How to Stretch Crocs? – Simple Techniques

Did you order crocs online, and now it’s too tight to wear? In this article, I will tell you the simplest methods to stretch crocs.

People love to wear crocs as they are very comfortable and stylish. These workwear crocs are made up of heat-sensitive croslite material. They sometimes have size issues because crocs come in their sizes, unlike other footwear.

Moreover, the company does not provide half sizes in crocs. If you struggle with crocs size, you have to stretch them yourself.

The methods to extend your crocs are quite simple and easy. It will take a little time and effort. But believe me; it will be worth it.

how to stretch crocs

Methods to Stretch Crocs

Luckily, there are many techniques to stretch crocs. Here I will discuss the seven most simple methods to stretch crocs.

1. Stretching of Crocs with Hot Water

Things You Need

Here are the things that are required to stretch out crocs with water:

  • Water
  • Towel
  • Stove
  • Socks
  • Basin( large enough to put crocs in it)
  • Tongs


  1. Pour some water into the basin and place that basin on the stove. Boil the water on it. After boiling water, remove that basin from the stove.
  2. Put your lovely crocs work shoes in the basin. Submerge them in such a way that water reaches all parts. Soak in water for about 45 seconds, making Croc manufacturing material flexible.
  3. Use tongs to Remove your crocs from the basin, put them on the towel, and wait for them to cool down.
  4. After that, wear your crocs walking shoes to stretch them out. Remember to wear socks to protect your feet from heating. TIP: Don’t wear very thick socks because they can stretch your crocs more than you need.
  5. Dry them completely, and protect your crocs from high heat because it can shrink your shoes.
  6. After getting fully dry, you can also wear them without socks. If they are still tight, repeat this procedure until it fits you properly.

2. Stretching of Crocs Using a Hair Dryer

Things You Need

  • Water
  • Towel
  • Hair dryer or blow dryer
  • Spray bottle


  1. Put the crocs in the towel. This heat will reach every part of crocs, preventing them from overheating.
  2. Switch on the dryer, and the temperature should be high.
  3. Take an empty spray water bottle and pour some water into it. Spray on the towel a little bit.
  4. Put the towel in which crocs are wrapped on the table. Blow the hair dryer firmly and move the dryer back and forth. In this way, heat will distribute fully. Perform this technique for 5 minutes.
  5. Once they cool down, wear them. Start walking on them, and it will stretch your footwear crocs.

TIP: Wear your shoes immediately after heating; otherwise, they will contract. Also, avoid using this procedure on fancy design crocs. You can also use a blow dryer. Both of them work effectively.

3. Stretching of Crocs Using a Freezer

Things You Need

  • Freezer
  • Water
  • Towel
  •  Bag(which can be sealed)


  1. Take a bag and fill some water in it, and seal it. Reserve some place for water to expand in the bag.
  2. Put that bag of water in crocs.
  3. Now place that bag-filled crocs in the freezer for 13 hours. After that, take your crocs workshoes from the freezer. When the bag freezes, it stretches the crocs out. Put them in the dry area and wrap them in the towel to dry fully.
  4. Once they get dried, wear them so they can fit your feet fully.
  5. If you are still not satisfied with your results, then repeat the process to adjust your size.

4. Stretching of Crocs Using a Dryer Machine

Things You Need

  • Clothes
  • Socks
  • Dryer Machine


  1. Put your cute pair of crocs in the dryer machine. Also, place some clothes with them so it will avoid the risk of damage.
  2. Set the temperature of your dryer low and switch it on your dryer. Set a timer of 10 minutes. It will stretch the material of footwear crocs.
  3. After taking your crocs out of the dryer, cool them down and wear your socks to walk. It is an easy method to stretch Croc sizing.
  4. Make sure that the temperature should not be much high. It can damage your crocs. Don’t use this procedure for decorative crocs.

5. Stretching of Crocs Using Socks

Things You Need

  • 3 pairs of thick socks


  1. First of all, wear your thick pair of socks.
  2. You will feel little pressure on crocs. Don’t worry! you will be okay after wearing them. If you feel hurt, then wear only two layers of thick socks.
  3. Walk a few meters after wearing them. After a walk of 30 minutes, give your feet rest and remove your socks.
  4. Check your shoe size. Does it fit properly? If not, then do this process again.

This procedure is quite safest and works great for decorative and bright shoes. Try this method for newly bought crocs!

6. Stretching of Crocs Using Balled-Up Socks or Newspapers

Things You Need

  • Old socks or newspaper
  • Rubber bands


  1. Firstly, gather your old socks or clothes. Place all those clothes in the crocs. Put on as many clothes as possible.
  2. Make sure that there is no place left in the crocks. Make a circular shape of clothes on the toe side.
  3. Gather all these clothes with the help of a rubber band so it will make them fix. Check your size of crocs after 24 hours.

If your fits are still tight, then repeat this experiment until it fits you. No doubt, it takes a little much time, but it works well with crocs sandals.

7. Stretching of Crocs Using a Shoe Stretcher

Things You Need

  • Shoe stretcher


  1. Shoe stretchers are admirable devices that stretch your crocs and increase their length and width.
  2. Place a shoe stretcher in a crocs size 7 for 12 hours. Remove the stretcher and wear your crocs. Your crocs size would be 8 now.
  3. Wear your shoes immediately after putting the stretcher out from crocs. In this way, they will not lose their shape.

This procedure is quite famous and easiest for stretching small crocs.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How to Stretch Crocs with Hot Water?

Put your crocs footwear in boiling water for 45 seconds. After taking them out, place your crocs on a flat surface to cool down and wait for them to dry. Start walking with socks on. This method will stretch crocs out.

How to Stretch Crocs with A Hair Dryer?

Wrap your crocks in the towel. Blow the hair dryer in all of its sizes to distribute heat equally. Wear shoes immediately after drying. You need to walk on them for a better stretching experience.

How Long Does It Take for Crocs to Stretch?

Well, it depends on the method you choose to stretch your crocs. Boiling water will stretch your crocs walking shoes in a few minutes. The stuffing method in which we stuff clothes can take more than 24 hours for stretching.

How Can I Make My Crocs Fit Better?

You can make your crocs fit better by using the following:

  • Hot water
  • Hair Dryer
  • Freezer
  • Thick Socks
  • Dryer machine
  • Shoe Stretcher
  • Old clothes or newspapers

Why Do My Crocs Feel Like They Shrunk?

Crocs shrink when we put them in hot temperatures. They are made up of croslite material that is sensitive to heat. We should avoid placing our stunning pair of crocs in the sun.


As you there are many methods to stretch crocs. You can perform whichever is convenient for you. Most people prefer using boiling water because it is simple and easy. But you have to be very careful while performing this method; otherwise, you will ruin your crocs.

On the other hand, other methods, like stuffing old socks or newspapers, take more time. It takes almost 24 hours. If you want to stretch some specific areas, then you should go with a shoe stretcher.

Avoid using a dryer machine and hair dryer for decorative crocs. It is all up to you which method you choose to stretch crocs half sizes. The choice is all yours!

Please be patient and follow my guide carefully. Protect your stretch crocs from high temperatures; otherwise, they will shrink. Feel free to ask if you have any other confusion about it.

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