 5. Wiping Off

In this step, I wiped away the soap water with a damped cloth. Make sure that there is no dirt left.

Step 6. Drying

It is the last but crucial step and most people do a mistake here. I placed my dirt-free white hokas in a well-ventilated area. But if your shoes are sopping, wipe them with dry fabric before putting them in a dry area.

Don’t ever put them in the sunlight or dryer because it changes the shape and size of your gorgeous shoes.


Preventive measures are effective in extending the life of Hoka one shoe. Use waterproofing spray when the footwear is fully dried. After applying it, wait for a few hours to settle the spray on your gorgeous Hoka white shoes.

Once it is settled, walking in the wet and muddy areas will be easier. Rotating Hoka shoes from time to time prevents them from wearing out.

Use a soft brush, scrub it gently on your favorite pair of shoes, and clean the inner side of the shoes properly with mild soap.

The company has highly recommended not putting hokas in the washer. They are no longer responsible for their warranty and quality if you still put them. But in case you still want to do it, pack your hokas in a mesh bag or pillowcase to protect them from damage.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Dirty Do White Hokas Get?

The white mesh of the hokas is more likely to get stains and mud. The color of your hokas can change into brown or black while passing through the pavements and road tracks.

Can I Put White Hokas in The Washer?

The most basic way to wash Hoka tennis shoes is by hand with a mild detergent or laundry soap. Dry them naturally in a cool area. A washing machine is not suitable for removing dirt from white Hoka footwear.

How Do You Keep White Sneakers White?

After returning home, I removed the dust from my gorgeous white sneakers with a dry brush. Also, I wash them from time to time with laundry detergent and do not let the stains stay on them.

Is Toothpaste a Good Way to Clean White Hoka Shoes?

Yes, but don’t ever use colored toothpaste, as it can change the color of your hokas. After using toothpaste, let it dry for a few hours and wipe it away.

Bottom Line

You can’t avoid dirt and stains on your white Hoka shoes. But you can clean them with cleaning agents and keep them in the same condition.

Wear and wash your footwear with proper care. Don’t put on the same shoes again and again if you want to extend their life span.

Hopefully, now you can wash your Hoka footwear without fear of getting damaged. I will love to hear about your cleaning experience. Thank you for reading!

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