How to Protect Leather Shoes from Scuff?

Purchasing leather shoes is not enough. Taking care of them is quite tough. Sometimes, we take care of our leather shoes, but they get scuffed while walking on the road or on a rainy day.

Although scuffs do not harm your shoes, they look unusual or unattractive to your dress code. Do you love to wear shoes having scuffs or unusual marks on them? No, you will never look bad and not wear such shoes.

But how can you protect leather shoes from scuff? Several ways prevent your shoes from scuffing. So, tighten your seat belt and explore those methods.

how to protect leather shoes from scuff

Things You Need

Let’s explore the essential items you need in this process.

Soft Cloth

A soft cloth will be your best companion when caring for leather shoes. Moreover, it would help if you kept a soft cloth for drying shoes. If you can purchase, buy a microfiber cloth that will last longer.

Horseshoe Brush

Having a horseshoe brush is no less than a blessing. It will remove dirt and hard mud sticks on your shoes. Moreover, you can easily use it to remove any dirt or stain from your leather product, such as jackets, shoes, and boots.

Soap for Leather

Leather soap is specially made for leather products. A little soap will be better for your shoes when you get dirty or have dirt on them.

So, don’t worry; soap will not affect your shoes. Moreover, this soap does not contain any chemical that will react with leather or damage it.

Leather Conditioner

Keeping leather conditioner in your kit is the best thing. Because leather conditioner contains natural oil content, which will keep the leather’s fiber hydrated; moreover, this will keep the leather surface moisturized, and also protect the leather shoes from cracking.


These sprays are not common, but they are leather sprays. So you can add them to your kit. Now you must be thinking, what is the role of these sprays? Wait, let me tell you.

Shoe Tree

Bring a shoe tree to your home. The reason for the shoe tree is that it will save your shoes from damage. Moreover, If you do not keep your shoes in a shoe tree or shoe rag, they will be affected by anything in your home, or your shoes will get an unusual scuff.

Leather Cleaner

Cleaning or polishing shoes might be easy and comfortable. But cleaning a speck of dirt absorbed by the leather layer is difficult.

Moreover, it would help if you had a leather cleaner for this purpose because when you polish your shoes with polish, a layer will form that will absorb dirt from the outside atmosphere.

The above things are not mandatory, nor is it important to purchase an expensive product for your leather shoes. A casual product will benefit your leather products and help your shoes stay perfect during use.

Methods to Protect Leather Shoes from Scuff

1. Don’t Use Abrasive Cleaner

Excessively warm water and abrasives will damage your leather shoes over time. Furthermore, little leather soap with hot water is enough for your leather shoes. You can use a little soap to remove hard strain if you want to clean tough strain.

2. Don’t Use Harsh Cleaner

Using harsh Cleaner will affect your shoes. It may cause scuff on your shoes and greatly impact your shoe polish. Moreover, the harsh Cleaner will greatly impact the leather shoes.

If you want to clean a harsh strain, use a soft cloth or microfiber. Otherwise, use a soft material to maintain your shoe life.

3. Choose Low Gloss Shoes

Low-gloss shoes are best because they don’t get scuffed compared to high-gloss leather. So, you can prevent naturally from getting any scuff marks on it.

4. Use Protective Bumper

Keeping a bumper with your shoes will protect your shoes from getting a scar accidentally. Moreover, there are many chances to get a scuff on it whenever you accidentally hit a wall, or a stone hits your shoes.

The bumper sole is only an inch and sticks with your shoes but will protect you from getting a scuff on it.

5. Apply Leather Shoe Polish

Applying leather shoe polish will not get any scuff on it. Sometimes, if you do not polish your shoes, they will get scuffed because a speck of dirt remains on them and may damage them badly.

When you remove dirt, it will give scuff on your shoes. So, it would help if you cleaned them before you used your leather shoes.

6. Keep Them Moisturized

Purchasing a leather product or wearing them is not enough; you must take care of them. If you do not keep them moisturized, they will get dry and may form scuffs. So, keeping them moisturized will keep your shoes long-lasting.

7. Clean Your Shoes With A Cloth

In order to clean your shoes with a soft cloth will not allow dirt to stay on your leather shoes. Moreover, if you do not clean them, you allow dirt to stay on your shoes and affect them.

When dirt remains long, it will leave a scuff on the leather shoes. So, it would help if you kept in mind that you must clean your shoes with a soft cloth.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How to Condition Leather Shoes at Home?

To protect your shoes from any strain or scuff, you need to keep them moisturized and polished all the time. Moreover, the leather conditioner will protect your shoes.

You need to buy a commercial leather conditioner and add 1 part vinegar and 2 part of oil in it. It will keep shining and protective.

Does Magic Eraser Get Rid of Scuffs on Shoes?

The use of a magic eraser will help to get rid of scuffs on shoes. Above all, if you have scuffs or dirt on your shoes, they will disappear soon when you move the magic eraser, and the harsh dirt will disappear in no time.

How to Prevent Scuff Marks on Shoes?

In order to prevent scuff marks on shoes, you need to take special care of your leather products. Moreover, you can purchase a leather kit, and you can also buy a bumper to protect it from the wall or a hard stone.

In this way, you can prevent scuff marks on shoes. Above all, keeping your shoes moisturizing and conditioned will prevent them from scuffing or damage.

How Do I Keep My Black Scuff Marks Off My Shoes?

There are many methods to remove your black scuff marks, but add one tablespoon of baking soda to warm water and make a paste. Later on, you need to remove it with a soft cloth. It will remove a scuff mark as well.


That’s all about protecting your leather shoes from scuffing. Moreover, you can easily protect yourself with little care and protection. There is no hard and fast rule to protect them.

If you have any queries, you may ask in the comment section given below. We will surely solve the problem. I hope this guide will help you and you know how to protect leather shoes from scuff, if you have any questions then comment down below.

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