How to Protect Leather Shoes from Creasing?

Most often, creasing forms on your shoes when you bend too often during walking. However, leather shoes are created in such a way that they will adopt the movement.

Moreover, our feet have joints that help us to move easily. Due to this, creases form on the top of your shoes. You may think you can overcome this issue by not using your joints. So, this will not happen. Because when you do this, you will be late for your destination.

But how can you protect leather shoes from creasing? Is there any method to prevent creasing? Yes, there are many ways to prevent creasing. Let’s explore the method without delaying it so much.

But wait! Let’s explore some reasons that cause creases to form on your leather shoes.

how to protect leather shoes from creasing

What Causes Leather Shoes to Crease?

There are many reasons that creases are formed on leather shoes. Let’s explore those reasons without getting delayed.


As we all know, our feet have joints, and we bend them accordingly. Moreover, if you want to purchase stiff and hard types of shoes, then it is very difficult for you to walk in that stiff shoes.

Furthermore, your ankle and toes move inward and outward when you walk. Due to this, wrinkles are formed on shoes, and that will develop creases on the leather surface.

Exposing to Water

When your shoes get wet too quickly and take time to dry, it will cause a crease to form on the surface. So be careful and try to dry them as quickly as possible. Otherwise, your leather boot will get creasing over it.


Some leather boots are forming more creases than any other product. Moreover, whole-cut leather shoes form more creases than a piece of leather.

Before moving to the methods, you should know what you need to prevent your shoes from creasing. Have a look at the list given below.

  1. The shoe tree is required to keep or maintain the shape of your shoe. Moreover, it will be useful when you are not wearing them.
  2. It would help if you bought a boot shaper to keep your shoes upright and straight.
  3. Keep leather oil with you because you need it badly when you have leather shoes or boots.

Now, moving towards the method to protect leather shoes.

How to Protect Leather Shoes from Creasing?

There are many methods that will help you to protect leather shoes from creasing. By using these methods, you can prevent your leather shoes from creasing. Let’s start without further ado.

1. Shoe Tree

Do you know about shoe trees? If not, then don’t worry, I will tell you. The shoe tree is a stand that will keep your shoe in shape. It is made up of metal, wood, and plastic.

It is placed inside your shoes when you are not wearing them. The shoe tree will keep the shape of your leather shoe and prevent it from creasing.

I am moving to the next method I prefer to use personally.

2. Keeping Shoes Moisturized

I prefer to apply oil after every ten days of wearing it. Moreover, it will keep my shoes moisturized, they will not dry too early, and creases will not be formed on them.

Applying leather oil on the leather shoes will prevent dryness and provide a long-lasting effect on your leather shoes.

Let me share another interesting method with you.

3. Treat Tiny Creases Well

Whenever I see a tiny crease forming on the leather’s surface, I usually apply leather oil on small creases and rub them with a soft cloth. Using a soft cloth means I do not want any scuff formed on the surface of leather shoes.

4. Wear Your Shoes

Wearing your shoes daily will make them flexible according to the movement of your feet. Moreover, I have observed this whenever I wear leather shoes daily. It will not get many creases compared to the pair I wear.

5. Use of Hairdryer

Using a hairdryer is another method. You should follow the steps below when your shoes have formed creases.

  1. Bring a shoe tree and insert it inside your shoes. Moreover, it would help if you placed a shoe tree in it.
  2. Later, you must place the hair dryer 8 inches away from your leather boot because hot air is directly in contact with your leather boots.
  3. Now, touch the leather. If the leather is not warm, increase the hair dryer’s temperature. So the leather boot gets warm.
  4. It would help to move the soft cloth on the crease when the leather gets warm. Observe whether the wrinkles or crease is getting smaller or not.
  5. Now, you need to leave your leather shoes for 15 minutes.

Last but not least. Let’s explore the method.

6. Use of Boot Shaper

In order to avoid the creasing on the boot surface, you should bring a boot shaper. Moreover, it would help to put on your shoes when you are not wearing them. All you need to do is put a vertical boot shaper inside your shoes and hang them right above or straight.

So, you can not lose your shoe’s shape and prevent it from creasing. If you do not want to hang your shoes, you can lay them straight on the floor, but remember that you should not place anything on them.

Stop Leather Shoes from Creasing

As I discussed above that there are several methods to prevent your shoes from creasing. The main thing you can give is your time to your leather shoes. A little care will be enough for you because it will prevent your shoes from creasing, and your leather shoes will last for many years.

Above all, you should try to purchase expensive shoes of high quality and better leather. Having an expensive shoe will help not to form more creases on it.

Furthermore, forming a crease is not a big issue but ignoring them and making it permanent would be an issue for you. It will help if you moisturize them after an equal interval of time. So it will not get creased or remain with you longer.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How to Keep Shoes from Creasing When Walking?

In order to prevent creasing while walking, you should walk properly. Moreover, it would be best if you bought a pair of shoes that perfectly fit your size and can freely move your feet inside them. Having a tight shoe will give you pain and form unusual creases on the leather shoe’s surface.

Do Leather Shoe Crease Easily?

Leather shoe crease naturally because leather shoe is made up of animal skin and contains fiber in it. It will gradually form a crease on it.

Moreover, I have a lot of leather products, such as jackets, wallets, and shoes. All of these need special kinds of treatment and care. So, giving them a proper time will prevent it from creasing.

Why Do Leather Shoe Crease so Easily?

Exposing leather to water will form a crease on it. Moreover, moisture will affect the leather too quickly. It should not expose to water too much. Basically, weak leather tends to have more creases as compared to expensive ones.

Do Crease Protectors Work?

Yes, crease protectors work because they are designed in such a way that no crease will form on your shoes or, you can say, on sneakers. So, bringing them into your home is not a loss. It will definitely provide benefit to you.


That’s it, guys. I have shared all the required information regarding protect leather shoes from creasing. All you need to do is care for your leather boot. Then, they will last for a long.

The most important thing about shoes is to use a protective layer when it’s raining. You should keep leather oil for your shoes. Suppose you have any questions or issues regarding creasing on leather shoes. Please ask in the comment section given below.

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