How to Stretch Sneakers That Are Too Tight?

You have worn your sneakers to play football but realize they are too tight on your feet. It is undoubtedly the most inadequate scenario when you are already getting late and you don’t have another pair.

You must rush for the most manageable method to stretch them. Online purchasing gives you a lot of comfort, but it also invites various issues simultaneously.

Ordering shoes online is not everyone’s cup of tea, so you better be mindful of that. Don’t worry if you have already dug into this problem because I have a solution.

I have also dealt with such a problem, so I will share how to overcome it. This guide will be all about how to stretch sneakers that are too tight.

how to stretch sneakers

Tools and Materials to Stretch Sneakers

Initially, I accumulated all the required tools, so I did not pause the work in the middle to organize a particular item. If you are going to do this DIY work, remember to get your hands on the things mentioned below.

  • Sealable bags
  • Water
  • Tray
  • Thick socks
  • Hairdryer
  • Shoe stretching inserts

So, these are the most noteworthy items you must have before stretching sneakers that are too tight. Now let’s jump to the main points.

How to Stretch Sneakers That Are Too Tight?

Online shopping is feasible for many people but is no less than a risk. When I ordered the shoes I saw online, they didn’t fit my feet.

Fortunately, I came across many procedures that showed how to rectify this problem. I am sharing those productive ways with the world, so they also get help. Let’s initiate it.

1. Use Ice to Stretch Sneakers

The first method is freezing, which can be done with ice. When I got into trouble, I was advised to keep ice bags inside the shoes and leave them in the freezer.

I was hesitant to apply this procedure, but the results it showed made me confident about this method. Let me share the steps with you.

Fill Plastic Bags with Water

If you do not have sealable bags, purchase them because the water should not fall when you put them inside the shoes. The bags must be half-filled with water.

Once done, seal them tightly. You must prepare two bags to put on each pair. Remember that they must be tightly sealed to avoid water leakage.

Put Sneakers Into the Freezer

Take any tray or plate and put your shoes on it, so you do not have to directly place the sneakers on the freezer where you keep food items.

Let the freeze completely. You can leave it overnight. In the morning, take your shoes out and examine how accurately they have been stretched due to the freezing of ice.

Wear Cold Shoes with Socks

To wear these shoes, let them warm for at least 15 minutes. While extracting the bags, ensure it doesn’t affect the shape.

Wear these shoes with socks and walk around for 15 minutes. You are all done. After executing this method, I found the most accurate size of sneakers.

Repeat the Process

Sometimes results do not come after a single attempt, don’t lose hope and repeat the process. You will surely obtain the required fit after the second shot. It is the undemanding way to Stretch Sneakers That Are Too Tight.

2. Follow the Heating Method

When we talk about the heating method, the most significant thing that comes to mind is using a hairdryer or a blow dryer. This is what you will perform in this technique.

Wear Socks with Sneakers

Take 2 pairs of woolen socks and wear them along with the sneakers. Sometimes, the shoes are tight enough that you can’t wear 2 pairs, so better go for 1 only.

Thick socks will help you stretch sneakers that are too tight. My shoes were moderately fitted, so I went for 2 pairs.

Use Hairdryer for Stretching

The hairdryer temperature should be accurate so your shoes don’t get damaged. A medium temperature would be appropriate for this. After wearing shoes, keep the dryer at a distance and use it on the outside surface of the shoe.

Every 30 seconds, stop the dryer and restart it. Ensure to keep changing the direction. Remember to heat heels and toe side.

You will have to heat each pair for at least 2 minutes. The heat makes the shoe fabric flexible, so it adjusts on every foot type. If the size isn’t according to the requirement, keep heating until you get the exemplary shoe size.

3. Purchase Shoe Stretching Inserts

These inserts are assembled of plastic and wood and placed inside the shoes to get the demanded shape. Insert them inside the shoe and press them inwards so the toe side gets enough room.

You can readily buy them from different sporting stores. However, follow this strategy when you have sufficient time because it takes almost 3 days to get the shoe in a suitable shape.

4. Use Natural Methods

If your sneakers are not excessively fitted and you do not want to go for any above methods, follow the most natural phenomena. Wear your shoes and walk inside them for at least 15 to 30 minutes. The feet’ sweat will stretch them as per the condition.

After a few days, you will be able to wear them outside. It is how you will get your sneakers in the most appropriate size. This tactic also applies when you have enough time to wear these sneakers because it takes at least 5 days.

5. Put Potato Inside the Shoe

Here comes another weird method, but who cares if it benefits you? Potato can also help you in this scenario. Take a peeled potato, put it accurately inside the shoe, and leave it overnight. In the morning, you will witness your favorite sneaker pair has been stretched.

Before placing it, ensure you have wiped it. Once I followed this method to know whether it worked or not. Fortunately, it stretched by shoes, and I found it quite helpful.

6. Visit a Professional for Help

People with busy schedules do not have sufficient time to follow any above methods, so what is the solution? Visit any professional and ask for help. They have better tools and machines that bring perfection to this work.

You should consider this step when there is a critical match tomorrow and you don’t have others sneakers to wear. Luckily, I had enough time, so I didn’t go for this alternative.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

It is simple to stretch small-size shoes if you know the right method. Let me share a few questions that I read while scrolling through the techniques.

Can You Stretch Too Small Sneakers?

You can stretch any shoe regardless of size. A few methods demand 4 to 5 days, while a few can be completed overnight. I have tried the first 4 methods, and they gave me outstanding results, so whatever you choose, positive results are guaranteed.

How Do You Stretch Tight Sneakers?

If you have to stretch sneakers that are too tight, seize a plastic bag that can be latched tightly. Fill the bag with water and put it inside the shoe. When you position the shoes in the freezer, the water will freeze and helps in stretching.

If the freezing approach doesn’t appeal to you, go for a heating method with the assistance of a hair dryer. The simplest of all is arranging inserts inside your shoe. It will grab some time, but the strategy is straightforward.

How Can You Expand Sneakers Half Size?

If sneakers are not too tight, you do not need to follow any lengthy way. Wear your shoes and walk in them for 15 minutes every day. They will automatically be stretched out. That’s it.

Do You Get Tight Sneakers at The Start?

You can easily obtain the required size. This problem occurs when you order sneakers online or don’t do proper testing in the store.

How to Expand Shoes Wider at Home?

Check all the points I have described above, and you will know how to perform this work at home.

Final Words

Tight sneakers and shoes are a big issue when you run short of time and have nothing else to wear. Fortunately, you can go after numerous quick methods that will assist you. I have been through this trouble, so I know exactly how to escape the situation.

If the shoes are a bit tight, do not go after any procedure and correct the fitting by wearing them daily. However, if it needs adjustment, you can pick any alternative, be it a freezing method or heating procedure. Whatever you will choose, you will be contented with the results.

I hope I did justice with this guide by mentioning every point comprehensively. Examine each point and act according to it. You will surely solve your tightly fitted sneaker issues.

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