How to Tell If Yeezys Are Fake?

Do you want to avoid getting scammed by fake pairs of Yeezys shoes and need detailed guidelines that tell you if Yeezys are fake or not?

Fake yeezys sneakers are also emerging in the market, and it is difficult to distinguish between the real ones. So you have to be very cautious while buying sneakers.

To ensure you are not wasting money on fake yeezys, you must consider the shoes’ price, material, and design. For your ease, I have enlisted the most common and noticeable factors to spot fake yeezys.

Be with me to know every little detail about yeezys. Let’s go!

how to tell if yeezys are fake

How to Tell If Yeezys Are Fake?

  • The real yeezys has a larger-sized logo, and the text on the insole is gray with mirror image words.
  • Check the size tag of “Made in China” on shoes and the stitching of the toe. The stitching should be accurate.
  • Consider the color of the laces and ensure that it is pink and that the shoe sole has sharp edges.
  • The stitching of the footbed is thin and built-in accurate way. Inspect the packaging of shoes, and the price should be less than 200$
  • Examine the heel tab to ensure it is closer to the ankle collars.

What Are Yeezys Made Of?

Yeezys belongs to the Adidas and Kanye west line, which has become popular in no time. They are built with various materials, but Adidas Yeezy runners are made with ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) foam that is light in weight.

These foam runners shoes come in multiple designs and colors. Yeezy boost 350 is constructed with foam made from algae and EVA material.

The prime knit composition of these shoes is beneficial in utilizing synthetic yarns. EVA foam is also called rubber foam which is durable and comfortable.

Points to Check if Yeezys Are Fake or Not

It’s time to discuss those points that distinguish between fake and real yeezys slippers. If you keep these points in mind, you will not go wrong.

  • Check the logo
  • White text on the insole
  • Size tag
  • The toe stitching
  • Firmness
  • Laces
  • Footbed
  • Consider price and packaging
  • Heel tab

1. Check the Logo

Real Yeezy shoes have supersized logos, while fake ones don’t have the standard size. The logo of Adidas takes up more area on shoes. The same case is with the “YZY” logo. To make sure, you can check the side of the shoes.

2. White Text on The Insole

The text on the insoles is white for fake yeezys, and the words are not represented as mirror images. “adidas YEEZY”  is written on the bottom of the insoles. The color of words should be gray color instead of white.

Besides this, the text is indicated as a mirror image that blends in with the color of the background.

3. Size Tag

The label “Made in China” is given on yeezys. You will notice additional information along this phrase on fake ones. On the other hand, there is a simple “Made in China” on real ones with serial codes and gender specifications.

The letters “SPLV-350” are given in a straight line for original shoes, but you will notice the curve line for counterfeit pairs. Also, the letter “V” is given instead of “W” for fake shoes.

4. The Toe Stitching

The stitching of shoes is a big difference because the original shoes are manufactured with high-quality machinery, which fake companies cannot afford.

You can compare the stitching of shoes with real ones but make sure to search for the original pictures from the internet.

Moreover, you can go to any shop and ask any employee to compare shoes if you are having trouble with them. The reason is that it is tricky to differentiate between shoes just by seeing the photos.

5. Firmness

Adidas Yeezy original shoes are constructed with high-quality and comfortable material. On the other hand, counterfeit pair shoes are bendable and lose their shape easily. The shoe sole should be rigid and have sharper teeth.

6. Laces

It might seem inappropriate information, but it is a very noticeable factor. Some of the fake manufacturers make wrong color shoelaces like beige.

The laces of legit pair of shoes come in pink color. The second difference is that structure of laces is not definite for fake yeezys

7. Footbed

There is a footbed beneath the shoe insole, and replica companies make the following mistakes while manufacturing it.

The first thing about it is that the stitching of legit shoes is done precisely, and it is distributed evenly on both sides of the footbed. Sides are stitched in equal size and are thin. Fake yeezys are stitched unevenly and in larger and thicker sizes.

It is difficult to notice the difference between the holes in the footbed. But if you see carefully, you will observe that holes are smaller on fake footwear.

8. Consider Price and Packaging

The next thing to consider is the price of shoes, don’t purchase shoes that come at less than 200 dollars. The shoes are fake if their price is less than 100 dollars without a sale.

Yeezys shoes are associated with the modern line of Adidas so remember to purchase them from the related shop. The packaging of unauthentic Yeezy shoes is rough and has no visible edges.

Original shoes are available in smooth packaging. It is better to verify the serial code from the box to ensure that you are buying real ones.

9. Heel Tab

The heel tab of the original Yeezy shoes is near the collar of the ankle. In contrast, fake pairs of shoes are spotted to have a larger space from ankle collars. Make sure that the heel tab is not loose and matches the footwear design from the box.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Check if Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Are Real?

Check if Yeezy Boost 350 V2 is authentic by inspecting the box label, insole text, size tag, boost sole, additional tags, lacing, stripe lining, toe box, and rear. It is appropriate to purchase shoes from trustworthy sellers and not waste your money in a hurry. Be patient!

Do Fake Yeezys Feel the Same?

Fake yeezys don’t feel the same, and the differences are prominent if you carefully pay attention to the shoes. The shoe material varies from the original ones, and the white text on the insole is also noticeable.

What Do Fake Yeezy Foam Look Like?

The texture of the fake yeezy foam is smooth. On the other hand, the original foam comes with a grainy surface. Such structure is not present on the fake ones.

Are Real Yeezys Made in China?

The real pair of Yeezy shoes are made in China, while the origin of the counterfeit pairs is either turkey or Korea. Also, additional information is given on the fake pair of yeezys, like the shoe’s name.

Final Thoughts

The best thing to do is to purchase Yeezy sneakers from a trusted seller like Amazon or Adidas. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the quality of the shoes from the seller; if they are selling real shoes, they will not feel offended.

It is a scam if the person is not ready to answer your questions. Do proper research and consider all those given factors before buying them. Unfortunately, some people buy fake yeezys in excitement and regret later.

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