How to Stop Shoes from Creasing and Wrinkles?

While walking, do you want to keep the appearance of your shoes fresh like new ones? What to do if creases occur on them?

When you walk, creases happen on shoes, they not only look unsightly, but they are uncomfortable and hurt your foot. Fortunately, there are many effective ways to fix them.

In this article, I will provide some useful and simple tips to help stop shoes from creasing and wrinkling. I have tested them, and they are proven best, so you can use them and take every step confidently.

how to stop shoes from creasing

How to Stop Shoes from Creasing and Wrinkles?

  • Applying heat and moisture on the shoes with an iron is a simple way to remove creasing.
  • Steam the footwear with the help of a wet towel and a microwave.
  • Apply heat on the creased parts using a hair dryer.
  • Use conditioner on the affected parts and rub them.
  • Keep shoes on a shoe tree to make them less prone to creasing.

What Causes Creases and Wrinkles in Shoes?

Before going into the methods to get creases out of shoes, it’s necessary to know why they happen. Therefore, I will first explain the reasons for these creases on shoes.

When we walk, our shoe flex due to foot bending. This way, wrinkles occur on our shoes, making their appearance unpleasant.

When the material of the upper part of the shoes compresses, as a result, wrinkles occur. While walking, the upper of the footwear applies pressure on the foot.

Thus, they will worsen if you do nothing to reduce creases in your shoes. As a result, even if your footwear is new, it will look old and worn out.

Following are the three main reasons which result in Creases in shoes:

Wearing Shoes that have Incorrect Fitting

When choosing sneakers or leather shoes for everyday use, I am very careful because I always look for comfort and exact fitting and don’t select a low-quality product due to cheap price.

When footwear has no proper fitting, whether big or small, it will not hold your foot well. If you wear such shoes, creases will happen on the upper, ruining their appearance.

Therefore, at the time of purchase, choose the shoes with the exact fitting according to your foot.

Wearing the Same Shoes Repetitively

Maybe, in your shoe closet, one of the footwear you love the most which you want to wear for the everyday walk. There is nothing wrong with wearing the same shoes for everyday use. But too many creases will occur on their surface.

When you wear a pair of footwear excessively, wrinkles will happen quickly, and they will look old.

So to avoid this problem, you must keep 2 or 3 pairs of shoes that you can alternate during 7 – 9 days. This way, each pair will get a break, and creases will not occur soon.

Walking on Toes Frequently

The body pressure is applied to your forefoot when you walk on your toes. This way, your shoes are forced to bend, resulting in footwear creasing.

So, to protect your shoes from wrinkles, always walk correctly and try to keep the heel area first on the floor, then place the rest of the foot.

Things Required to Stop Shoes from Creasing

  • Newspaper
  • Iron
  • Shoe polish
  • Cloth
  • Towel
  • Microwave
  • Heat-resistant dish
  • Shoe tree
  • Hair dryer

Methods to Get Creases out of Shoes?

Everyone likes a pristine pair of shoes that doesn’t create an unpleasant look. However, keeping the footwear in an out-of-the-box condition, such as no scuff marks, sparkle, and no-crease-shoes, is not easy.

When you wear shoes, creases will happen due to foot bending. But now you will not be worried about them because I will tell you many useful and effective ways to disappear them.

1. Iron Creases out of Shoes

Although iron is a popular way to remove the creases of shoes, it is also dangerous. Keep the following two important points in your mind before using iron:

Stuff the Shoes

To maintain the shape of the footwear, stuff it from the heel to the toe area. The tight the packing you make, the outstanding the result will be. For this purpose, you can use newspapers, other old papers, rags, worn-out socks, etc.

Keep a Rag between the Shoe Surface and the Iron

Placing a buffer between the footwear and the iron protects it from burning. The shoes will be ruined if you put the iron directly on them.

Follow these instructions to apply iron on your shoes:

  • Grab a piece of cloth, saturate it, and wring it excessively to remove excess water.
  • Place it on the area which is damaged by creases.
  • Switch on the iron and keep it on 60 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Apply it on the cloth for 10 seconds, then remove it, and continue this a few times.
  • Frequently keep checking the area by lifting the cloth.
  • When you get no-crease shoes, stop using the iron. However, please don’t remove the stuffing and keep it for a while to cool down.
  • When the shoes are completely cool, remove the packing from them.

Ironing is an ideal method to remove creases from leather shoes. Furthermore, you can use it on suede footwear, but the cloth should not be over-saturated because it can’t withstand moisture.

In the ironing method, heat and moisture are applied on the shoe surface that remove creases effectively. Keeping the buffer between them makes the project safer because the shoe surface is protected from burning.

2. Protect Shoes from Creasing Through Steam

This strategy provides wonderful results when applied to leather shoes. In this method, a microwave, cloth, or towel is used.

  • Slightly dampen a towel.
  • Grab a dish that can withstand heat, such as Pyrex. Place the towel into it.
  • Now turn the microwave on a high setting and heat the towel for 30 seconds.
  • Hold the steamy towel and rub it over the crease to warm up the leather.
  • Once heating the shoe surface, insert a shoe tree until it cools down. This way, the shape will not ruin.
  • If the method didn’t work with one-time use, you could repeat this process until you achieve your desired result.

3. Use a Hair Dryer for Crease Protection

You can use a hair dryer to apply heat if you don’t want to use an iron for crease removal. To keep the shape of the shoes perfect, a cedar shoe tree is very effective, so it’s strongly recommended to use it.

Follow the instructions below to use a hair dryer to remove creases from shoes:

  • Turn on the hair dryer in a low setting.
  • Hold it at a distance of 8 – 10 inches from your footwear.
  • Apply it on the shoe’s surface several times and turn it off.
  • Rub the surface of the shoe with a finger.
  • Repeat the steps if required.
  • Keep the shoes in the tree until they cool down.

If you are working on a leather shoe surface, it’s a good idea to polish it to create shine because the hair dryer will dry them.

4. Sneaker Crease Protection Using Conditioning

While working on leather sneakers, you can use special conditioners to remove creases if you are scared to use heat on them.

First, check the product on a discreet part of the footwear. If the conditioner has not discolored the surface, apply it to the creased parts. However, you will have to use it on all the areas of the shoes to make the whole surface look the same.

Therefore, apply it on the entire surface but pay attention to the parts with more wrinkles. When the conditioning is complete, please keep it on the shoe tree to get them dry and get a proper shape.

5. Shoe Trees are the Best Crease Preventers

If you are looking for a simple technique to remove creases from your shoes, you can opt for a shoe tree.

Unlike other strategies, this process is not so fast but eliminates the crease by stretching the footwear in its original shape.

Therefore, after taking off your shoes, make it a habit to clean them and put them on the shoe tree. So, when you need them, they will be in proper shape, without a crease, and ready to wear!

If you are going to buy a shoe tree, I recommend purchasing a cedar shoe tree; it keeps the shoe in its natural shape as well as removes unpleasant odors from them.

Prevention Tips for Creasing and Wrinkles Removal from Shoes

1. Maintain a Good Posture

If you want that your shoes don’t get creasing with walking, maintain a good posture. Straighten your back and keep the shoulders back while walking. If you avoid bending, you will be able to keep your feet flat; thus, you will get no creasing on your shoes.

2. Avoid Kneeling

Take off your shoes first if you have to kneel down. Through kneeling, excess pressure is applied on the toe box, resulting in wrinkles on your shoes. If you have to do a workout or any activity where bending is necessary, wear an old, extra pair of shoes.

3. Wear Properly Fit Shoes

Properly fit shoes support the toe box naturally. When you walk in the footwear of your size, the foot doesn’t collapse the toe-box, and creasing will not occur.

4. Tighten Your Shoelaces

From the toe side to the top of the tongue, lace up your shoes tightly, so you get a comfortable and perfect fitting. This way, the chances of creasing will be low.

5. Wear Inserts with Sneakers

Separate shoe insoles are available, which are made from a comfortable foam material. Place them inside the shoes, which will make your shoes able to hold your feet perfectly, so creases will not get a chance to occur. Furthermore, if you already have wrinkles on the footwear, they will be less visible due to putting these inserts.

6. Putting a DIY shoe Insole with Socks

If you don’t have shoe inserts, you can make them yourself using socks. Wear a second pair of socks and roll them over the toe box of the foot. It will create a proper fitting at the front of the shoes. As a result, you will get less creasing.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Creases Occur Quickly on My Shoes?

When you walk, the shoes bend with the movement of your foot, which cause them to crease. The walk is uncomfortable if the shoes don’t move with the foot. Due to the foot’s movement, force is applied to the shoes, which causes creases.

How to Get Less Creasing on My Shoes?

The following heating method can be used to make the creases less visible on shoes:

  • Take a dampened towel and place it on the creased part of the shoes.
  • Turn the iron to 60 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit and apply on the towel.
  • Please turn it off after holding it for 10 seconds.
  • Continue applying iron on the towel with breaks until the creases disappear.

Are Crease Preventers Worth It?

Crease preventers are available in the market; they are great for many reasons. They add structure to the toe box that doesn’t allow creasing. Furthermore, they are comfortable, less pricey, reliable, simple to use, and easily available in every shoe store.

On Which Part of The Shoe Do Creases Occur the Most?

The shoes with proper fitting usually crease on the forefoot area and the part of the shoe where the foot bends.

Do Tighter Shoes Less Prone to Creasing?

Usually, people with fat feet get proper fitting in their shoes; thus, they get less creasing on their footwear.

Final Thoughts

No matter how lovely and gorgeous your shoes are, if you wear them once, they will become unsightly due to creasing. This article shares tips and tricks to guide you to walk correctly to stop shoes from creasing and wrinkling.

One simple way is to keep the footwear in the shoe tree after each use. This way, their natural shape will be maintained, and they will get less creasing. I hope this guide will help you refresh your shoe’s appearance.

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