How to Protect Leather Shoes from Rain?

Is there any way to protect my leather shoes from the rain? In this article, I will explain several methods of waterproofing leather shoes.

Rain shoes are specially made to wear in the rain but who wants to wear them regularly during the rainy season?

I am surely not! It is a good idea to waterproof my elegant leather shoes and wear them in a rain without fear of getting damaged. No worries because I am going to share some tricks and wear leather shoes in the rain.

how to protect leather shoes from rain

How to Protect Leather Shoes from Rain?

  • Apply the leather conditioners to prevent the shoes from cracking.
  • Use vinyl or suede spray to prevent water entry into the leather
  • Use galoshes cover for the protection of leather
  • No matter what method you use, dry the leather completely after applying anything.

Are Leather Shoes Waterproof?

Unfortunately, leather is not water-resistant material. It is okay if the light rain comes in contact with the leather.

If heavy rain falls on your leather shoes then what will happen?

It will ruin the quality of your shoes. They will wear out quickly if you expose them frequently in the rain. But the good thing about it is that many leather waterproof sprays have been formed. This feature helps these shoes to stand in the rain.

Different Methods of Waterproofing the Leather Shoes

There are three common methods for the waterproofing of leather shoes. I have tried all these methods. Trust me, they work like a magic.

  • Applying the leather conditioner
  • By using waterproof sprays
  • Applying Galoshes or waterproof covers

Method 1. Applying the Leather Conditioner

Things that Required

  • Leather conditioner
  • Leather shoes
  • Clean cloth


Leather conditioner is one of the most convenient ways to prevent shoes from wetting. It is like adding an extra layer of protection to the boots. Moreover, it is also very effective in improving the flexibility of footwear and protecting it from future cracks.

Besides this, leather conditioner for shoes is specially manufactured to prevent the shoes from damaging. The main purpose of this product is to increase the durability of the leather. It will be a great idea to apply this conditioner daily on them.


  • Make sure to apply this conditioner when the shoes are completely dried.
  • Apply the pea-size conditioner. If you apply it in an excessive amount then it will enhance the stiffness of your leather shoes.
  • After applying, rub your shoes gently with a clean cloth. Keep in mind to apply all the parts of them.
  • Wait for your shoes to dry for a few minutes. Put them on and go anywhere you want.

Method 2. Using Waterproofing Sprays

Things Required

  • Vinyl or suede waterproof spray
  • Leather boots
  • Cloth


The waterproof spray is also beneficial for the shoes’ protection from the rain. Several types of sprays are available in the market like suede or vinyl.

Suede waterproofing sprays are also specially made for suede shoes. The vinyl spray is also suitable for them.


  • Clean the dust from the boots first and remove the laces from them.
  • Apply the thin layer of the spray on them
  • Keep them in a dry place before wearing them on
  • This spray works as a protective coating and prevents the water from soaking in the leather. So your leather boots in rain will remain in a good condition. Not just that, it is also good for the prevention of stains.
  • An excess amount of spray can make your boots stiff.

Stain Water Repellent and Rust-Oleum are one of the best aerosol waterproofing sprays.

Method 3. Alternative to The Waterproofing Spray

If you don’t like using waterproofing spray then you can also apply some other alternatives to protect leather shoes in the rain.


Rub the beeswax on your shoes with a cloth in a small circular motion. Remove the excess wax and leave them in a dry place for two hours. Skidmore’s premium beeswax is suitable for them. But I will not recommend using it on suede boots.

Plain Wax

This type of wax comes at a lower price than beeswax. First, melt this wax and then apply it to the leather footwear with the help of the brush.

Blow dry the leather and start rubbing again with the brush. Keep your blow dryer a little away from your boots. Avoid using this wax on suede boots.

Method 4. Galoshes or Waterproof Covers

Things Required

  • Galoshes
  • Leather footwear


Applying galoshes is not a very famous method but is one of the best to protect footwear from the rain. These rain covers for shoes are built with PVC material.

These raincoats provide maximum grip to your boots. It is crucial to dry them completely.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rain Damage Leather Shoes?

Rain can ruin your leather shoes so it is important to take good care of them. In this way, you can prevent them from damage.  Waterproof your shoes with leather conditioner.

Best Waterproof Spray for Leather Shoes?

Sneaker lab shoe protector spray, Crep shoe spray, and kiwi rain spray are one of the best waterproof sprays for leather shoes.

Is It Ok for Leather Shoes to Get Wet?

Light rain will not affect these shoes as long as the water does not soak in the leather. Leather shoes are not waterproof so you should avoid them to place in wet areas.

What Do You Put on Leather Shoes to Protect Them?

You can apply leather conditioner or waterproofing spray on them to prevent damaging and cracking the leather footwear.

Can Leather Shoes Get Wet in The Rain?

Leather boots are not rain resistant so they can easily get wet. Try to avoid wearing them in harsh weather because it can ruin their quality.


Maintaining leather shoes is crucial to increase their lifetime of them. Still, it is not too late, start maintaining your leather footwear today. Try to repeat these methods to get the best results.

I hope that this article assisted you to understand the steps of waterproofing leather shoes from rainwater.

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