How to Stretch Shoes for Wide Feet?

Today, people prefer to shop online instead of going to the shops. You can order any required item while sitting anywhere with a single click.

It is somehow a great trend until you get the wrong product, and now you wonder why you ordered it online. It trouble normally arises with the shoes. For wide feet, getting an accurate size is quite hectic.

So you have purchased small-size shoes, and now you want to stretch them so they don’t hurt your feet. Right? Don’t worry; we have a solution.

Wearing tightly fitted shoes causes a lot of trouble, you realize later, so instead of somehow wearing them, you better check this guide.

how to stretch shoes for wide feet

Is it Possible to Stretch Shoes for Wide Feet?

It doesn’t matter what your foot shape is or how tight the shoe is; you can stretch them to an appropriate size so there is enough space on the toe side.

I ordered a shoe pair I found online while checking my internet accounts. The pair instantly clicked me, so I couldn’t resist. Unfortunately, the size was not up to the mark, so I searched for all the techniques that could help me.

The procedures I will share below are reliable, so do not hesitate to apply them. Are you ready to know how to stretch shoes for wide feet?

1. Wear Your Shoes to Stretch Them

Before applying any technique, the first and vital thing is to wear them. However, you cannot follow this technique if your shoes are extra-tight. In the start, it will be inconvenient to wear them for a long so you can minimize the time.

Remember to wear thick socks to avoid blisters. With time, they will be stretched, so you can use them outside. Heating your shoes with a hair dryer once you put on your cotton socks is another helpful shoe-stretching method.

You can also use a leather conditioner on leather shoes. A spray is also available in stores to stretch leather shoes. Follow the directions given on the card to spray accurately. This spray is also applicable to Seude material.

2. Try Freezing Method

Have you ever tried to extend your shoes by freezing them? It sounds odd, but I have applied this method, and it amazed me. Let me explain the steps I performed to stretch shoes for wide feet.

Place the Water Bag in The Shoe

I picked up a plastic bag covered with water. The bag should be appropriate so it can be adjusted into your shoes. Ensure you have filled it with water halfway.

Now, tightly close the seal, so water doesn’t fall into your shoes. Remember that this technique won’t work out if you have narrow shoes.

Put the Shoe Into the Freezer

Now you have to freeze the water inside the plastic bag so it shows its magic. Bring a plastic tray where you can put your shoes.

Arrange it in the freezer and wait for the results. Putting your shoes in a tray is not compulsory, but no one wants to set their shoes in a place where you also keep the food.

Take out The Shoes

Thirty minutes would be enough to freeze the water. Take out the tray and let it warm for at least 15 minutes. Gently remove the plastic bag from the shoe, so ice or water spills doesn’t fall into the shoe and damage the leather.

I witnessed great results after following these steps, so you can perform them.

3. Rubbing Alcohol is Helpful

My friend suggested using rubbing alcohol to extend the tight-fitted shoes. In the start, I was reluctant then I agreed. You won’t believe that this process made my shoes stretchable, and now I often wear them.

The same shoes that I was about to throw into the dustbin. I have two different ways to explain this point. You can follow that suit you more.

Spray the Alcohol

Take a spray bottle and fill it with water and rubbing alcohol. Start spraying all over the shoes and let the solution be there for a few minutes.

Now wear socks and shoes and walk all over the house. You will witness better-fitted shoes once the alcohol dries. It is the undemanding method to follow.

Soak Socks into the Alcohol

Let’s try the second way to use the rubbing alcohol technique. Take a bowl and add alcohol and water. Now get your hands on thick socks and dip them into the bowl.

After a few minutes, take out the socks and squeeze extra liquid. Wear them and put on shoes. Keep walking in those wet socks until they are dried. The process is a little weird but effective at the same time.

I have attempted both ways, so I guarantee constructive results.

4. Buy a Shoe Stretcher

I am sure many people do not have additional time to spend on all these time-taking procedures. Buy a shoe stretcher available in every store at a reasonable rate.

However, it would help if you were alert while using this tool because many people mistakenly stretch. Let’s examine the steps for successful stretching.

  • Before using this tool, do not forget to use a spray stretcher to make the fabric flexible.
  • Put the end part of the stretcher inside the shoe and move it clockwise.
  • Now proceed with the tool inside the insole and ensure the wheel moves clockwise. The direction of the wheel is important.
  • Keep twisting the wheel until you have gotten the right size. If you have stretched too much, you won’t repent it, be cautious.
  • Keep the tool inside the shoes overnight to get the required outcome.

Please see an experienced person using this stretcher so you won’t make mistakes in the future. It is one of the most straightforward ways to stretch shoes for wide feet.

5. Apply the Heating Method

You are already familiar with the freezing technique; why not check the heating method? For this, you have to use Microwave.

However, you cannot place every material into a microwave as it might damage your shoe. Shoes without metallic components should be placed inside them.

Put your shoes inside a plastic bag. Now set the microwave to a low temperature. Once the time is over, please remove them and wear them with thick socks. Walk for a few minutes for accurate shape. Do not wear overly heated shoes, as they will burn your skin.

My friend once put plastic shoes into the microwave, and they were completely ruined, so there are some materials on which you cannot follow this technique. Be mindful.

6. Change the Shoe Insole

Are you willing to spend extra money to escape these lengthy methods? You can change the insole to make extra room inside the shoe. You can follow this if your shoe has a removable insole. It will cost you a bit, but the results will be satisfactory.

My friend bought an insole and placed it inside the shoe from the same store. She didn’t have to execute any method to stretch her favorite shoe. Ensure there is a little space on the toe side so you can easily stretch shoes for wide feet.

7. Put Newspapers Inside the Shoe

Imagine you are about to leave for a gathering in a few minutes, and you check your shoes are tight. The actual problem comes when you don’t have anything else to wear. So what should be done? You cannot perform any of the above methods in a little time.

The easiest way is to put some newspapers to make your feet comfortable in tight shoes. It is applicable only for a short time. For a permanent solution, you should consider other options.

8. Purchase Adjustable Shoe Tree

I know many people don’t know about this device; it is used to balance the length and width of the shoe. It is worth buying if you are okay with spending an amount on this shoe tree. You can get it from different shoe stores at a discounted rate.

There is an adjustable handle that you have to rotate after 12 hours. Keep repeating until you are satisfied with the outcomes.

You can follow this tactic with an adjustment spray for fruitful results. I couldn’t buy this device, but one of my friends had a great experience, so I mentioned it here.

9. Seek Help from a Professional

Forget everything, are you one of those who are lazy enough to repair anything at home? The simplest alternative is to look for a professional who will repair the tightness of your shoes.

They have professional machines so it will be a matter of minutes for them. Besides, the work will be top-notch, and your favourite shoe pair will be safe from damage.

You will have to make some effort to search for such people. You can also visit the store from where you made a purchase. They might help you.

Hence, these are a few worth considering techniques that I have applied to my tightly fitted shoes, which did justice. Now, I wear them often without any turbulence.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

We can’t forget to mention our favourite section where you get more ideas about the topic. I know how complicated it is to buy sandals for women with wide feet because I am also experiencing it. Let’s check the questions.

Is It Possible to Stretch the Shoe Half-Size?

Following the above methods, you can stretch the shoes as much as you want.

However, you should be cautious while stretching because sometimes we mistakenly expand more than required, and the shoe becomes too loose to wear. Observing a professional before lending your hands to this work is better.

Can You Stretch the Shoes in Width?

You can expand it from every side, be it length or width. A shoe stretcher tool would be a considerable device for this cause. Moreover, an adjustable shoe tree will also help to expand the shoe in the right direction.

What is the Maximum Time Duration for Shoe Stretching?

Each method is different and takes a different time. How much time you will spend on this technique depends on your following method.

When I performed the heating method, I did spend almost 2 hours. Similarly, the freezing method also involves 2 or 3 hours. A few procedure demand overnight, so be prepared for it.

Is Freezing Worth the Following Method for Shoe Stretching?

I know it sounds weird but putting your shoes in the freezer appropriately does provide benefits. I have used this method, and it stretched my shoes the way I wanted.

Ensure the water-filled bag should be tightly sealed, so your shoes are protected from water splashes. Moreover, after removing the tray from the freezer, let the ice melt. Do not forget to wear socks to stretch shoes for wide feet.

How to Naturally Stretch Your Shoes?

The most natural way is to wear your shoes indoors and outside with socks. In the start, it will hurt, but everything will be fine with time.

The other methods I have mentioned are also natural, and I guarantee you will get a positive outcome. Go ahead with any of the tactics, and you will be happy in the end.


So this was all for ‘How to stretch shoes for wide feet.’ Buying shoes for wide feet is one of the biggest and most complicated problems. We often get the wrong size and spend hours searching for how to widen them.

You no longer have to stress out because I have the solution. I have used all the above-mentioned techniques, so do not hesitate to experience them.

The shoes that run wide require enough room on the toe side so you can comfortably walk in them. Whether you want to stretch leather shoes or your sandals give you a tough time, we have covered all the problems in this single guide.

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