How to Stretch Plastic Shoes? – Step by Step Guide

Having a fitting problem into new pair of plastic shoes?

I know it is painful to wear shoes that don’t fit well. The stretching process of plastic shoes is trickier than canvas and leather shoes. If your plastic shoes do not fit, don’t panic.

Luckily, I know some excellent and effective methods to stretch your gorgeous plastic shoes. In this post, I will share my experience with you because my newly bought shoes also didn’t fit me a few days ago.

I was frustrated, but I did deep research and performed many methods. So I have concluded the best techniques to stretch plastic shoes. Let’s go!

how to stretch plastic shoes

How to Stretch Plastic Shoes?

  • Blow drying method: wear thick socks and apply a blow dryer for twenty to thirty seconds. Stroll while wearing them. Try wearing shoes again after removing the socks.
  • Freezing water method: fill half the water in a sealable bag and put shoes in it. After freezing shoes for one night, thaw them for thirty minutes.
  • Shoe stretcher method: adjust the stretcher and place it inside the shoe for 8 hours. Then try wearing your shoes.
  • Dry newspaper method: crumple the newspaper and stuff it on the front side of the shoe. Put your shoes on and walk for a while to stretch them.
  • Wet newspaper method: put the wet paper inside the footwear and wait for it to dry. Dry newspaper stretches its size.


  1. If shoes already have holes, then stretching them can worsen the situation.
  2. It is better to wait for shoes to break in. if they are not fit after weeks of wearing, stretch them.
  3. Bear in your mind that overstretching can ruin the shape of plastic shoes
  4. Also, pay attention not to stretch them too much because it also spoils their material
  5. Intense heat is also not good for plastic because it warps the material in an unexpected way
  6. Make sure that both pairs of shoes are stretched equally; otherwise, they will cause discomfort
  7. Wear your shoes for a while to ensure that they are comfortable. If not, then stretch again

Methods to Stretch Plastic Shoes

In this section, I will disclose some methods I used to stretch my shoes.

  • Blow drying
  • Freezing water
  • Shoe stretcher
  • Dry newspaper
  • Wet newspaper

1. Blow Drying

Required Things

  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • Blow dryer

Step 1. Wear Socks

Thick socks provide space for shoes to stretch. For this purpose, I wore thick wool socks. The reason is that thick socks stretch shoes more than thick shoes.

But there is another case; If thick socks are unavailable, you can go with two or three pairs of thin socks.

Step 2. Use a Blow Dryer

Next, I hold the dryer in my hand. I kept it a little away from my shoes and heated only those spots that felt too tight.

Remember to use a blow dryer only for twenty to thirty seconds. Also, I moved my toes and foot up and down to enable the plastic shoes to stretch.

Step 3. Walk

As my shoes were still warm so I started to walk. It is beneficial to stretch out shoes. Thick socks also work like magic in expanding them.

Step 4. Remove socks

To ensure that my shoes were stretched, I removed the socks and wore the footwear again. Luckily, my shoes were the perfect fit.

But if you are still feeling discomfort, then repeat this process until they fit you.

2. Freezing Water

Required Things

  • Ziploc bags
  • Water
  • Shoes
  • Freezer

Step 1. Fill a Zipped Bag

First, I picked up the Ziploc bag and filled it with adequate water. The water concentration should be enough to fit in footwear. So, I sealed the Ziploc bag.

Remember not to fill too much water because an excessive amount can ruin the plastic shoe.

Step 2. Placing the Bag Into Footwear

Next, I pushed the sealed bag into the top side of the shoe. The bag fits well in my gorgeous plastic shoes. Check again that it is tightly sealed and no water is seeping.

Step 3. Freeze Shoes

I allowed the water bag to freeze for one night to stretch tight shoes in a freezer. The reason is that ice expands and stretches out the plastic shoes.

To protect the shoes’ outer surface, I put them in plastic before placing them in a freezer.

Step 4. Remove Bags

The next morning, I unfreeze my shoes for 30 minutes before taking out the bags. If shoes are still not stretched, then repeat the entire procedure.

3. Using a Shoe Stretcher

Required Things

  • Shoe stretcher
  • Shoes

Step 1. Buy a Shoe Stretcher

Shoe stretchers are available in many styles because it depends on the shoe you will expand. Multiple stretchers come for high heels, flat shoes, and many others.

Think about which shoe area you have to stretch because one and two-way stretchers are available for adjusting the length, width, or both.

Step 2. Tight Your Stretcher

I tighten the shoe stretcher by turning the knob in the clockwise direction. Make sure that it fits well in your shoes. After that, I left it inside the shoe for 8 hours.

Step 3. Wear Shoes

Lastly, I loosen the stretcher by turning its knob in an anticlockwise direction. If plastic shoes are still tight, then put a stretcher again inside them to get the shoes stretched.

Don’t stretch too much because it makes shoes uncomfortable to wear.

4. Dry Newspaper

Material Required

  • Newspaper

Step 1. Stuffing

First, I crumpled the newspaper and stuffed it inside the plastic shoes to make room.

Step 2. Wearing

Then, I strolled around the house for 2 hours wearing plastic shoes

Step 3. Take the Newspaper Out

Next, I put the crumpled newspaper out and wore my shoes again to check the comfort. Repeat the process if needed to get the desired results.

5. Wet Newspaper

Required Things

  • Water
  • Newspaper

Step 1. Wet the Newspaper

I damped the newspaper underwater but only a little. After that, I stuffed it inside the shoe.

Step 2. Drying

Then, I waited for it to dry because dried newspaper also expands the footwear with them.

Step 3. Remove the Newspaper

After drying, I put the newspaper out and wore my plastic shoe again. Thankfully, they were stretched and comfortable. Do this method again if you don’t get satisfactory results.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Stretch a Shoe to Make It Bigger?

You can stretch your shoe by putting a shoe stretcher inside them. Adjust the length of the stretcher according to your requirements. Don’t put this device in it for longer because it might overstretch your adorable plastic shoes.

How Do You Stretch New Plastic Shoes?

The blow dryer method is impressive in stretching new plastic shoes and making them comfortable. Keep the dryer a little away while stretching, as it can damage its material.

Can You Stretch Vinyl Shoes?

Many sprays and liquids are available to stretch the vinyl shoes. You need to spray it on the tight spots and start to walk while wearing these shoes.

What Home Remedy Can I Use to Stretch My Shoes?

There are various home remedies for stretching shoes. You can use a blow dryer, hair dryer, wet or dry newspaper, shoe stretcher, and freeze water to stretch your tight shoes.

How to Stretch Plastic Sandals?

  • Use a blow dryer some inches away from your plastic shoes
  • Hold it toward the tight areas for 20 seconds
  • Stroll around the street or house for one hour


Stretching makes plastic shoes comfortable, and there are many best ways to stretch shoes. Just be patient and apply any of the techniques to make them wearable.

Remember, there are some risks in performing these methods because they can break down your adorable pair of shoes. It is better to go to a professional cobbler if your plastic shoes are pricey.

Let me know in the comment section if there is any confusion regarding plastic shoe stretching.

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