How to Wash Hey Dudes in a Washing Machine?

Looking for ways to wash your stylish hey dudes shoes in a washing machine?

Hey dudes are famous for style, quality, comfort, and versatile nature. These shoes are meant to last longer, but it is important to wash them regularly.

You can clean hey dudes shoes in the machine as long as they are not suede. The company has also confirmed not to wash suede or leather shoes in a washing machine.

In this post, I will explain the most appropriate steps to wash hey dudes footwear in the machine. Without any delay, let’s start!

how to wash hey dudes in a washing machine

Washing Hey Dudes in The Washing Machine

  • Wipe the extra mud and dust from your charming hey dudes shoes
  • After removing the soles and laces, add liquid detergent and cold water.
  • Wash them on a light cycle and allow them to dry in the air

Can You Wash Hey Dude in Washing Machine?

It is safe to wash canvas hey dudes footwear in the machine, but suede, leather, and wool material boots are not recommended to wash in it.

The reason is that these materials are very delicate and are more likely to be damaged. Use the hand washing method for these kinds of hey dudes shoes.

Steps to Wash Hey Dudes in Machine

Gather the following items before washing hey dudes in a machine.

Required Things

  • Cloth or rag
  • Liquid laundry detergent
  • Laundry bag
  • Washing machine

Step 1. Wiping Off the Dirt

No doubt, washing machine work greatly in cleaning canvas shoes, but it is more appropriate to remove dirt or big patches from them by using a cloth or brush.

This step is good for cleaning your shoes and removing all the dust and dirt.

Step 2. Removing Soles and Laces

After removing the dust, I untied the knots at the end of the laces and pulled them out. Then I pulled the thin soles from each pair of shoes. I put them separately and began to prepare my shoes for washing.

The insoles of hey dudes footwear are built with memory foam. You might lose the shape of your insole by washing them in a machine. The most effective way of cleaning insoles is by hand, or you can also buy new ones if you can’t get them cleaned.

Step 3. Pouring Liquid Detergent Into the Machine

Once the laces were removed, I added one tablespoon of liquid detergent. If your machine is highly efficient, you can pour less liquid detergent into it.

Avoid using powdered detergent because it can make your footwear abrasive and can damage the material of hey dudes shoes.

Step 4. Wash Shoes on A Delicate Cycle

Hot or warm water can shrink your shoes, so pour cold water into the machine. To protect my shoes from banging, I also added towels in it.

Afterward, I put my shoes in the laundry bag and tied them. I threw them in the machine and switched the button on.

Step 5. Air-Dry the Shoes in A Well-Ventilated Place

Putting hey dudes in the dryer can result in damaging them. Instead of it, leave them in an airy area for a few hours. My shoes took almost two hours to dry and then I thread the laces.

If you have also cleaned the laces, hang them with your gorgeous shoes. I inserted a shoe tree to maintain the shape of hey dudes shoes. You can also put plain crumpled paper in them.

How to Clean Suede Hey Dudes Shoes?

Follow these steps to clean suede hey dudes shoes:

  • Use a suede brush to remove the grime and dust from it. Keep brushing them until it is all cleaned.
  • To remove oil stains and water, use a nail brush.
  • Then, place the shoes in a well-ventilated area and put a shoe tree in them to keep them in shape.
  • To protect shoes from water damage, apply the suede protector spray on the entire shoe. Reapply the spray after a few months to ensure its durability.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Wash Hey Dudes in The Dishwasher?

You can wash hey dudes in the dishwasher but avoid putting the insoles in it. They might lose their shape, so it is necessary to clean them by hand.

How to Wash Hey Dudes by Hand?

  • Remove the shoe laces and fill the bucket with water
  • Soak your shoes in water and start scrubbing them
  • When they are completely cleaned, rinse them off
  • Lastly, dry them off in the well-ventilated area
  • Repeat the procedure if needed

How to Wash Hey Dude Shoes Insoles?

Wash the hey dude’s insoles by placing them in soapy water. Scrub them for a few minutes to clear all the dirt and grime.

How to Clean Hey Dudes with Dawn Powerwash?

Spray hey dudes, with a dawn power wash, and wait for almost 30 minutes to settle completely. Use a soft cleaning brush to scrub shoes gently.

Final Thoughts

Follow the above steps while wash hey dudes in the washing machine. Take precautions carefully; otherwise, their quality can ruin.

Remember that this method is only applicable for canvas hey dudes shoes. Hopefully, you can now clean shoes in the machine without damaging them.

Thank you for sticking with me!

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