How to Unshrink Crocs? – 5 Easy Techniques

Are you here because your crocs did shrink at a hot temperature? Or maybe your new crocs are too tight to wear? In this article, I will tell you how to unshrink crocs.

Crocs are quite popular footwear these days. They are available in various designs and colors. These casual footwears are comfortable to wear and also used as water shoes. It is frustrating when your cute pair of crocs shrink.

But don’t worry; there are many ways to unshrink them. Luckily, crocs are made of unique quality material that enables them to unshrink easily.

One of the simplest methods to unshrink them is placing crocs in boiling water for a few seconds. Put them into your feet and stretch them out when they cool down.

how to unshrink crocs

Why Do Crocs Shrink?

Crocs shrink because of three reasons.

They expand when we leave them in intense heat. Crostlite material is used in its manufacturing which is flexible and easy to stretch. The high temperature starts contracting them and shrinks the boiling crocs.

When crocs are washed in a washing machine or dishwasher, it produces heat. There is a risk of crocs shrinking in the machine. It is good to wash your crocs yourself and clean them properly. The washing machine does not remove all the dirt fully.

Another thing that shrinks crocs is a hot car. The car becomes hot even inside at immense heat. Some people have the habit of changing their shoes in the car and putting them in the car. Don’t ever do that! Because it will reduce the size of your crocs.

Store your crocs where the temperature is cool enough. Stay true to your work-wear crocs by placing them in a suitable place, especially when you are not wearing them.

Some readers want to shrink their crocs if they are too big to wear. Others want to unshrink them if they have accidentally placed their crocs in sunlight. Now they are searching for ways to unshrink them.

No need to worry! Because I got you.

Methods to Unshrink Crocs

Crocs material is durable and comfortable, but one disadvantage is that it starts shrinking when placed in heat. There are many methods to unshrink your charming crocs. Just be patient and read the entire article to understand completely.

We can unshrink your footwear by using the following:

  • Boiling water
  • Tumbler dryer
  • Hair dryer
  • Freezer
  • Over

Choose any method which is convenient for you.

1. Boiling Water

You will need the following things to perform this technique:

  • Basin(in which you have to put crocs)
  • Hot water
  • Thick socks or 2 to 3 thin socks

First of all, boil some water in a pot. Put your crocs in the basin. Now pour that boiling water into the basin. After that, press your crocs to get fully submerged in water. Also, flip the crocs, so water reaches every part of the shoes.

You need to do this for only 30 seconds to one minute. Put your crocs out of the basin. Place them where the temperature is cool and wait for them to cool down.

Wear your socks on your feet so they will not burn your feet. After that, put your crocs on and go for a walk. It will further stretch your crocs.

You can repeat this process again and again until you get satisfied with your shoe size.

2. Tumble Dryer

This procedure is quite the same as the first method. You will need a tumble dryer, two damped towels, and thick socks.

Put your crocs in a tumble dryer which will expand your footwear. Adjust the temperature of the machine to medium-low heat. In addition to this, place damped towels with crocs and start the machine. Wait for 10 minutes.

TIP: Make sure the temperature is not extremely hot for shoes.

After 10 minutes, put your crocs out of the machine and wear your crocs. Remember to wear your socks; they will protect you from heat.

For further stretching your crocs, you should walk by wearing these crocs.

3. Hair Dryer

No doubt, it is one of the safest methods for Croc shrinking to fix.

You can control its temperature yourself. There is the risk of intense heat in boiling water and tumble dryers. Here the heat is not much intense. 

The only thing you have to do is blow dry your crocs. The hair dryer should be a little away from your crocs. Once you realize they are hot enough, wear your crocs with socks.

TIP: As the temperature is not so high, you must perform this technique repeatedly.

4. Freezer

One of the most interesting things about this crocs unshrink technique is that you don’t have to use heat to bring back to its shape.

Take a plastic bag, and fill this bag with water. Put this into your shrunk crocs and place these crocs in the freezer for one day.

Take your crocs out of the freezer and wait for a few minutes to warm them. You can repeat this technique if you still think it doesn’t fit your size.

I know it’s not quite comfortable to wear stiff crocs. Wear your crocs with socks for a few minutes to adjust properly.

5. Oven

This method is not much popular among people but it works well. You need to take some careful precautions before performing this experiment.

Before putting your crocs in the microvan, ensure the temperature is between 50 to 80 degrees centigrades. Put your crocs on the sheet before putting them in the oven. Be aware that the temperature is not much high, and place your crocs out of the oven after a few minutes.

If you are still unsatisfied with the size, perform your technique again for a few minutes. After cooling them down, wear your cute pair of crocs with thick socks.

Remember that this process is a little risky, so you must take precautions while performing this method.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How to Unshrink Crocs in Freezer?

Put water filled bag into the crocs and place these crocs in the freezer. Take your crocs out of the freezer the next morning.  Wear these crocs with socks and go for a walk to unshrink them properly.

Why Do Crocs Shrink in The Sun?

Heat is the major cause of shrinking crocs. The heat coming from the sun shrinks the crocs and reduces their size. That’s why we should avoid storing our crocs near extreme temperatures.

How Can I Shrink My Crocs Back to Normal?

You can shrink your crocs back to normal by placing them near intense heat like sunlight, a dishwasher, or a hot car. These methods shrink crocs if your crocs are big to wear.

How Do You Fix Crocs that Shrunk in Dryer?

Put your shrunk pair of crocs in the dryer for a few minutes at medium temperature. After that, cool them down. Wear your socks to prevent high heat. Then it would be best if you walked to unshrink your crocs.

How to Unshrink Crocs in The Oven?

Place your shrink crocs in the oven at a temperature of 50 to 80 degrees centigrades. Wait for a few minutes then put them out of the oven. Wear them with socks after they cool down.

Final Thoughts

Crocs unshrink techniques would prove helpful for you to unshrink your crocs. I tried my best to tell you all the possible ways to fix shrink crocs. I hope it will prove helpful for you. Please perform these methods carefully and with full precautions.

I advise you to prevent your crocs from shrinking in the first place, so you don’t have to perform all these methods.

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