How to Fix Crocs Strap? – 5 Easy Steps to Follow

Did you break the strap of your crocs and now you are looking for ways to fix it?

No one can question the durability of the crocs, but still, you can’t say that they are indestructible. If you don’t take proper care of your crocs, then its strap is likely to break.

Sometimes, its straps break after using them frequently. This still doesn’t mean that you can’t fix this defect. It’s a not difficult task to mend your broken strap. An accident can happen to any kind of shoe.

Here I will share my experience of fixing my crocs strap. Be patient and read the full article to understand the method fully.

how to fix crocs strap

Can You Repair Broken Crocs Strap?

These versatile crocs with straps can be fixed if they wear out. There are chances of color fading if you use your crocs often. The shoe outsole also become thinner than before.

I suggest you clean your crocs with soap and water. You can also use some kind of detergent if you can’t remove them with water. Avoid cleaning your crocs in a dryer machine because it can damage them.

The first method is the safest to remove dirt from crocs. If something still happens to your footwear crocs, then you can repair them. Fixing croc’s broken strap is easier than you think.

Note: It is impossible to fix crocs with large holes and damage on the shoe sole. In this case, you need new crocs for your work.

You just need some things and follow my guide to fix them as quickly as possible.

Without wasting much time, Let’s dive in!

Things You Need

Here are the required materials to perform this process:

  • Glue gun or glue stick
  • Glue Spreader (which dries the glue clearly and makes it flexible after drying)
  • Cutter(you can also use a hand saw)
  • A sharpie( to highlight where to cut)
  • Croc with a broken strap

5 Steps to Fix Crocs Strap

When the strap of my crocs broke, I was kinda frustrated because I didn’t know what to do. I did some search. I followed the following steps to fix the broken crocs strap.

Step 1. Gather All the Required Material

I bought some of these things from a nearby stationary store. All of these things were affordable. I found things that I couldn’t get from that store, so I ordered them online. Delivery was also pretty fast. It didn’t take me much time to gather these things.

Step 2. Fit the Glue Spreader

I took a glue spreader that fits in both holes of croc and crocs slipper straps.

Note: If your glue spreader didn’t fit between holes, it still wouldn’t cause any problems. The main purpose of doing this step is to sand it down.

Step 3. Cutting

In the third step, I took my sharpie to highlight the area of the spreader to cut. After I passed the spreader into both holes, I highlighted the inside end of the spreader on both sides because a little part of the spreader was also outside the crocs. After marking those points, I cut off that area with Cuttler.

Step 4. Marking the Inside Circle

To make an inside circle, I took a glue gun. I plugged on the glue gun. I squeezed it out until its diameter was similar to the area that attaches the crocs strap.

Honestly, I failed to make the proper size circle on my first try. Then I watched some techniques and tricks from Youtube to understand. It helped me a lot. Finally, I did make an accurate size circle.

You can also watch videos from Youtube if you are having a problem making circles like me.

Step 5. Bring it All Together

Finally, I used the hot glue gun and melted the circle I had made before. I added some glue in its center. Then, I inserted the glue spreader and glued it to the circle’s center.

That’s all I did. It was an easy technique to repair crocs.

If you still find it complicated, then you can ask for help from someone who has done this before. But I know you can do this yourself.

Why Should You Repair Crocs?

Here are the four main reasons why I prefer repairing my crocs instead of buying new ones. I would explain them one by one.

Reduces Expenses

Prices of shoes, footwear, sandals, sneakers, and slippers are increasing with time. Crocs are expensive work-wear shoes that demand large money.

Their price is almost less than 50 dollars. On the other hand, croc strap replacement is an easier and most efficient way to save money.

Good Impacts on The Environment

As you know, crocs material is non-recyclable. Plastic is already causing pollution. We all should play our part in making our environment clean.

If you prefer repairing Croc rivets instead of purchasing new ones. You play your part in making your environment eco-friendly.

Interesting Task

I don’t know about you, but I always loved DIY projects. I am sure that you also love arts and crafts. It refreshes our minds and makes us active. You can even take little help from your children for more enjoyment.

There is no risk of damage while performing this experiment.

Increases Space in your Closet

Buying a new pair of shoes will take up an additional area in your closet.  Crocs repair rivets methods can help you to make room in the closet.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How to Fix Croc’s Literide Strap?

  • If the hole of your strap has torn, you have to make a new hole. In the end, Attach the strap to it.
  • If the crocs rivet is broken, then you can replace it with a chain ring bolt of bicycle or Chicago bolts.

Fixing broken crocs literide strap is simple and easy.

How Do You Put the Strap Back on Crocs?

  • Make a small slit with the help of a knife above and below the hole.
  • Then push the rivet of your strap into the slit. This will put the strap back on crocs.

Will Crocs Replace the Broken Strap?

Yes, the company replaces a croc broken strap without any money. You just have to go to their official website and give all the necessary details for replacement.

Do Croc Straps Come Off?

Yes, croc straps come off when it is not tight enough. Crocs stretch out due to wearing them frequently.

Is There a Lifetime Warranty on Crocs?

Every crusher item of crocs comes with a lifetime warranty. You can replace them if there is any issue with them.


I have tried my best to share my experience as simply as possible. I hope that my guideline helps you to fix the crocs strap.

Remember that this method is only applicable to torn straps.  In case of many big holes in crocs, you have to go with new pair of footwear crocs.

Thanks for reading! Comment down below if you have any other issues about it.

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