How to Make Shoes More Comfortable?

Shoes provide ease and comfort while walking. Have you ever worn shoes that are tied? You will feel pain when there is no space during walking.

If your shoes have insufficient space, your feet will feel pain. However, shoes with cushions will provide comfort during traveling or walking.

But how can one make shoes more comfortable? This is the most asked question from people. In this article, we are going to check whether you can make shoes comfortable or not. Let’s get buckle up without delaying it so much.

how to make shoes more comfortable

Things Required

Before starting, you must know what things are required to make your shoes comfortable.

  1. Shoe insoles
  2. Use deodorant
  3. Foot stretcher
  4. Blow dryer
  5. Footpad
  6. water, a baggie, and a freezer
  7. Woolen socks
  8. Toe tubes

Steps to Make Shoes More Comfortable

Many methods are there which will be beneficial for making your shoes comfortable. Let’s see what those methods are.

1. Choose the Right Size

Before purchasing shoes, you must know what your size is. Shoes come in various sizes and shapes.

The research proved that half of the adults don’t know the exact size of their feet. Most of the time, we think that we are selecting the right pair of shoes. But that’s not true.

Although you know your shoe size, you must measure it again. Measuring your shoe size before purchasing will be better because your feet may expand for many reasons.

2. Use Deodorant

It may seem awkward when you use underarm deodorant on your feet. But deodorant protect from slippery movement and itching problems.

Using deodorant will prevent blisters on the upper skin of your feet if you are afraid of forming. Above all, deodorant will help you to absorb moisture inside your shoes and reduce the rubbing around your feet.

3. Shoe Stretcher

If you are going to make your shoes more comfortable, then you should purchase a shoe stretcher. When you place it inside your shoes, you will see it will expand the shoe and give you space to move your foot inside.

It will be the best solution for making shoes comfortable because shoes are in-built material that can easily break in.

4. Use Blow Dryer

It may be strange to use a blow dryer to expand it. However, you can try this trick without getting any harm to your shoes.

A blow dryer is used to expand your shoes; you only need to put the dryer inside your shoes. Moreover, you have to turn it on moderate temperature. The blow dryer will expand your shoes up to 8 to 10 inches.

You need to wear shoes when you blow them with a blow dryer because hot air will soften the shoes, and then wearing them will give the shape according to your feet.

5. Use Footpad

When you are going to expand your shoes, then you can try a foot pad. The orthotic pads will help you to walk comfortably in the shoes.

However, many companies are providing insoles that you can especially wear with stride shoes.

6. Waterproofing Shoes

When buying shoes made of clothes, you should make them waterproof by using beeswax. When you protect your shoes from water, there are more chances to increase the lifespan of your shoes.

7. Use Woolen Socks

When you wear thick woolen socks, then you will see clear space. It will make space inside your shoes.

In this way, you will find a way to expand your shoes, and these can make your shoes more comfortable during your walk or help you to enjoy your journey.

8. Toe Tubes

If your shoes hurt your toes, you can bring toe tubes. You should cut it according to the desired size. If you are going to buy this, you must know what your toe size is. In this way, you will not face any problem.

9. Use of Maxi Pads

Whether you accept or not but maxi pads appear as best providing comfort. You can feel better when you insert it into your shoes.

Providing comfort and ease during the walk is the best thing that you can provide to your feet because your feet are the carrier of your entire body.

10. Use of Ice

In your school, we have studied that you can expand your shoes with the help of ice. All you need is water, a baggie, and a freezer. Then you have to put that ice inside your shoes. It will expand your shoes and allow you to wear them easily.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Put in My Shoes to Make Them Comfortable?

You can use cushions, pads, and insoles to make your shoes comfortable. There are plenty of methods that will assist you in feeling comfortable when you wear them.

You can check the size while purchasing your shoes. However, checking your size and getting your shoes is quite easy.

How Do You Make Shoes Less Painful?

If you mistakenly purchase small shoes, then you can feel pain while walking. Moreover, you can prevent such pain just by doing the following things.

  1. Wear woolen socks while wearing shoes.
  2. You have to purchase a toe protector and toe caps for your feet. It will prevent your toe from serious injuries.
  3. You can reduce the pain by inserting shoe insoles and pads. It will provide ease while moving on the floor.

Do Insoles Make Shoes More Comfortable?

Yes, insoles make shoes more comfortable and avoid serious injuries. Furthermore, you can easily prevent any hurt from your tight shoes. Insoles will provide an easy and comfortable bed to you on which you can easily walk or bear the shoes.

Why Do My Feet Hurt After Wearing Flat Shoes?

Your shoes may need more space when you wear them. Most often you purchase flat shoes, which seem perfect, but when you walk in them, you feel pain. The pain is due to no space or little space.

Sometimes, some shoes come without insoles, which will lead to inflammation or hurt your feet when you wear them.

How to Make Shoes Comfortable for Work?

Plenty of things that will assist you when you wear them. Let’s see what those things that you should consider while wearing them.

  1. Wear woolen socks to make space for your feet.
  2. You can use deodorant when wearing shoes.
  3. To improve the size, you can use breaking-in techniques, such as the use of a wooden stretcher. This is a professional way to make shoes comfortable.
  4. To make it comfortable, use a blow dryer and wear woolen socks to make some space.


More than buying shoes is required, you need to check whether you can walk in such shoes or not. If shoes are not comfortable during walking, then it will be problematic.

Plenty of methods will assist you in expanding your shoes. Furthermore, you can apply these methods to make it comfortable.

I have discussed all the required information to make shoes more comfortable. If you have problems, you can ask in the comment section. I will solve your query without any delay.

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