How to Wear Chinos with Sneakers?

Don’t know how to style your fashionable chinos with sneakers?

Chinos are versatile enough to pair with many sorts of shoes. These shoes are very important and a major part of men’s clothes. They look elegant with both casual and formal looks.

For some reason, it might feel difficult for you to choose what type of boots to wear with chinos. Sneakers are a great option for this purpose.

Depending on the chino’s design and color, I have shortlisted the best-quality sneakers to wear. In this post, I will explain how to wear chinos with sneakers.

how to wear chinos with sneakers

How to Wear Chinos with Sneakers?

  • Style your charming vans with chinos. Besides this, an oversized hoodie will look superb with this look.
  • Wear slim-fit chinos with white sneakers. To give a more overwhelming look, combine them with the long-sleeved shirt.
  • Combine converse sneakers with oversized chino. Tucked-in sweatshirt gives a wonderful appearance to them.
  • Select the sneaker type and color carefully before styling them with your gorgeous chinos.

Can You Wear Chinos with Sneakers?

Is it okay to combine my chinos with dress sneakers?

Of course, chinos look incredibly stylish with t-shirts, hoodies, and blazers. When we wear sneakers with them, it takes our look to another level.

Keep in mind to choose the right type of shoes for your outfit. My guideline doesn’t end here. Keep reading this post if you want to dig deeper into chinos style.

What Sneaker to Wear with Chinos?

There are several options of sneakers available to pair with chinos. In this section, I will discuss the three best types of sneakers.

To make your outfit fantastic, it is necessary to consider your type of shoes, your chinos, and your shirt.

  • Vans Sneakers with Chinos
  • White Supergas Sneakers with Chinos
  • Converse Sneakers with Chinos

1. Vans Sneakers with Chinos

Finding one of the most casual ways to style your chinos?

Why not try wearing vans sneakers? I bet you this combination will look way too classy with an oversized hoodie. If I name this style, I will call it the “90s elegant look”. Loose and oversized chinos give a unique statement with the large Hoodie.

There is no restriction in wearing a specific type of color for this style, but if you want to take suggestions from me, then the black color of your shoes and chinos will look breathtaking. White color or funky socks will look adorable.

No doubt the choice is completely yours in selecting the color of your outfit and shoes. The sweatshirt is a great option to complement this look.

2. White Supergas Sneakers with Chinos

White Super Gas sneakers give a very decent and casual look with a long-sleeved t-shirt and stylish pair of chinos. There is another level of Grace in wearing white sneakers. I recommend you wear super gas or Adidas white shoes with them.

It would be best if you tried a bucket hat or a cap for this outfit to give it a more eye-catching appearance. You can also put on a Beanie on cooler days.

The oversized t-shirt will look gorgeous with white Super Gas sneakers. You should probably try this look if you are a fan of white shoes who loves wearing simple but decent things.

3. Converse Sneakers with Chinos

This style is ideal for both women and men. You just need to combine converse sneakers with oversized Chinos and a sweatshirt. I suggest you wear black or earthy color chino with sneakers. High-top shoes also look perfect with Chinos.

Simple or Tucked-in shirt is also a great choice with Converse boots. If you also want to add accessories like a knitted hat or cap, then you have the freedom to do it. This combination is casual and stylish at the same time.

Steps to Wearing Chinos with Sneakers

Before wearing outfits with sneakers, here are the factors that you should consider before selecting any look. I am going to explain three simple steps to wearing chinos with sneakers.

  • Selecting the right Chinos
  • Choosing the right type of sneakers
  • Matching color for your look

Selecting the Right Chinos

The design of Chinos is versatile enough to fit with any kind of shoes you have. Some particular types of Chinos give a casual while others give a formal look to your outfit.

Want to style your sneakers and chino casually? Then, first, you should know the features of casual pair of chinos.

  • They come in bolder colors and have a loose fit
  • Patch pockets with no bottom crease
  • They also have seam details on them

A Chino’s outfit gives an amazing appearance with a pea coat or Oxford shirt. Wearing shoes with sneakers is a convenient way to look dressy but not very dressy.

Want to get the attention of people by wearing formal chinos? But how will you suppose to know the qualities of dressy chinos?

  • Formal chinos are a close fit and have wilted pockets
  • They have a center crease and light colors
  • Seam details are not much visible

Don’t be confused. Just go with what your heart says. It is not as difficult as you imagine.

Note: Cuff your chinos to get a smart and casual appearance. Chinos that are cuffed are the best choice with high-top converse shoes.

Choosing the Right Type of Sneakers

To look aesthetic and formal, you have to be careful while selecting the perfect pair of sneakers with chinos. If you want to style your casual dresses with sneakers, then pair your Oxford shirt with less colorful sneakers. If you choose to wear funky sneakers, then it will look very formal.

Minimalistic colors fit best for this category. On the other hand, if you want to look simple yet elegant for your friend’s birthday party, then try wearing Hoodie with casual chinos. Chunky sneakers will also look fantastic in this category.

Makes sure to cuff your chinos if you want to show off your style.

Matching Colors for Your Look

It is essential to match the color of your sneakers with your stunning pairs of chinos. White sneakers with a dress are my favorite style. White is a color that looks fantastic with any sort of outfit. I usually go in white sneakers outfit.

White-Colored Sneakers with Chinos

White sneakers are suitable with navy blue, khaki, or olive green chinos. In short, white color shoes do not go wrong with any kind of outfit and style.

Black-Colored Sneakers with Chinos

Black sneakers are not an ideal choice to wear with light-colored chinos. I recommend you wear dark color chinos with back sneakers like charcoal Grey.

It will be a little awkward to wear navy blue chinos with dark-colored sneakers.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Shoes Goes with Chinos?

Chinos look wonderful with sneakers, boat shoes, loafers, boots, and Oxford shoes. Make sure that they look acceptable with your style.

Are Chinos Still in Fashion in 2023?

Chinos are not as popular as skinny jeans and slim straight trousers, but they do have their value in the fashion industry.

How Should Chinos Fit on Shoes?

Before wearing chinos with shoes, you have to consider the style and color of your Hoodie, t-shirt, and pants. Make sure that everything contrasts with your dress code. Wrong color selection can also ruin the look of your outfit.

What Shoes to Wear with Navy Chinos?

Sneakers with navy chinos give an elegant and convincing appearance to your outfit. You can also try loafers and boat shoes with chinos and a shirt.

Do Chinos Go with Everything?

I say that chinos can be styled with everything. You can pair this with a shirt, sweatshirt, and tucked-in shirt to have a better experience. Chinos will not look odd with any type of sneakers.


Here we go! Hopefully, now you know what type of sneakers to wear with your classy chinos. Keep in mind to select chinos and sneakers based on the occasion.

If it is a formal event, then wear light-colored chinos. Wear bold-colored chinos for a casual event. Follow these steps to look more stylish and smart in chinos with sneakers.

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