How to Put Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs?

Do you want to decorate your crocs with Jibbitz charms but wondering how to put them on fuzzy shoes?

Jibbitz shoe charms are small decorating items that are put on crocs to make them beautiful. They are available in various designs, which are so easy to put on and remove. Some people find them difficult to put on fuzzy crocs.

Don’t worry. I am sharing this guide to explain how to put Jibbitz on footwear crocs, also known as fur-lined. Thus, only these small items will amazingly add personality to your shoes. Keep reading to make your footwear gorgeous!

how to put jibbitz on fuzzy crocs

How to Put Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs?

  • Take the Jibbitz shoe charm in your hand.
  • Keep one finger under the hole from the shoes’ inner side.
  • Make sure you are holding the charm at a 45-degree angle.
  • Place it on top of the hole and press.
  • The hole will be stretched, and the charm will be inserted.
  • Rotate the Jibbitz in the direction you want.

Can you put Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs?

Crocs have become the first choice for fashionable people; even celebrities are wearing them. Their popularity is because they provide maximum comfort and are breathable; however, you can make them more stylish by putting Jibbitz charms in their holes.

Now, Crocs company is manufacturing new footwear like fuzzy crocs and lined crocs; however, attaching charms on their surface is the same as putting on the old versions.

Inside the fuzzy crocs, there is enough space to snap these charms in them, and they will be set in place.

They are available in various shades, shapes, and sizes; these tiny decorating items are available easily in every craft store, so it’s not difficult to find them.

How Do You Decorate Fuzzy Crocs with Jibbitz Charms?

There are different ways to make your crocs more beautiful, but one exciting way is to put some shoe charms on them. You can get them at any local craft store or buy them online.

I enjoy decorating my fuzzy crocs with Jibbitz charms, and it is an easy and simple way; you have to put them in the holes of these shoes only, and they are ready.

If you didn’t find it easy, don’t worry. I will tell you the ways to put these charms on different crocs shoes in this guide.

1. Decorating Fuzzy Crocs with Original Jibbitz

On the standard model of crocs, there are 13 holes. So you have 26 holes that you can utilize to make a beautiful and unique look.

Besides the classic model of crocs, Classic Crocs Flip has six holes to make them elegant by putting charms on them. Grab one shoe charm and keep a finger beneath the shoe’s hole.

Hold the small Jibbitz at a 45-degree angle and put the black base of the charm on the top of the hole, now push it. You will feel that the hole has been stretched.

As the hole stretches, the base will move into the hole. This step will be done with little support from your hands. Don’t worry about the lining inside the shoe. There is enough space that the charms will become fit easily.

When the charm has been inserted in the hole completely, rotate it in your desired position. Once you have inserted a charm in a specific hole, you think it doesn’t look fine here.

You can easily change its location by taking it out and inserting it into another hole where you want. Doing so will not ruin the Jibbitz or crocs because these charms are reusable.

2. Tying Jibbitz on fuzzy Crocs

These Jibbitz are not like regular charms. Find any place on your footwear to tie these decorating items.

On the base of these charms, there is a stretchy loop. When attaching this to the shoes, the loop is connected to the lace, straps, shoe surface, or anywhere you want.

3. Clip Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs

The difference between these charms and the others is that they have a clip on their base, which is connected to anything on your shoes.

If there are laces or other designs on your fuzzy crocs, you can attach these clip Jibbitz with them.

4. Putting Jibbitz in Crocs Sneakers

The method of putting them in the crocs sneakers is the same as putting them in classic ones. These charms come in various styles and designs, and you can make any unique footwear appearance.

Special characters from well-known movies or TV shows are also available; you can buy them easily because they are affordable.

5. Adding Jibbitz on the Side of Crocs

Many people put these shoe charms on the side of the crocs, which look good and make a stylish appearance. You can make any design from these decorating items, making your footwear unique.

Making any design on the sides of crocs will also be good, and you can purchase many unique charms, such as flowers, sports, animals, etc., for this purpose.

6. Putting Jibbitz on Baby Crocs

Jibbitz is a plastic decorating item available in different designs, such as hearts, animals, cartoons, etc. Children like to put these items on their shoes so much. For this purpose, you must find the exact charms size because small crocs have small holes.

Insert them in the holes, and they will be set with a click. Kids will enjoy this project, so bring funny charms for them to make their footwear colorful and attractive.

7. Putting Jibbitz on Crocs with Removable Fuzz

If you have crocs that have removable fuzz, the method of putting Jibbitz is also the same. As the lining of these shoes can be removed, it is better to remove the lining and put all the shoe charms into the holes you want.

After putting the charms, place the fuzzy lining again into the shoes. Beautiful shoes with colorful Jibbitz are ready to wear!

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

On Each Croc, How Many Jibbitz Will Look Good?

We know that crocs shoes have 13 holes, so you can put 26 different lovely Jibbitz to make your stylish crocs beautiful. The more charms you put, the more they will look good.

Can You Attach Jibbitz on Baby Crocs?

We can use Jibbitz shoe charms to put on crocs of all sizes. You can easily make baby crocs more colorful and lovely by putting animals or cartoon charms they will like very much.

Can You Remove the Fuzz from The Crocs?

Some models of fuzz crocs or lined crocs clogs don’t have a removable lining. But you can easily put Jibbitz on them with the same method of putting charms on classic models.

Are the Sizes of All the Jibbitz the Same?

You can use Jibbitz shoe charms on the full-size as well as baby crocs. They are available in all sizes and make the footwear gorgeous.

Besides Crocs, Can You Put Jibbitz on Other Things?

Jibbitz shoe charms come with so unique and stylish designs that you can use them on different things like bags, jackets, and other accessories wherever you want to put them.

Final Thoughts

Crocs footwear is getting more and more popular due to its stylish and unique designs. And Jibbitz shoe charms have increased the beauty of these shoes with gorgeous hearts, flowers, cartoons, animals, and many more styles.

The technique of putting the Jibbitz on fuzzy crocs is the same as putting on the regular ones. Original shoe charms come with a base under them which you insert in the shoe holes.

Other ones have also been manufactured with a loop and clip under them. Thus, you can make your fuzzy crocs more beautiful by decorating them.

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