How to Fix Peeling Shoe Lining? – Expert Guide

Do you want to keep your favorite shoes with you for a long time in good condition? Are you looking for some shoe repair techniques?

Sometimes, when you get ready to go somewhere and take out the shoes from your shoe closet, you see that they are peeling. Nobody wants to face that annoying moment.

Luckily, I have given a few simple tricks to fix peeling shoe linings. Don’t worry about the material of the footwear; you can repair peel-off shoes easily.

I have tried my best to make this project a lot easier for you to bring back the original glory of your shoes.

how to fix peeling shoe lining

How to Fix Peeling Shoe Lining?

  • To fix peeling real leather shoes, clean their surface, and stuff newspapers in them. Apply mink oil on their surface and fill cracks with leather filler. After drying, make the surface smooth with sandpaper.
  • The faux leather shoes’ surface can be repaired by applying sandpaper, filling the cracks with permanent markers, and polishing them.
  • When the shoe insides are peeling off, remove the peeling as much as possible, put glue under it, join both parts together, and press firmly.

Why Does Shoe Lining Peeling Occur?

Due to many reasons, shoe linings peel off even if you clean them after each use; storing them in the wrong way may lead to peeling off the lining.

Wear and Tear

If you use your shoes on a daily basis, it is normal that daily wear and tear will occur. Thus, the lining of the footwear will peel off finally.

Low-Quality Material

Footwear that has manufactured from low-quality stuff can result in the peeling off of its lining. Certain materials, like synthetic ones, have more chances of peeling than others.


Before putting the shoes in the closet after each use, ensure they are completely dry or the place where you store them must not be wet because moisture will result in mold growth. This mold and mildew growth will make the shoe liner peel off.


When the material of the shoe ages, breaking down starts to occur; thus, the lining becomes peeled off.

Chemical Damage

When you use too many cleaning agents or solvents on the shoes, the chemicals in these products make them peel away.

Excess Air-Drying or Sunlight Exposure

To make the shoes dry, if you leave them in an airy place for too much time or expose them to sunlight for drying, the shoe surfaces will be cracked. Thus, peeling off the lining will start occurring.

Shoes Peel Off Even When not Wearing

A chemical coating is applied on some shoe materials, so peeling occurs if you place them in a closet, even if you are not using them. Due to these chemicals, the material of the shoes is shed over time, which is why peeling occurs.

Sunlight exposure or high heat speeds up this shedding process, so avoid placing them outside. To prolong the life of the footwear, keep it in a tight box, cool, and dry place.

Things to Look Before Repair Shoe Lining Peeling?

To repair a peeling shoe lining, you can use different ways, but it depends on the location and size of the peeling area. First, you must determine whether the shoe lining is fixable. Look at the following things before starting the project:

The Tear Size

If the tear is too small, a shoe repairing glue or sewing will be fine. However, the tear will be difficult to repair if its size is large.

Lining Condition

Besides the tear of the lining, the repair will be easy if the other parts are in good condition. However, if it is in too much bad condition, it will be more difficult or impossible to fix.

Location of the Tear

If the tear is located on the part of the footwear, which is noticeable by everyone, it is hard to fix because the imperfections will be easily visible. However, the less visible area will be easier to repair. Maybe you need to replace the whole lining.

Choose a Shoe Repair Glue

Different types of glue are designed specifically to repair the shoes. For example, use contacting rubber or cement to repair your shoes with waterproof glue.

Using Needle and Thread

If the tear is small, a few stitches with needle and thread will fix the issue. For this purpose, you will need a strong thread of the same color as the shoes.

Using a Patch

You will need to use a patch to cover a large tear, or the whole lining is repairable. Patches are easily available at low prices, but you can make them by cutting a piece of cloth.

Replacing the Lining

If the entire lining is peeling or the tear is too big, it’s better to replace the current lining. For this purpose, you can get help from a cobbler who mends shoes.

Required Things to Fix Shoe Lining Peeling

  • Shoe cleaner
  • Cloths pieces
  • Newspapers
  • Mink oil
  • Leather filler
  • Pallet knife
  • Sandpaper
  • Permanent marker
  • Shoe polish
  • Shoe repair glue
  • Spring clamp (a clip used to hold things together with high pressure)
  • Duct tape
  • Patch (a piece of cloth)
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Cardboard
  • Thread
  • needle

Methods to Fix Peeling Shoe Lining

I fix the peeling of my shoe lining with the help of shoe repair glue or needle and thread. Also I use waterproof thread like synthetic or nylon in shoe repair projects to keep them in good condition for a long time.

I have given below different methods to fix different peeling shoe linings.

1. Fix Peeling Leather Shoes

On original leather shoes peeling doesn’t occur, but if it is fake, it will crack. Remember that the leather will not be real if your shoes are peeling, cracking, or chipping.

You can easily fix shoe lining leather, though it can crack or dry out.

  • Grab any good quality shoe cleaner and use it to thoroughly clean the surface of the shoes.
  • Stuff the footwear with newspapers or clothes to keep them in their original shape.
  • Before fixing leather shoes, apply mink oil on their surface and rub them.
  • Find the cracks on its surface and fill them with leather filler using a pallet knife.
  • Now, for six hours, keep them somewhere to dry.
  • Lastly, sand its surface using 220 grit sandpaper to give it a smooth finish.

2. Fixing Faux or Patent Leather Peel Off Shoes

  • Use 180-grit sandpaper for sanding all the peeling bits from the surface of these shoes to get a smooth surface.
  • Apply the permanent marker on the cracks using the same color as your footwear.
  • Now, grab the shoe polish the same color as the shade of the shoes and apply it on the surface.
  • Let them dry.

3. Fix Inside of Shoes Peeling Off

Shoe-repairing glue can be found easily in the market, which is used to repair shoes.

  • Remove as much of the sole of the shoes as possible to expose the areas under them.
  • Apply a thin coat of glue under the sole. Make sure all the peeled-off area is covered with glue.
  • Hold the shoes in your hands and press the sole as much as possible to make it tight.
  • Use a spring clamp to press the sole and the shoe together.
  • Let it air-dry for 24 hours.

4. Inside Shoe Lining Peeling

When the lining of the shoe’s inner side peels off, it can be repaired using simple strategies.

  • Use scissors to cut the duct tape according to the tear size inside the shoes. Keep its sticky part on it and press it firmly.
  • When the inner part of the heel is loose, this issue can be fixed by replacing it with a patch. Put the cloth piece inside the shoes and outline it with a marker.
  • Cut the patch neatly to fit it into the footwear properly.
  • Apply fabric glue on the area, put the piece above it, and press firmly. Make the surface smooth using your hands. Please place it in an airy place to dry before wearing it.

5. Fix Peeling Shoe Linings with Duct Tape

Using a needle and a thread is an easy method to fix the issue of peeling shoe linings effectively and quickly. However, you must check the thread’s material thoroughly and ensure it is nylon or synthetic and must be waterproof.

The purpose of looking for a high-quality material is to prolong the life of your shoe linings.

  • Use a knife to remove the peeling from the shoe surface from all areas.
  • Now, take the peeled lining and lay it on a cardboard piece. Use an iron on it to make it smooth.
  • Please draw the shape of the lining on the cardboard and cut it neatly according to the old lining.
  • After these steps, you have to select two types of clothes, one piece will be required for the footbed, and the other will be used as padding.
  • Cut these fabric pieces in the same shape as the cardboard by putting the pieces on the board.
  • Now, attach both pieces of fabric inside the shoes using glue.
  • After this, use thread and needle to stitch them from the bottom part of the footwear; this will make the lining secure.

Prevent Shoes from Peeling

When I am not using my shoes, I clean them and keep them in a safe place, away from heat. This way, they are protected from peeling off.

I will also share the following tips and tricks with you to keep them in good condition for a long time.

Keep Shoes in a Shoe Tree

The shoe tree is specially designated to store shoes safely without forming cracks and creases. Instead of putting your footwear under the bed or closet, place them safely on the shoe tree.

Never Expose the Shoes to Sunlight and High temperature

Exposing your shoes to too high heat or sunlight will cause them to wear out, so soon they will start peeling. Store them away from sunlight or a place where the temperature is high.

Before putting them in the closet or shoe rack, dry them as much as possible because a little moisture can damage your costly shoes.

Regularly Clean and Polish Shoes

Cleaning is very necessary to keep them away from dirt and grime particles. Grab a safe shoe cleaner and use it to clean the footwear in a gentle way.

Every month, use any good quality polish like wax, cream, or leather conditioner for leather footwear. Remember that you must use the same color polish as the shoes.

Buy Extra Pair of Shoes

It’s a good idea to keep an extra pair of shoes and try alternating between them. This way, you will not wear the footwear too much, and it will be protected from peeling off.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shoe Lining Repairable?

Shoe repairers commonly use the fixing method of back lining replacement. In this technique, the old worn-out lining is removed, and a new layer of leather is added to this place.

What is the Reason Behind Peeling Off Shoe Lining?

The main cause of wearing out shoes is heat and light, which lead to peeling off. Thus, to keep them in good condition for a long time, place them in a shady place away from sunlight or heat.

What Does the Inside Liner of The Shoe is Called?

The inside liner of the shoe is called the insole or footbed, which is located on top of the midsole. Also, it supports the bottom of the shoes.

How to Repair the Peeling of The Shoe Sole?

Remove the peeling of the shoes as much as possible. Now apply a thin coat of shoe adhesive on one surface. Then, join them together and firmly press. Please keep them in an airy place to dry them completely.

Final Thoughts

Peeling of shoe lining occurs for many reasons such as not cleaning them regularly, storing dirty or moist shoes in the closet, or placing them in sunlight or heat. However, I have given many useful strategies to fix peeling shoe lining to prolong their life.

Use these techniques to repair minor shoe issues with simple items at home. If you have difficulty fixing these issues, you can bring them to a cobbler to fix shoe lining peeling.

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