How to Fix Cracked Leather Shoes? – A Detailed Guide

Is there any way to recondition the cracked leather shoes? Any person who is enthusiastic about collecting shoes has leather shoes in their wardrobe. Leather shoes are not like sneakers which do not need any care.

If you do not care about leather shoes properly, then they will end up getting cracks. If cracks are slightly big, then it may take more time to repair, but lighter cracks will not take much time.

You don’t have to worry in both cases because I will tell you the simplest and easiest techniques to fix cracked leather shoes.

how to fix cracked leather shoes

How to Fix Cracked Leather Shoes?

  • After cleaning the leather, apply the conditioner to them. Reapply if you are not satisfied with the results.
  • Fix the deep cracks in the leather by applying the leather dye. Leather filler is good for smoothening
  • Repair your shoes by spreading mink oil on them.

Why Do Leather Shoes Crack?

One of the most common reasons for leather cracking is extremely hot temperatures. Bear in your mind to avoid placing your boots in a Harsh climate.

If you have purchased poor-quality Leather footwear, they will not take much time to dry out. Second-hand shoes also crack easily. Already damaged shoes with holes results in a lack of moisture.

Different Methods to Fix Cracked Leather Shoes?

I have tried all these three techniques to repair my Leather shoes. Trust me; all these methods worked well with my cracked leather shoes.

  • How to fix deep leather cracks
  • How to fix light leather cracks
  • How to repair cracked leather shoes with mink oil and cream

1. Fix Deep Leather Cracks

If the damage is deep, then you have to repair scuffed leather by using strong material. Here you go!

 Required Things

  • Leather filler
  • Leather dye
  • Clean cloth and sponge
  • Sandpaper
  • Leather Conditioner
  • Water bowl
  • Mild detergent Solution

Step 1. Cleaning the Leather Shoes

Before repairing, it is good for your cracked leather shoes to repair small marks on them first. If a good quality detergent solution is not available for cleaning, then you can also use a laundry detergent or a soap.

Be sure that it is not harmful to your leather footwear. Firstly I made a detergent solution by adding the detergent to the water bowl. Then I dipped the piece of cloth into the solution and started rubbing.

Just apply the necessary amount of the solution on it thoroughly. Proceed to the next step after drying them completely.

Step 2. Sand the Surface of The Leather

Polishing leather shoes are also essential to give a more smooth look to your footwear. I applied all kinds of items to fix the deep cracks.

After that, I spread the Sandpaper on the cracks and Rubbed them gently until it covered the whole shoe.

Step 3. Applying the Leather Dye

The leather dye should be the same color as your shoes. Buy a leather care kit and follow all the instructions given on it. You can color the shoes using spongy.

Apply the dye on both pairs equally to prevent ugly marks. Don’t move to the next step before drying them.

Step 4. Use of Leather Filler

Good quality leather filler is another way to repair shoe cracks. This filler gives a clean and smooth look to them.

Choose only those products that are suitable for your shoes to fix cracks. I begin to fill the cracks with it. Use a knife to smooth and fill the solution properly.

Step 5. Conditioning the Leather

This step is optional, but if you want to give your shoes a nice finish, apply more conditioner and dye them.

2. Fix Light Leather Cracks

This method is essential to clear the small scratches on your shoes. I suggest using conditioner for this purpose.

Required Things

  • Leather conditioner
  • Water
  • Clean cloth
  • Soft brush
  • Small spongy

Step 1. Cleaning

If your leather shoes are not clean, then rub them with a small cloth to remove the extra dirt from them.

Besides this, I made a soap solution by adding detergent to the water and started to brush off with a cleaner solution on crack marks.

Step 2. Applying the Conditioner

Slight leather cracks can easily be fixed by using a conditioner. Spread the conditioner using a small spongy so it will reach the cracks deeply.

Keep spreading it until you notice that all the creasing lines are disappeared. Leave the leather shoes for 10 hours to get more awesome results.

Step 3. Reapplying the Conditioner

If you notice small cracks, then another layer of conditioner is needed to apply. Make a habit of applying the leather conditioner once a month.

This method helped me a lot to protect my shoes from future damage.

3. Repair Cracked Leather Shoes with Mink Oil & Cream

This method also works great to clear cracks in leather footwear.

Required Things

  • Mink Oil
  • Shoe Cream
  • Soft brush
  • Saddle soap

Step 1. Applying the Mink Oil

Keep your leather footwear dry and clean before applying the oil. I used my fingers to rub oil on the entire surface of the shoe. Fingers made my work easy and simple. Dry the leather fully for at least 24 hours.

Step 2. Spreading of Shoe Cream

Next, I applied a thick layer of shoe cream. Let the cream dry for all most 2 hours before storing them in a Shoebox. Again, a thin layer of coating will give a sleek look to your leather shoes.

Causes for Leather Shoes Cracked

Leather is made of unique natural materials that are famous for their comfort. The animal’s skin makes it flawless and durable.

Porous Surface

Therefore surface traps dirt easily and causes discoloration and cracking. Suede shoes are at the highest risk of getting damaged. Smooth leather shoes are semi-porous and give more protection.

Lack of the Moisture

Those leather shoes crack quickly and lack moisture. When you put the leather in a dry environment, it doesn’t get the necessary humidity and ends up forming cracks.

I recommend you put them in an area where humidity is at least forty percent. A dry place sucks the moisture from the leather shoes. First, it forms creases; then, it turns into cracks.

Dirt Formation and Harmful Chemical Cleaners

When you don’t remove the dirt from your leather work shoes, it causes crease formation and dirt in your shoes.

When you apply Harsh chemical solutions to leather boots, their quality gets ruined by them. Avoid cleaning your footwear with these kinds of cleaners.

Lack of Proper Cleaning

Do you have a boots Care kit? If not, then buy it now. This kit has avoided many problems, and I used it frequently. Polish and condition your footwear regularly.

Leather conditioner shoes are available in the market to give a nicer appearance to your boots.

Wrong Shoe Size

What will happen if I try tight shoes? When you force your feet to fit in small shoes, they suffer cracking. Select the right size leather shoe first. Otherwise, you will face several issues. This will also cause pain in your feet.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can Cracked Shoes Be Repaired?

Yes, light cracks can be repaired by applying mink oil or shoe cream. Big cracks can be fixed by using shoe filler on the cracked leather shoes.

Can You Rehydrate Cracked Leather?

Leather cracks can be rehydrated by using high-quality conditioner. You can fix deep cracks by dyeing the leather shoes in a similar color.

Why Are My Leather Shoes Cracking?

Porous surfaces and Improper ventilation systems of leather shoes result in cracking. Dirt build makes them dry and causes a lack of moisture.

How Can I Fix Cracked Leather Shoes at Home?

  • Fix cracked leather shoes by applying leather cleaner on crack spots
  • Wait for one night and then spread leather filler to make the surface smooth
  • Dry them again for 6 hours

Does Leather Conditioner Help Cracked Leather?

You should apply leather conditioner at least three times on your leather footwear to eliminate their dryness of them. It is a very effective way to prevent cracks.


Hopefully, my methods of fixing cracked leather shoes appeared easier to you. Select high-quality conditioner and filler for your shoes because these items last longer.

However, remember to polish and condition your leather shoes from time to time. It is easier to put them with care instead of repairing them.

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