How to Make Crocs More Comfortable?

What are the easiest ways to make crocs more comfortable?

Crocs shoes get more comfortable with time if you break them in properly. If you don’t break in your crocs, it can cause discomfort and calluses, lose shape and wear out quickly.

The crocs’ material stretch after wearing them for almost 3 to 4 weeks. It is frustrating to buy too tight or too loose shoes.

Fortunately, there are several ways to get crocs back in comfy shape. Keep reading this post if you want to know all the techniques to make crocs more comfortable. Let’s go!

how to make crocs more comfortable

How to Make Crocs More Comfortable?

  • In the beginning, push the crocs straps to the back and wear them for many hours.
  • Wash crocs in boiling water to loosen its material
  • Use a hair dryer or put them in a dryer machine if your crocs are too loose
  • Put crocs in a freezer to stretch them, and wear thick socks

Can You Make Crocs Comfortable?

It is easy to soften crocs material, and there are various methods for different shoe problems. If your crocs are too tight, unshrink them by putting them in boiling water, wearing thick socks, using a hairdryer, and placing them in a freezer.

However, to shrink crocs’ bigger shoes, use a blow dryer or put them in a drying machine. Your crocs may need time to break in, so wear them frequently in that case.

Methods to Make Crocs More Comfortable

Let’s discuss the most appropriate methods to make crocs comfortable. Read the instructions carefully and then apply them practically.

  • Pushing the straps to the back
  • Washing them in a boiling water
  • Wearing thick socks
  • Use Hair dryer
  • By using a dryer machine
  • Freezing them

1. Pushing Straps to The Back

One of the good things about crocs shoes is that you can push their straps backward and forward. It is beneficial in keeping your feet fit. While moving forward, straps help loosen the shoes.

It is best to push straps to the back during starting days of breaking in. In this way, your feet will be secured, and straps will protect them from sliding. It also changes them based on your feet’ shape and makes them more comfortable.

When you realize that your crocs have broken in, wear them by pushing the straps forward.

2. Washing Them in A Warm Water

To soften or stretch crocs, clean them in warm water to loosen the rubber material. The only thing you have to do is to clean them in running hot water for almost 3 minutes.

Wear them immediately to stretch crocs shoes. Try doing this procedure twice a day, and you can also do more than that.

Keep in mind not to use boiling water as it can expand them more than needed. Hence, hot water is good for breaking crocs in and loosening them.

3. Wearing Thick Socks

Putting socks on is the simplest method to make crocs comfortable. You also don’t need to put some extra effort into this process. Wear three to four pairs of socks for many days to get notable results. Once they are stretched, you will realize the comfort of strolling.

4. Use a Hair dryer

To make my crocs shoes more comfortable, I submerged them in hot water. When they were slightly wet and warm, I wore them for a few minutes and started walking into house.

Afterward, I turned the hairdryer on and moved it over the entire croc. Finally, I finished drying them for at least 20 minutes. My white crocs shoes were comfortable and softened then.

5. Using a Dryer Machine

Loose crocs fit can be tightened by placing them in a dryer machine. Wrap towels outside your stretched crocs and put them in a dryer.

Set a timer of 10 to 15 minutes and check whether they are done. If they are still not tightened, set a timer of three to five minutes again. Remember that heat should be medium because high heat can damage your personalized crocs.

If you want to tighten them less, it will eventually take less time. The dryer machine procedure is a little risky because it permanently ruins your shoes. But if you take proper precautions, there is no need to worry.

6. Freezing

For this method, you will need plastic Ziploc bags, a freezer, and water to make crocs comfortable. First, I filled the plastic bag with water and tightly secured the lid. After placing bags in the crocs toe box, I put the shoes in a freezer.

Then, I removed the bags after one night. If you are having a problem taking ice bags from crocs, then run warm water over them. Lastly, I wore my shoes immediately, and I was impressed by the comfort of my crocs.

Repeat the procedure if it is required.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How to Make Crocs Bigger?

To make crocs bigger, place them in hot water or the dryer. Thick socks and a hair dryer also work great in stretching crocs shoes.

How to Stretch Crocs with Hot Water?

  • Put your crocs in hot water and ensure that they are fully submerged.
  • Remove them from the water after five minutes.
  • Put them on immediately and begin to stroll into the house

Do Crocs Stretch in The Freezer?

Yes, we can stretch them by placing a water-filled plastic bag in the crocs. Put them in a freezer for 8 hours and start walking on your adorable crocs.

Why Are My Crocs Not Comfortable?

Your crocs might have shrunk or stretched. That’s why you are feeling foot pain and discomfort. It is necessary to solve this issue quickly. Otherwise, it will get worse.

How Do I Make My Crocs Less Stiff?

For this purpose, place your stiff crocs shoes in warm water for some minutes. Avoid putting them on longer, as they can wear down your crocs.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to making crocs more comfortable, there are a few different techniques that you can use. I have enlisted the most practical procedures in this post.

It might take some days to break in, but you will feel comfortable after wearing them for a few days. I would like to hear about your experience of making crocs comfortable and give me your feedback.

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