How to Stop Crocs from Squeaking? – 5 Working Methods

Are you also annoyed by the squeaking sound of your crocs?

Some people want to wear charming crocs at work, but they don’t due to their embarrassing sound. Don’t worry; I will explain the most appropriate methods to stop crocs from squeaking.

Fortunately, you can fix your crocs shoes regardless of where the squeaking sound is coming from. After many tests and trials, I have enlisted the top five methods to prevent personalized crocs shoes from squeaking.

Let’s start!

how to stop crocs from squeaking

How to Stop Crocs from Squeaking?

  • Apply the talcum powder on the crocs footwear or spread mineral oil between their straps.
  • Use baby powder if talcum powder is not available.
  • Dry your wet crocs near the fan and wear them regularly to protect from squeaking
  • Develop a habit of cleaning them daily to avoid dirt build-up

Why Do Crocs Squeak?

Here are some reasons for crocs squeaking:

  • Soft rubber material
  • Hard plastic in the heel
  • Rubbing of rubber sole
  • Sweating
  • Trapping of air and water
  • Rotating straps and cracks formation

Soft Rubber Material

Crocs squeak because they are built with flexible croslite foam. This material is effective in absorbing shock and transferring it to the surface.

Another interesting thing about it is that the squeaking sound reduces with time. You will notice this type of noise only when the crocs are new.

Hard Plastic in The Heel

The heel of crocs is constructed with a hard piece of plastic spacer. Besides this, Heels are easier to crack. That’s why you hear a popping sound inside it. When this spacer starts rubbing with the heel inside, rattling noises are heard.

You can avoid these clicking noises by applying glue inside crocs heel. Hypodermic needles are also helpful in injecting glue because it fills the cavity.

Rubbing of Rubber Sole

The walking surface and your walking style are other factors that cause squeaky sounds in crocs. When a person walks on a glazed tile surface while wearing crocs, he hears a chirpy noise—striking tile with plastic crocs produces this sound.


Crocs rubber shoes that don’t have toe holes form sweat on your feet. Croslite foam comes with closed cells and doesn’t have a proper ventilation system like mesh. You will notice squishy noise due to the sweat in your crocs.

Trapping of Air and Water

Personalized crocs that have holes all over the toe box are more likely to trap air between the footbed of the crocs’ walking shoes and your feet. It leads to the squeaking noise in crocs.

Rotating Straps and Cracks Formation

When the straps of crocs begin rubbing with the plastic rivet, It causes a squeaking sound in the crocs clogs. The rivet is the area around which the straps rotate.

Aside from this, the crocs rubber sole is the reason for the squeaking sound. When you step on a tiny rock, it ultimately forms cracks in the shoe.

Methods to Stop Crocs from Squeaking

There are some effective techniques to stop crocs from squeaking. You can try any of these methods:

  • Use of Talcum powder
  • By using mineral oil
  • Dry them out
  • Clean the crocs
  • Use baby powder

1. Use of Talcum Powder

Talcum powder is a very effective substance that is beneficial in drying your feet and keeping you comfortable. You might not believe it, but talcum fills cracks and clears moisture.

The talc particles give a skidding area and protect your feet from striking against footwear. It makes a film over the surface of your crocs and makes them friction-free.

You just have to sprinkle and rub the inside of crocs. In this way, talc powder reduces the squeaking and rattling noise in your shoes.

2. Using Mineral Oil

Applying mineral oil is an appropriate technique to eliminate the squeaking sound from the crocs straps. Crocs are a loose fit, so rotating straps result in a squeaking noise.

Not only this, but mineral oil also works remarkably to reduce squeaking in the house door. The case is similar to crocs. Use a syringe to apply oil between the plastic rivet and straps. That’s how it lubricates the annoying noise from your shoes.

If the noise is still not gone, use mineral oil again and replace the rubber crocs strap with a smooth strap.

3. Dry Them Out

There are chances of squeaking crocs slip-on shoes when they are wet. You can dry them out by placing them near a heater. In addition to this, the air conditioner is also helpful for drying.

One of the easiest ways to dry personalized crocs shoes is by putting them near the fan. A blowing fan will dry them in just one hour. Try to place them in the sun after wearing them frequently during the rainy season.

4. Clean the Crocs

There might be a possibility that your crocs are making noise due to some stuck pebbles or tiny hard objects.

For this purpose, scrub the crocs walking shoes with a toothbrush or a soft brush and scrub on the sole to wipe away the dirt and pebbles. Dip your shoes in soapy water for some hours, as soap act as a lubricant to stop the squeaking noise.

5. Use Baby Powder

If you can’t find talcum powder, baby powder works as an alternative. You just have to sprinkle a little amount of baby powder on the inner side of the crocs. Then, put little pressure on them with your hand to absorb the powder completely in the shoe lining.

Tips to Keep Crocs from Squeaking

Here are some tips to protect crocs from squeaking and increase their durability.

  • Wrong size pair of crocs also increase the rattling noise as it causes friction. If you are not certain about your crocs size, then ask a shoe store employee for a shoe size guide.
  • Dirty socks also lead to friction, so it is necessary to wear clean socks.
  • Try to avoid wearing crocs shoes in wet areas, as it can ruin the quality of your adorable crocs.
  • Petroleum jelly also works amazingly to lubricate crocs and protect them from squeaking.
  • Make a habit of storing your shoes in a cool and dry place after coming home. This will make your crocs last longer.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Do Crocs Damage Your Feet?

Crocs don’t have proper heel support, and it damages your feet. That’s why there are chances of tripping and falling while wearing crocs shoes, as it is quite difficult to maintain stability. It results in heel pain.

Is There a Way to Stop Shoes from Squeaking?

Sprinkle a bit of talcum or baby powder inside crocs to absorb moisture. If your footwear does not have a removable sole, spread the powder around the sole.

What Happens if You Wear Crocs Too Much?

Wearing crocs frequently can result in heel pain and develop tendonitis in heels. So avoid wearing them all the time.

Why Do My Crocs Pop when I Walk?

The most common reason for popping crocs while walking is when they are wet. However, pebbles and tiny objects also cause the squeaking of crocs.

What Do Podiatrists Think of Crocs?

Podiatrists say, “crocs are not ideal shoes, but they are a great option for those recovering from foot surgery as they have wide toe boxes.”

Final Thoughts

Use any of these scientifically proven methods to stop crocs from squeaking. Next time you go outside, don’t be embarrassed by the rattling noise of crocs. Just tell people about the techniques you applied to reduce the annoying sound.

I hope this guide assisted you in eliminating the squishy noise from your crocs. Thank you for reading!

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