How to Lace on Cloud Shoes? – 6 Best Ways

Have you ever experienced a severe accident due to tying your shoelaces incorrectly? Looking for safe lacing methods for your On Cloud running shoes?

All individuals have different types of feet; this means it is not necessary that if a person laces their shoes in a particular way, you also lace yours the same way.

As On Cloud shoes come mostly running footwear, it is important to learn techniques to tie them properly to prevent accidents that can cause serious injuries.

In this article, I will tell you the six safest and best methods to lace On cloud shoes I use.

how to lace on cloud shoes

How to Lace On Cloud Shoes?

The following six lacing designs are the best for On Cloud Shoes:

  1. The Criss-Cross design of On Cloud shoe lacing lets you get a firm grip and provides a comfortable fitting.
  2. If you want to lock your heel in place, make a Runner’s Loop design from your shoelaces.
  3. When you feel discomfort on the top of your feet, you can leave extra space on that area by unlacing some eyelets using the Windows Lacing method.
  4. You can tie your laces diagonally if you experience pain in your toes.
  5. Individuals with high mid-foot can lace up their shoes by Skip Lacing.
  6. Zipper Lacing lets you tie your shoes firmly so that they hold your foot tightly.

6 Best Ways to Tie Shoelaces of On Cloud Shoes

The way you lace up your On Cloud shoes matters a lot. One lace style might be comfortable for one person, but the same might not suit others.

Lacing running shoes properly also helps in reducing toe pains. If your toes hurt due to tight shoes, altering the shoelaces will help reduce this pain. If you tie them loosely, your toes will get more room, so they will not feel discomfort.

The lace-tying technique also affects how comfortable you are. If you do not lace your footwear properly, the heel area will slip off, which will cause too much discomfort while running, and the rubbing and slipping will cause skin problems, too.

Lacing the shoes right is helpful for both your shoes and feet because if you don’t tie them correctly, your shoes will not properly fit, resulting in shoe damage.

I have given below the top tried-and-tested lace methods to tie On Cloud shoes, which will greatly help you. So, carry on reading!

1. Criss-Cross Lacing for On Cloud Shoes

This lacing method is commonly used to tie all kinds of footwear, which is best to lace up On Cloud shoes, too because it provides a firm grip than other shoelaces styles.

  • Place the shoe in front of you so that its front faces away.
  • Insert the lace into the bottom eyelets of the shoes from the inside and check the lengths of both ends; they must be equal.
  • Put the right lace end into the left side hole from upward.
  • Slip the left end into the next right eyelet.
  • Carry on lacing up all the remaining holes in this manner until you reach the last ones.
  • Now, make a bow as you normally do after lacing your shoes.

2. Runner’s Loop for Lacing On Cloud Shoes

This method is effective for locking your heel in place. If your heel is not in place, your foot will slide from your shoes, and the toes will rub with the front of the shoes.

To fix this issue, lace your shoes in the following method.

  • Insert the shoelaces in the bottom holes from above and ensure both ends are equal in length.
  • Now, lace the remaining eyelets using the normal criss-cross method until you reach the last eyelets.
  • Hold the end of one side’s lace and insert it into the eyelet of the same side; a loop will form this way. Perform this step again with the lace on the other side.
  • Now, insert the end of one lace into the other side’s loop and repeat this with the other shoelace.
  • Insert the laces in the loop a few times so that the laces become secure on both sides.
  • Lastly, tie your footwear as you normally do by making a bow.

You might have noticed that many shoes are designed to tie them for runner’s loop. Their laces come with extra length, and the last two eyelets are made to make a loop for them.

3. Window Lacing Method for On Cloud Laces

If the top of the foot is experiencing discomfort, the window lacing method will relieve it. It is also known as box lacing.

  • Lace two or three pairs of eyelets using the criss-cross method.
  • Now, hold one lace’s end and insert it into the hole of the same side by leaving 2 or 3 holes.
  • Do this step again with the other side’s lace.
  • From this point, lace the rest of the eyelets as normally as before.
  • Next, tie the laces by making a bow.
  • A window or box is formed at the mid of the laces, just over your foot’s top.

4. Diagonal lacing On Cloud shoes

If you have big toes or you usually get blisters from your shoes, diagonal lacing is the best way to tie yours On Cloud Shoes.

  • Pull one end of the lace into the bottom hole of the shoes at your toe’s side.
  • Please take it to the last hole of the opposite side and insert it into it, ensuring this end has a suitable length.
  • Now, hold the other end which is located at the bottom hole, and insert it into the opposite side’s hole from above.
  • Grab it from the inner side, insert it into the opposite side’s next hole, and pull it upward by holding it from above.
  • Continue lacing all the eyelets using this end of the shoelace until you reach the last hole.
  • In the end, tie the laces.

5. Skip Lacing Style for On Cloud Shoes

This lacing method is so easy; you will skip one hole in this technique. This strategy is best for people who have a high mid-foot.

  • Slip shoelaces at the bottom holes of the shoes and check both ends; their lengths must be the same.
  • Now, lace all eyelets the same way as you normally do but skip one hole on each side. You can also leave multiple eyelets if you want to do that. It is up to you, wherever you want to create additional space.
  • At last, tie their ends properly.

6. Zipper Lacing for On Cloud Shoes

The zipper lacing style works great for holding your foot tightly. This technique locks the shoelaces in each pair of holes, providing a very snug fitting. Also, it is appealing and looks like a giant zipper.

  • Insert the shoelaces’ ends in the shoes’ bottom holes from beneath and ensure the length of the ends are equal.
  • Take the left end of the lace and move it under the horizontal lace that is between both sides. Please insert it into the next right hole from beneath.
  • Repeat the same step with the right end’s shoelace.
  • Now, you will see one zipper formed from the laces.
  • At this point, take the end of the right lace, weave it under the lace and, take it to the left hole, insert it from beneath.
  • Do the same thing with the left end of the lace.
  • Continue lacing all the remaining eyelets in this manner until the last holes are reached.
  • Now, tie the laces by making a bow at the end.

How to tie On Cloud Shoes, Tightly or Loose?

It is difficult to understand whether we should tie On Cloud shoes loose or tightly. Your preference and foot size and shape show how to tie them.

If the footwear is not laced up properly and doesn’t have a suitable fitting, it may cause blisters or other skin problems.

If the footwear is too tight, you cannot move your toes inside them. On the other hand, tying them too loose will result in sliding your foot inside the shoes, or your heel might slip out repeatedly while you run.

When running, there must be enough space in the footwear to handle different types of flexing motions and foot bending.

Furthermore, Between the tallest toe and the front of the running shoes, there should be a distance of a thumbnail.

Tips to Lace-up On Cloud Shoes Properly

To make your On Cloud shoes more comfortable, follow these tips for lacing them:

  • Choose the lacing style which suits your foot type. For example, follow the runner’s loop lace design if your heel slips out of the shoes.
  • Purchase the footwear that perfectly fits on your feet. No lacing design will provide a sung fitting if you have bought bigger or smaller shoes.
  • To protect your feet from swelling or other skin issues, avoid tying your foot too tightly.
  • If you want to hide the laces, make a bow inside your shoes as you normally do when you tie your shoelaces and bring it under the tongue.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Speed Lacing of On-Cloud Shoes Work?

Speed lacing is used in place of normal shoelaces. Instead of repeatedly tightening your On Cloud shoe laces and tying them while you wear them, this lacing provides a snug fit by putting your laces at a particular tightness whenever you want.

What is Speed Lacing of On Cloud Footwear?

Speed laces replace the laces of your On Cloud shoes. You set the shoelaces of your footwear at your desired tightness using speed laces and wear them without tying. You will not need to tie them repeatedly because you will do it once.

What is the Special Thing About on Cloud Footwear?

On Cloud shoes deliver so lightweight stability that you can perform plenty of workouts. This brand claims its products possess outstanding features like super swift, versatile, and ultra-reactive.

Which Shoes of On Cloud Have Speed Laces?

The On Cloud company claims that their footwear, such as Cloud Waterproof, Cloud Terry, Cloud Dip, Cloud 70/30, and Cloud 50/50, have features of a signature Speed-lacing system.

It enables you to wear and take off shoes instantly, and these special laces are available in the Cloud models only.

Final Thoughts

It is very important to tie your shoes properly to avoid accidents that can cause severe injuries. Therefore, knowing how to lace On Cloud Shoes is essential to get a snug fitting that is neither loose nor tight.

Avoid tying your footwear extra tightly; otherwise, you will have blisters. Leave slightly extra room around your foot so that it can move but don’t let this additional space too much that your foot slips out.

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