How to Remove Liner from Classic Crocs?

Are you also looking for ways to remove the liner from your crocs? In this article, we will discuss how to remove the liner from classic crocs?

Crocs are built in such a way that the liners on them can easily be washed. They have also confirmed it on their website.

Taking off the Sockliner from crocs is quite easy and simple. By doing so, you can clean your crocs without any difficulty. On the other, if you don’t remove it, you will face cleaning problems.

Removing the fur lining in crocs is not recommended because it makes your feet uncomfortable. If you still wanna do it then you have to remove stitches before cutting the liner.

how to remove liner from classic crocs

How to Remove Liner from Classic Crocs?

  • First of all, I prepared my crocs for removal and gathered everything that was needed.
  • Secondly, I located the rivets from the crocs.
  • After that, placed my thumb on the outside of the rivet and pull the liner out.
  • People do this either for washing their crocs or to get a better fit or for more impressive feet functions.

Steps to Remove Liner from Classic Crocs

Here I would share my experience of removing the liner from my favorite pair of crocs.

My crocs got very dirty because of wearing them often. I thought it would look cleaner if I remove the liner from my classic crocs.

One of the main reasons people do this is to wash their crocs. Today I will show you how to clean your crocs thoroughly by removing the lining in the crocs.

Without taking your much time, let’s dive in:

All you need to do is:

  • Gather all the required things
  • Locate the exact position of the rivets
  • Pull the liner of crocs away

Step 1. Gather All the Required Things

This is the first step that I did to remove the liner from my designer crocs. I put my pair of crocs together on a flat surface. Then I also put soap and water to clean efficiently.

As I was dealing with crocs so I placed them together. I put everything in a position so I won’t face any difficulty while picking them.

Step 2. Locate the Position of The Rivets

After making sure that everything is well arranged, the next thing I had to do was to find the exact position of the rivets from the crocs.

It didn’t take me much time. Remember that you not only have to find the position of the rivets, but you also have to locate the outer side of the rivet so where you can put your thumb for pulling the liner out.

Once I successfully located the exterior of the rivet. The next thing I had to do was to move on to my next step. Everything went pretty well and satisfying.

Step 3. Pull the Liner of Crocs Away

It was the main and focusing step of removing the liner. In this step, I placed my thumb on the outer side of the rivet. It looked like I was trying to make fingerprints on my crocs.

I used my one hand to press the rivet side of the crocs while pulling the liner away. I used my other hand to pull the liner out from my crocs. It looked as if I was unbuttoning a shirt.

After pulling my croc’s liner from the rivet, I grasped the liner from the croc. My crocs were still a little dirty so I washed them with hot water and soap.

I dried my crocs, and it looked like a newly bought crocs. The results were amazing, and I loved that.

Why Do People Take Lining out Of Crocs?

There are many reasons for taking lining off from crocs. I will discuss them one by one.

You must know all the details about crocs and the liners of crocs. You can’t just just take the liner out without any reason. There must be a specific reason because I did this to wash my crocs thoroughly. Think about your reason!

I have given some of them.

  • When a person wants to wash his crocs efficiently
  • For a better fit
  • For more advanced functioning of feet

1. To Clean the Crocs Thoroughly

This is the most popular reason for people to remove sock liners from crocs. Washing is simple: just dip your crocs in boiling water and rinse them with the scrub to clean all dirt.

Furthermore, the results would be more effective if you clean them after pulling the liner away from the crocs. Removing the liner from classic fur crocs will make it possible to thoroughly reach water to all parts of crocs.

I also suggest you remove the lining of your footwear crocs because it will allow you to clear all the invisible stains from crocs. You should also adopt this habit of liner removal from your dirty crocs.

Believe me; it will give your workwear crocs a new charming look.

2. For a Better Fit

Moving on to another reason for pulling the liner out from croc, I know it is not a very well-known reason for removing them, but indeed it is important for removing the liner.

It might be a case that you have bought tight crocs and searching for methods to make space for your toes. Don’t be amazed after hearing when you remove its lining; it makes enough room for your toes to fit properly into your shoes.

Try this method, and I guarantee it will loosen your shoe size. No need to worry because this technique is more helpful than you imagine.

3. More Improved Feet Functioning

Crocs are designed in such a way that they fit your feet and make them balanced. In short, I would say that they are according to the shape of your feet.

There might be a possibility that the fur lining of crocs makes your feet uncomfortable to move on the ground. If that is the case then you should prefer removing the liner from your stunning crocs. People mostly do that!

The reason is that pulling the liner out will provide your feet stability and balance by getting closer to the surface. Not only this, but it also benefits your health and makes your ankle stable when you walk on the ground.

Now that you know very well about the reasons for pulling the lining out, think, “do you want to remove the liner from your crocs? Or is it unnecessary?

If your crocs are already loose and balanced, then you don’t have to do this method.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How to Remove Fur Lining in Crocs?

Removing lining from fur-lined crocs can make your crocs look ugly. It is because the lining for fur crocs is glued and stitched firmly. First of all, take your crocs and put them together.

Secondly, start unstitching the fur lining for crocs. Cut the liner with the scissor. Now the fur lining of your crocs is removed.

Can You Replace the Lining in Crocs?

You can replace the lining in crocs. These are available on many websites and you can buy them from there. They are also available in different colors. Replacement liners are quite suitable with unisex fur-lined shoes.

How Do I Get My Fur-Lined Crocs Fluffy Again?

You just have to follow these steps.

  • In the first step, take cold water (because hot water can damage the fur of croc) and a detergent.
  • Make the solution by mixing detergent in water.
  • Put your crocs in this solution and let it clean thoroughly for a few minutes.
  • Use the scrub to remove the dirt fully from fur-lined Croc
  • Congratulations because now your crocs are fluffy again

How Do You Remove the Lining from Crocs?

Indeed, removing the liner from crocs is simpler than you can imagine.

  • Make all the things ready that are required to perform the experiment
  • Locate the rivets and the outer side
  • Place your thumb on one side of the rivet and pull the liner away.

How to Remove Fleece Lining?

Removing fleece lining from crocs will ruin your shoe style. But still, if you want to do it then follow these steps.

  • Place your fleece lining croc on the table.
  • Hold the croc in one hand and the razor blade in the other hand.
  • Now run the razor across the fleece.
  • After that, clean your razor with cold water and dry it with a towel.


As I mentioned above at the beginning of the article, you should apply these techniques only on simply lined crocs. Removing the liner from the crocs tie-dye line will be more appropriate.

Fur-lined tie-dye crocs lose their charm if we remove their lining. Nobody wants to ruin their stunning crocs. Instead of it, buy branded new crocs for a better experience if you are uncomfortable with the lining of the shoes.

Overall, I enjoyed pulling lining away from crocs because it was a wonderful experience. I hope you know the simplest method to remove the liner from your crocs.

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