How to Keep Shoes from Creasing When Walking?

Worried that your amazing pair of shoes will crease in a couple of months? In this article, I will share some effective methods and tips to stop shoes from creasing while walking.

Many people experience foot complications due to the formation of creases on their boots. Fortunately, you can prevent this problem with care and focus.

If you are a daily walker, it is normal to have creases. I experienced this problem, and it wasn’t very good. The good thing is that I have a remedy to prevent creases in shoes.

how to keep shoes from creasing when walking

How to Keep Shoes from Creasing When Walking?

  • Keep your shoes away from direct heat and a wet environment
  • Wear those walking shoes that fit your feet perfectly and use waterproofing products on them
  • Tight the laces of your footwear properly and wear socks
  • Try to maintain your posture while walking and keep wearing alternative shoes
  • Use a shoe horn to extend the life of your boots

What Causes Walking Shoes to Crease?

It is natural to have creases on your adorable footwear. Here are some reasons why your shoes crease while walking.

One of the most common reasons is its design; the upper part of the shoes is flexible. While walking, your shoes allow your feet to bend. As a result, your footwear becomes straight, and the material is elastic enough to return to its shape. It ultimately forms creases.

Shoes are constructed with several types of materials like leather, fabric, mesh, and many other types of synthetic materials. Boots made of fabric and mesh are more likely to crease than those leather shoes.

To protect shoes from creasing, you need to know its causes first. Creases occur when your shoes bend due to high flexibility. Shoe material must be smooth for easy bending. Let’s take the example of Nike shoes which are built with rubber, foam, or leather material that minimizes creases.

Another reason is loose-fitting shoes. If you wear oversized footwear, then extra space encourages the creasing. Never trade the shoe size for looks and styles. It will cause discomfort and pain in your feet.

Do you wear the same shoes daily?

I get it that there is nothing wrong with that except creases. Wearing one type of comfortable shoes again and again also reduces their lifespan. Make a habit of wearing alternative shoes for crease protection.

People who put pressure on their toes end up forming creases. Toe pressure bends your shoes and reduces durability.

Methods to Keep Shoes from Creasing When Walking

There are some effective and long-lasting ways to protect shoes from creasing. Here we go!

  • Wear the Perfect Size fit
  • Use of waterproofing products
  • Walk Properly
  • Keep wearing alternative boots
  • Try using a shoe horn
  • Tighten your shoelaces
  • Wear double or thick socks
  • Use shoe trees
  • Use of sneakers shields

Wear the Perfect Size Fit

No matter how much you adore those shoes but don’t buy them if they are not fit for you. Wrong shoe size is a common reason for creases and wrinkles. It is not right to waste money on something which will not last long.

You might notice creases at the top side of the boots first, and then they reach to the heel side. The more space is present between your feet and footwear, the more chances of the material to bend.

Your priority before buying shoes should be the right size, not design or style. Right-size Shoe provides support to the upper material. Very tight footwear causes foot pain and results in cracking.

Use of Waterproofing Products

Another effective way to protect your comfortable walking shoes from creases is to waterproof them. Many waterproofing products are available, like Nick wax and Day waterproofing spray.

They make your shoes resistant to water. Not only this, these are very beneficial in absorbing moisture while walking. All you have to do is apply the thin layer of any of these products. Then walk in the wet environment without fear of getting creases.

Walk Properly

Firstly pay attention to your walking style and observe how you walk while wearing your gorgeous shoes. Don’t exert much pressure on your toes because it can damage your shoes by forming wrinkles or creases.

I have seen many people touching the ground with their toes, and this is the very wrong way of walking. To avoid creases, touch your shoe heels on the ground first.

In this way, you will not need to put much effort into your legs and feet. It might take some days to get used to it but trust me; this is for your best.

Keep Wearing Alternative Boots

Do you have sneakers that you love so much and like to wear every day?

It’s not wrong, but here is the problem, If you wear the same pair of shoes daily, then they will crease quickly while walking. Besides this, sneakers also get dirty faster.

No matter how much you take care of them, they will make room for wrinkles and dirt. Give a break of two or three days to minimize creases and grime.

Try Using a Shoehorn

Forcing your feet into tight shoes not just causes pain but also creates creases at the backside. In that case, I suggest using a shoehorn.

This item is like a slide that places your feet safely in your footwear. Shoehorn makes your work easier and more comfortable.

So there is no need to worry about forcing your heel into your boots. Its shape is curved, and it has a spoon-like head that is ideal for sliding.

Tighten Your Shoelaces

Try this method to protect your leather walking shoes from creases. This technique also helps in preventing extra space in your footwear. Feet movement is also a common cause of creases. So it is necessary to tighten your shoes.

Along with this, tightening laces is also effective in preventing blisters. You just have to tie the laces of your footwear according to your size.

And I am sure that you will not face this kind of problem after doing this method. This simple recommendation can prevent many feet issues like wrinkled or creases. Tie the knots of the laces carefully so no space will be left in your footwear.

Wear Double or Thick Socks

Rolled-up socks offer a great deal of protection to your feet. I usually wear two to three pairs of thin socks with my shoes for crease protection. You can also wear just one pair of thick socks.

In this way, it acts as a crease protector and keeps your shoes in their original shape. Aside from this, make balls by gathering many socks. Place these crumpled balls in your shoes after wearing them. This will also maintain the shape of your charming boots.

Use of Shoe Trees

Using shoe trees is an affordable way to give protection and storage to your shoes. When you are not wearing your adorable pair of sneakers, insert a shoe tree in them. This item works as a shoe crease preventer and extends its lifespan.

In addition to this, they also absorb the moisture from your feet and protect them from bad odors. You can order them online if they are unavailable in your area. But I am sure you will find them easily.

Use sneakers shields

Sneaker shields act as shoe crease preventers, and they are very easy to use.

First, remove the insoles and then put the sneakers Shields in the shoes. After inserting, put the insoles back in their place. Then go for a long walk to test the easiness.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Walk to Not Crease My Shoes?

  • Put your body weight on the heel side of the shoes instead of the toe side and insert a shoe horn in them.
  • Maintain a straight posture of your shoulder and back
  • Avoid kneeling because it can lead to creases

Why Do My Shoes Crease so Easily?

When you press the toe of your boots, it compresses the upper material and results in a crease. These creases will become more prominent if you will not fix them.

Do Tighter Shoes Crease Less?

Tighter shoes crease less than those which have a loose fitting. Loose footwear has more space left in them that gives a suitable environment for creasing. The reason is that there is more foot movement in a loose fit.

Do Crease Protectors Work?

Yes, Crease protectors are effective shields in shoes. All you have to do is to insert the shield in your shoes. These shields are unnoticeable because you will not feel any difference in walking.

Should I Worry About Creasing My Shoes?

There is no need to worry about creases, but you should take preventive measures for this. It is natural to have creases when you wear your shoes often.

Final Thoughts

The method to reduce creases is as keeping your skin away from wrinkles. The only thing we can do is try our best to take protective measures.

Follow these hacks and tips because there is no definite method of eliminating creases. Remember to pack your footwear properly before going on the trip.

I’d love to hear about your experience and do share your suggestions regarding reducing creases. Thank you for reading!

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