How to Stretch Leather Shoes? – 5 Brilliant Ways

Sometimes, when we purchase shoes, they fit great in a store. But when we wear them for the whole day, we realize that the leather of shoes is quite tight. You should careful while purchasing shoes because they will hurt your feet.

You should take special care while purchasing shoes. Above all, keep an eye while purchasing leather shoes. If you can not find this, you should know how to stretch leather shoes.

Before moving towards methods to stretch leather shoes, let’s see what stretching leather is.

how to stretch leather shoes

What is Leather Shoe Stretching?

Leather shoe stretching is a method of providing relaxation and comfort to your feet while using. Some cobbler and leather shoe makers have a machine to stretch the leather. Above all, the stretching of shoes will ease wearing and walking.

Cobblers can also make shoes new and fresh for long use. So, if you want to make leather stretchable, follow the below-mentioned methods.

But wait! Do you know what things you need to stretch leather shoes? If not, then let’s explore this.

Things You Need to Stretch Leather Shoes

To successfully complete this stretching, you must have all the required essentials. A few of them might be already available you have to purchase a few.

  1. Shoe stretcher
  2. A pair of thick socks
  3. Hair dryer
  4. Storage bag
  5. Stretching spray

Methods to Stretch Leather Shoes

Although you have gone through the necessary supplies for stretching your shoes, now, I will disclose a few interesting and important methods that you should know.

1. Use of Shoe Stretcher

A shoe stretcher can easily be purchased. Moreover, you can easily follow the few steps given below. Let’s explore how you can use a shoe stretcher to increase the size of your shoes.

  1. First of all, you need to close the toe box close. For this, you need to turn the handle at the end of the stretcher, and you will rotate it in an anti-clockwise direction.
  2. To shorten the heel block, you need to turn the rod in a clockwise direction.
  3. Moreover, you have to place a shoe box inside the shoes.
  4. Push the heel block down in the shoe without any damage to the shoes.
  5. Last but not the least, you need to turn the lengthening drum to move clockwise.

2. Use of Stretching Spray

Another quick way to stretch the shoes is the use of stretching spray. Moreover, you can purchase it from an online store. This method is quite a simple technique for stretching leather shoes. You have to follow a few instructions as given below.

  • Take out your leather shoes.
  • Read the instructions on the spray bottle.
  • Now, see the direction of a spray bottle.
  • You have to spray on the leather shoes.
  • Wear your shoes when they are dry.

Wait, do you think the method has been completed? Then you are wrong? There are many things on your way. So, keep reading.

3. Use of Storage Bag

To stretch the shoes, you need to do these little steps as given below.

  • First, fill your storage bag with tap water.
  • Later, you need to place your shoes inside the freezer and let them freeze.
  • Take out your shoes and let the ice dry.
  • Now, you can easily wear these shoes and easily walk in your kicks.

4. Use of Hair Dryer

As I discussed above, you can stretch your leather shoes with storage bags and stretch them by using a hair dryer as well—all you need to follow a few steps given below.

  • Wear a pair of thick socks on your feet.
  • Now, you have to wear leather kicks.
  • Later, you need to take out the hair dryer and give air for 2 minutes for each shoe.
  • After that, you need to take out your shoes and take out socks as well.
  • Let the shoes be cool.
  • Now, you can easily wear them without any problem.

5. Use of Steam

Last but not the least, you can stretch the leather with the help of steam. Furthermore, you can easily use this method at home.

You need to follow the above-discussed method.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Stretch Leather Shoes at Home?

Leather shoes can easily be stretched at home without anything to buy. Moreover, if you want to purchase some product, you should buy a stretcher spray or get a boot stretcher. If you can not afford it, you can try the steam, cold, and warm methods.

How Do You Stretch Leather Shoes with Newspaper?

Yes, you can stretch the leather shoes with the help of a newspaper. Moreover, you can do this by crumpling up the newspaper and making it wet. Do not soak it entirely. It will help to put enough newspaper inside your shoes to stretch and expand.

How Long Does It Take for A Leather Shoe to Stretch?

With the help of a shoe stretcher, you can say you need one full night or 48 hours to stretch it properly. Moreover, it depends on the leather quality, while the procedure you are using may take a long time or a short period.

Can Leather Shoes Stretch a Size?

Leather shoes can easily be stretched because of their material. Moreover, if you feel your leather kicks are tight, wear them regularly. So you can stretch or manage them accordingly.

How Do You Stretch Leather Shoes in The Freezer?

You can stretch your leather shoes in the freezer as well. To stretch it, you must place a water storage bag inside both pairs. Now, you have to place both pairs inside your freezer. Furthermore, take out both pairs after a little time.


That’s it, guys. I hope you get this article useful and helpful. Moreover, you can apply these methods to stretch your leather shoes. There is no need for hard and fast rules because these processes are quite easy and understandable.

Furthermore, you just have to follow the instructions mentioned in the procedures. If you have any issues or problems regarding stretching leather shoes or you may have difficulty walking while wearing them.

You can say this in the comment section given below. I will solve your query as soon as I get your comment.

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