How to Get Wrinkles Out of Leather Shoes?

Finding ways to get the wrinkles out from your charming pair of leather boots? In this article, I am going to explain how you can remove wrinkles from leather shoes.

Wrinkles and creases ruin the outstanding style of your boots. It can happen to any kind of leather shoes whether they are fancy or premium quality shoes.

The good news is that you can easily restore your wrinkled shoes with a little bit of heat and focus. It is natural and normal to get wrinkles on footwear but there are multiple ways to clear them.

how to get wrinkles out of leather shoes

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Leather Shoes?

  • Use an iron to remove creases from leather footwear.
  • Untie the laces and stuff the boots with a shoe tree or paper towel. Add water to the iron and set the temperature.
  • Spread a damped towel on the sneakers and start ironing them. After ironing, let them dry.
  • Use leather oil or alcohol to get wrinkles out from boots without any heat.

Why Do Leather Shoes Wrinkles?

As you know leather boots are constructed with animal skin. It is likely to get wrinkled with time because of its delicate material. The wrong shoe size also creased shoes.

If your shoe size is greater than your feet then extra space form wrinkles in them. Poor quality leather footwear gets creases after a few wears. One of the most common reasons for wrinkles is storing leather shoes in an improper place.

Different Methods to Get Wrinkles Out

In this section, I will explain various techniques to get creases out of shoes. These methods work amazingly with my wrinkled leather boots. Without taking much time, let’s start!

  • By ironing leather shoes
  • Using leather oil
  • By applying Alcohol
  • Using shoe trees

1. Ironing Leather Shoes

Here are the required items for ironing leather boots.

Required Things

  • Iron
  • Leather boots
  • Damped towel
  • Paper towel or shoe tree
  • Water

Step 1. Use of Iron

Iron is ideal to fix creases in shoes.  Leather sneakers develop wrinkles over time. The heat coming from the iron is perfect for smoothing out wrinkles.

You can also use iron to remove creases from patent leather and shiny boots. It is a gentle way to get rid of wrinkles.

Step 2. Untie the Laces

The laces of boots are built with fabric or cotton. There are chances of laces getting burned so I placed them separately. I washed my shoelaces first before ironing my shoes.

Step 3. Stuffing Leather Boots with A Paper Towel or Shoe Tree

Stretched leather footwear is easier to iron. To fill the inside of my shoes, I stuffed them with a shoe tree. You can use a paper towel for stretching the toe side of them.

I suggest you do not put newspaper balls or colorful paper because it can change the color of your leather boots. Make sure that you put a clean towel inside them.

Step 4. Filling Iron with Water

I started to pour some water into my iron. Then, I set the temperature of 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit to not damage the leather material.

Don’t ever set very high temperatures because it can shrink the leather material. Before using it, I let the iron heat up.

Step 5. Spreading the Damped Towel on Boots

After that, I laid the white damped towel on my shoes. Prefer using a white color towel because other colors can discolor the boots.

Wet your towel before laying it and squeeze the extra water with your hands. Water works as a protective barrier between your boots and iron. A saturated towel can damage the suede shoes so avoid wetting much.

Step 6. Start Ironing

I started moving the iron on a towel in a circular motion.  To get better results, don’t stop your iron on a certain area because it can ruin the leather material.

Step 7. Remove Wrinkles

I kept checking my boots where wrinkles were still present. So I could keep the focus on particular wrinkled areas. To smoothen out wrinkles, I put a towel on certain spots.

If you notice that your towel has started to dry then pour more water into it. Be sure that it is not too wet.

Step 8. Remove the Towel and Let the Boots Dry

Once both footwear were ironed, I put the towel away so water didn’t seep into my leather shoes. Allow your boots to dry in a well-ventilated place.

If you still notice wrinkled spots on your footwear then start ironing them again until all the creases were smoothed out.

2. Using Leather Oil

Prevent creases in shoes by applying leather oil on them. In this way, it will protect your boots from getting worst.

Required Things

  • Leather oil
  • Soft Cloth

Step 1. Apply Leather Oil

First, I added some drops of my premium quality oil to the wrinkles.

Step 2. Rubbing

Secondly, I kept rubbing the oil with the soft fabric on my boots. When I was done massaging them, I placed them in a ventilated area to dry.

Note: You can easily buy leather oil from nearby leather or shoe store.

3. By Applying Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol on leather footwear is like conditioning them with oil.

Required Things:

  • Alcohol
  • Soft fabric
  • Water
  • Spray bottle

Step 1. Mixing

To make a solution, I combined an equal amount of alcohol and water in a spray bottle.

Step 2. Spraying

After mixing properly, I sprayed the alcohol on the creases. Note: You have to be very conscious while adding proper concentration of alcohol. An excessive amount of alcohol can damage your leather boots.

4. Using Shoe Trees

A shoe tree is foot shaped item for maintaining the shapes of leather shoes.

Required Things

  • Shoe trees

Step 1. Storing

I insert shoe trees in my shoes when I don’t wear them. The shoe tree prevents forming creases in my leather boots. To make your boots wrinkle-free, place shoe trees inside your footwear after every wear.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fabric Softener Remove Creases?

Fabric softener either comes in liquid or powder form. It is very effective to remove creases from leather shoes. It is famous to get wrinkles out from your boots.

How Do You Get Wrinkles Out Of Leather Shoes Without An Iron?

If you don’t want to use iron then you can also apply leather oil or alcohol on your boots to remove the wrinkles. These heatless methods are well-known among people.

Do Wrinkles in Leather Go Away?

Of course, it is very easy and simple to clear wrinkles away from your leather shoes. Iron creases out of shoes and makes them neat. Using an iron to remove wrinkles is the most famous method but some people also rub alcohol or leather oil on their shoes.

Will a Hair Dryer Get Creases Out Of Shoes?

A hairdryer is convenient to get rid of creases in shoes. It is also common and durable nowadays. You can also try it at your home.

Can You Use a Steamer to Get Creases Out Of Shoes?

A steamer is also an ideal option if you don’t have iron at that time. You just have to insert a shoe tree in your boots and then turn on the streamer.


Your shoes don’t look attractive when there are wrinkled spots on them. It is necessary to remove the wrinkles immediately from your leather boots. Otherwise, it will form blisters later in your footwear.

It’s your responsibility to take care of your boots if you want to increase their life span. Avoid crease formation in your shoes to make them durable.

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