How to Disinfect Shoes from Toenail Fungus?

Have you ever felt embarrassed due to an unpleasing odor from your shoes and toes? Unfortunately, many people don’t know disinfecting shoes is equally crucial to dodge this shame in public.

Toenail fungus is a common word used that provokes a nasty smell. The earlier you treat it, the more you can overcome it initially. I know many people dealing with foot odor and often feel apologetic.

However, it is an ordinary issue that can be treated convincingly. Many people would eagerly be waiting to know the preventions. So, peeps, your wait is over; this guide will comprehensively explain each point.

how to disinfect shoes from toenail fungus

What are the Causes of Foot Fungus

Before finding out how to treat them, one must learn what makes this fungus enter your foot so you can evade it. Wearing the wrong footwear that causes the infection is one of the primary reasons for foot fungus.

As an athlete, you are more likely to attract fungus because of dark, moist and warm places. If the fungus is present on your toenails and you wear a new pair of shoes without eliminating it, the fungus will transfer to the shoes and cause more smell.

If you detect the changed color of your nails or any foul smell, take quick action before it becomes hard to tackle. Besides this, stinky shoes should also be mopped instantly.

Methods to Disinfect Shoes from Toenail Fungus

I remember facing this embarrassment when I didn’t know what this fungus was and how to get rid of it. The approaches I will share below have been personally experienced so you can pursue them without doubts.

Follow the one that you find the most convenient. However, before mentioning those methods, here is a friendly reminder to always wear tidy shoes and washed socks. Let’s commence.

1. Use Antibacterial Spray

This spray comprises special chemicals helpful to kill all bacterial germs. Remember to spray your shoes before wearing them in a reasonable amount.

Buy a high-quality spray that promises to kill 99% of germs. It is one of the most reasonable steps to tackle fungus in shoes.

2. Use Vinegar and Baking Soda

I am sure you have been listening to all the advantages of Vinegar and Baking Soda for a long time, so it will be familiar to you. Baking soda eradicates the smell coming from your shoes, so before initiating this step, take a little soda and spread it on each shoe.

You must have apple cider vinegar to slow down fungus growth. Take a bottle filled with vinegar and spray it on your shoes. Vinegar leaves smell, but it will evaporate with time. These two products are commonly available in homes, so you can easily consider this trick.

3. Purchase Foot Powder

You might be using body powder; now it’s time to switch to foot powder available in different stores. It is also known as an anti-fungal powder that assists in making the fungal cells weak.

You can use it once a day for convincing results. Before using this powder, it is better to take suggestions from your doctor.

4. Buy UV Shoe Sanitizer

You can buy this machine that comes at a cheap rate. Hardly put it in your shoes for 20 or 25 minutes, and you will be amazed by the results it shows. It kills all the bacteria, germs, fungi, and whatnot. When I bought this machine 2 years ago, I was quite impressed with the results.

5. Put your Shoes Outside

Open fresh air, and direct sunlight are the most acceptable ways to make your shoes smell-free. When you place your shoes outside, the air soaks all the moisture making your shoes tidy.

I put my shoes outside once a week, but I also apply one of the above methods for more useful results.

6. Use Essential Oils

We all know how constructive essential oils are when it comes to cleaning. A few shoes are made of a material that is not machine washable. You can make your spray using water and essential oil to clean them.

One of the most effective oils you can consider is Tea Tree oil which has scientifically proven its worth and is the best spray for shoes.

It kills germs, bacteria, and fungi. However, be cautious while buying this oil because it should be 100% pure without mixing. It is how you can disinfect Shoes from Toenail Fungus.

How to Prevent Feet Fungal Infection

Knowing how to eliminate fungus on feet and shoes is necessary, but what matter is that you do not let it happen in the first place. For this purpose, you must follow the below preventions so it won’t happen to you in the future.

Never wear socks on wet feet; otherwise, it will cause a smell and other issues on your feet.

  • Firstly, make your feet dry and then wear socks and boots.
  • Filthy nails invite many infections, so ensure your nails are clean and properly cut down.
  • Always wear shoes while walking in the shower area and public washrooms.
  • Tightly fitted shoes also bring such infections and fungus. Your shoes play a significant role, so ensure you wear the right ones.
  • After every 3 or 4 days, wear open shoes, so fresh air won’t let any fungus formation.

Be concerned about these little points to avoid big trouble in the future. I specifically care about such things, not letting any infection happen again.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to know something more about how to disinfect Shoes from Toenail Fungus? I searched a few questions people normally ask about how to kill fungus in shoes. Let’s follow them.

What is the Duration of Toenail Fungus on Shoes?

You will be shocked to know that it can stay for 20 months if you do not kill them. It is important to deal with it earlier, so it doesn’t cause big trouble. You are already familiar with the ways, so the procedure won’t be complicated.

How to Kill Toenail Fungus from Shoes?

There are numerous ways to kill this fungus from shoes. The most promising way is to spray your shoes when you are not wearing them.

Keep your feet clean because fungus also transfers from your feet. Never use bleach on your shoes because it will destroy the leather. A few other methods are already described above.

Which Spray is Best to Kill Fungus?

Many antibacterial sprays are available, and you can use them according to recommendations. However, I suggest using UV sanitizer or different 100% organic essential oils. You can also ask the doctor as he can better guide you.

Can I Use Alcohol to Kill Fungi?

If you want to kill them with alcohol, go for rubbing alcohol, as it removes all germs, bacteria, and other viruses. You can also use this alcohol for other cleaning purposes.

Final Words

Fungal infection is an ordinary issue, so there is nothing to be afraid of. The only solution is to take special care of your feet by washing them regularly and keeping your nails tidy if you do not want to experience this infection.

I know how much one feels embarrassed and disappointed in public with feet and shoe smell, so to escape from this discomfort, take necessary provisions initially. The details are present here, so you will get all the obligatory information from a single place.

I have acknowledged different techniques to get rid of disinfect Shoes from toenail fungus. Moreover, the preventions are also mentioned here. I hope you are now satisfied with this detailed guide. Still, you can ask any query that bothers you.

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