How to Wash Skechers Go Walk Shoes?

Do you want to clean your skechers go walk shoes? Or maybe you have tried cleaning them, but the method was not much effective.

Skechers is a popular brand that manufactures outstanding running shoes. These shoes offer flexibility and remarkable support to your feet.

But if you wear them daily, they will get dirty easily. Wearing dusty shoes looks bad, so you must wash them regularly. In this guide, I will explain the most efficient methods to wash skechers shoes. Let’s start!

how to wash skechers go walk shoes

How to Wash Skechers Go Walk Shoes

  • Pack your shoes in a mesh bag and put them in the washer. Start the machine on the delicate cycle.
  • Use a gel cleaner on the dirty spots.
  • Add detergent and soap in the lukewarm water. Apply the mixture on the soft towel and rub it on the dirty stains.

Methods to Wash Skechers Go Walk Shoes

Let’s look at the procedures to wash sketchers go walk Slip on.

  • Washing machine method
  • Cleanser Gel method
  • Detergent method

1. Washing Machine Method

The interesting thing about this method is that it requires less effort than manual washing.

Things You Need

Arrange the following materials before starting the method:

  • Mesh bag or pillowcase
  • Washing machine
  • Water
  • Detergent
  • Brush


  • First, I managed to pack my shoes in the mesh bag. People also prefer to put them in pillowcases. Both of them are good.
  • Next, I started to fill the washer with water. When the washing machine was half filled, I added a little amount of detergent to it.
  • Afterward, I placed my gorgeous shoes on the side of the washer and poured little more water so the shoes would be soaked completely.
  • Then, I closed the machine’s lid and waited five minutes to let the shoes soak thoroughly. I started the machine on the light cycle and put them out when they were washed entirely.
  • Moreover, rinsing is also a very important step because if you don’t rinse your shoes properly, there are chances of getting damaged.
  • After that, I grabbed the brush and scrubbed it from toe to heel.
  • I put them under a shady tree for drying.

Remember to clean both shoes separately to protect them from discoloration.

2. Cleanser Gel Method

It is a very simple and easy method. I usually use cleaner gel for quick cleaning.

Things You Need

  • Soft fabric
  • Gel


  • First, I sprayed my charming shoes with gel and cleaned the shoes completely with a soft fabric.
  • Never use a hard brush because it can ruin the shoe’s quality.

3. Soapy Water Method

Things you need

  • Soap
  • Water
  • Old Toothbrush or an old paintbrush


  • Before washing, I remove the insoles and laces and put them separately. The reason is that it makes cleaning easy.
  • Then I grabbed a bucket and put my shoes, water, and soap in it. I waited for fifteen minutes, and all the caked-on dirt was loosened up. Thankfully, the bad smell was also eliminated.
  • After soaking, I scrubbed the shoes gently, which helped to remove the remaining dirt.
  • Next, I got the soapy water out and put them in a well-ventilated place. Remember that intense heat or too much sun can damage them.
  • In my final step, I tied the lace again and put the insoles in their position.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Wash Skechers Go Walks in The Washing Machine?

You can wash skechers in the washing machine by packing them in a mesh bag and cleaning them on a delicate cycle. Switch off the machine before taking your shoes out.

Can You Put Skechers Memory Foam in The Washer?

To be honest, I will not recommend you put skechers memory foam in the washing machine. The reason is that structure can be spoiled due to the washing machine’s agitator.

Can You Wash Skechers Slip-On Shoes?

Yes, you can wash skechers slip-on shoes in the washer or use cleanser gel to remove the dirt. The only thing you have to do is to follow all the steps and keep all the points in mind.

Can You Put Skechers in The Dryer?

If you want to keep your skechers in good condition, never put them in the dryer. The dryer abruptly changes its shape.

Final Thoughts

Skechers Go Walk shoes have a decent rating, and people love their design and style. They have promised to make high-quality shoes that fit the customers’ requirements.

The washing machine method is appropriate for cleaning shoes in less time. If you want to wash manually, then use the detergent method.

If your shoes are smelly, use baking soda to eliminate the unpleasant odor.

Let me know if you are still having trouble washing your shoes.

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