How to Prevent Leather Shoes from Peeling?

You have shoes that are not enough. Taking care of them is special. Although you have a good collection of shoes in your wardrobe, do you have leather shoes? If yes, then keep reading.

Using the wrong product to clean the leather will peel off because products contain chemicals and solvents that react with leather and change its surface.

So, before buying leather products, you should know how to prevent leather shoes from peeling. Because most of the time, leather shoes start peeling, and they don’t get back their real look.

how to prevent leather shoes from peeling

Why are Leather Shoes Peeling?

Before knowing the methods to prevent the leather from trimming, you should know the reasons to understand why leather shoes peel off.

It is obvious when you take care of leather that it will last longer. Moreover, you should know the reasons. Let’s get started without further ado.

Getting Older

One reason is the leather is getting old. Moreover, when leather gets old, it will lose its elasticity and start cracking and you need to protect your leather shoes from cracking.


When leather becomes dry, it loses its natural oil and becomes crisp. Due to this dryness, leather starts striping, which will not look good for your aesthetic look of shoes. So, keeping leather moisturized is the best to prevent its dryness.


The most important reason is exposing leather shoes to direct sunlight. It causes a chemical reaction when placed in direct sunlight. Especially the back side of the shoes is more exposed to sunlight.

Synthetic Leather

Sometimes, a leather material also plays a role in it, such as faux leather is durable and best because of its affordability.

Oil and Grease Stain

When falling on leather shoes, oil and grease will react with the leather and lose its strength and power.

Exposure to Water

Moreover, whenever leather is exposed to water for a long period of time. It will damage the leather and start peeling it off.

Improper Cleaning

Improper leather cleaning will start trimming it off because harsh chemicals will react with it and damage it badly.

How to Prevent Leather Shoes from Peeling?

After knowing why leather peels off too early, it’s time to know how to prevent leather shoes from trimming. Let’s get started without delaying it so much.

Polish the Leather Shoes

Before starting a method, you should know what materials you need. So, moving towards the things you should have.

Things You Need

  1. Sandpaper or scrapping tool
  2. Shoe polish
  3. Soft cloth
  4. Paintbrush


  1. First, bring your shoes and look where it is stripping
  2. Start scraping off the peeled leather and make sure the shoes are dry.
  3. After scraping, you need to polish the shoes with a cloth or sponge, whatever you have.
  4. Let’s wait for 15 minutes until the polish gets dry.
  5. After drying it, you need to apply a second round for polish.

Place Your Leather Shoe in The Wardrobe

Whenever you do not ready to wear leather shoes, place them in your wardrobe. Moreover, you do not need to place it on the floor because there is the risk of getting peeled off.

Above all, if you love and have pets in your home, you should keep them away from your leather shoes. Because when they interact with shoes, they will peel them off.

Keep Your Shoes Away from Direct Sunlight

The interaction of leather material with sunlight is not good enough. Moreover, it would help if you kept your shoes in the dark place where they could not interact with your shoes directly.

Wait! Wait! Many things are in your way! Keep reading.

Polish and Clean Your Shoes Regularly

To keep your shoes long-lasting, you need to keep clean and keep them moisturized. Moreover, keeping your shoes neat and clean give an aesthetic look to your shoes. So, what are you looking for? Keep your shoes clean and make them more pleasant for yourself!

Avoid Using Harsh Things

To clean your leather shoes, stop using harsh materials. Moreover, you can use a soft cloth and sponge to clean your shoes. Harsh products or brushes can damage the leather surface.


  1. One of the most important things about leather shoes is cleaning them before placing them in the wardrobe. Moreover, when dirt is on the leather shoes, it will absorb and affect the shoes badly. So, remove dirt before placing it in the wardrobe.
  2. The most important thing about leather shoes is that you have to maintain their shape. When you store them, you have to support them. So they can not lose their shape. If you place them without support, they will be reshaped, and the leather will peel off easily.
  3. Keep your leather shoes at a moderate temperature because they will not expose to more sunlight.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Shoes Peel in Storage?

When shoes are stored for a long period, they will start absorbing humidity from the surrounding. Moreover, the moisture causes shoes to crack, and the leather peels off. That’s the reason why shoes peel in storage.

How to Fix Peeling Leather Inside Shoes?

To fix the striping leather inside shoes, you need to follow the steps given below.

  1. Use sandpaper to rub the peeling leather.
  2. Moreover, apply mink oil for rehydration of the leather surface.
  3. Now, you need to apply a leather Piller and smooth it with a soft cloth.
  4. In the end, leave it for 6 hours to dry.

How to Prevent Faux Leather Shoes from Peeling?

The important thing about cleaning shoes is that shoes should be cleaned with the help of a soft cloth. Moreover, it would help if you kept in mind that the cloth is not wet. This will not increase the moisturizing of the leather of your shoes.

Why Do Leather Shoes Peel?

Leather shoes are made up of real animal skin. It needs to be moisturized and maintained. When it dries out, it starts trimming and will remove easily.

How Do You Make Leather Shoes Last Longer?

Leather shoes can stay longer when you take care of them. Moreover, they can last longer when you take care of them. So, keep the above things in mind and make leather shoes last longer.


That’s it, guys. You can prevent leather shoes from peeling. Moreover, you can prevent your leather shoes from stripping using the above method discussed in this article.

Giving a little amount of care is enough for leather shoes. Furthermore, you can prevent leather products by using a little precaution. So, don’t worry about anything.

There are some issues that no one can understand. So, if you have any issues regarding the peeling of leather shoes, you can easily ask in the comment section given below.

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