How to Wear Hey Dudes with Style?

Want to know how to style an outfit with hey dudes? In this article, I will tell you how to wear hey dudes with style.

There are several ways to wear your socks with your shoes and outfit. The point is that you can style your outfit with hey dudes shoes in different ways. Most people prefer to wear hey dude shoes in summer but I can’t stand why you can’t wear them in winter.

I will tell you many tips and tricks to put on socks with them. Low-cut socks look great with them. You should wear socks for protection and warmth. Have fun by matching different color outfits with them to create a decent look.

how to wear hey dudes

How to Wear Hey Dude Shoes?

Socks are not necessary with hey dude shoes because they are manufactured to be as comfy as possible. Many people have different t opinions about wearing socks with hey dude.

Some of them think that they don’t need to put on socks with them because they already look great. While others, don’t agree.

These hey-dude slippers work ideally for everyday use. Make sure to pack socks with yourself before going outside. When you feel sweaty, put these socks on. They look suitable when you wear them with leggings and jeans.

In this way, you can use them for walking and playing. These washable shoes will not disappoint you with their looks and style.

Different Ways to Wear Hey Dudes for Men & Women

Here I will discuss 14 outfits and styles to wear with hey dude boots for both men and women. Each look is unique and trendy. I have selected the top 14 looks with these marvelous hey dude shoes.

14 Ways to Wear Hey Dudes for Men

Luckily, this footwear looks amazing with each outfit. You just have to style them according to the fashion and your taste.

  • Jeans and T-shirt
  • Chinos pants and a T-shirt
  • Long Sleeve T-shirt and jeans
  • Sweater and jeans
  • Romantic outfits
  • Khaki jacket
  • Pair with a shirt jacket
  • Neutral outfits
  • Match with a Denim jacket
  • A tank top and shorts
  • Trouser and shirt
  • Long trench coat
  • A suit
  • Groom’s outfit

1. Jeans and T-shirt

It is the most legendary combination for men. It is perfect for those days when you don’t know what to wear. These shoes will look wonderful with jeans and a t-shirt. This combo also looks attractive for traveling or work.

2. Chinos Pants and T-Shirts

Chinos pants are trending these days and last longer. This gives a charming look with simple pair of hey dude sandals. I will recommend you to not wear the same color of Chinos pants with shoes.

3. Long Sleeve T-Shirt and Jeans

This pair will be a perfect outfit for you to wear with hey dude boots this fall. This will be a suitable choice to wear on casual days. Long sleeve t-shirt gives a very fresh and decent look to people.

4. Sweater and Jeans

This classical look with hey dude winter shoes will make your personality attractive. A sweater makes you warm and relaxed so try wearing it during winter. It is very easy to match the jeans with the sweater.

5. Romantic Outfits

It is time to give you a recommendation about a romantic outfit because I have already talked about casual looks.

When we combine plaid or T-shirts with dark-tone jeans, it gives a very impressive and elegant look. The color of shoes and pants should have something in common.

6. Pair Them With A Khaki Jacket

Khaki is a fashionable color that makes everything look charming and hasn’t moved out of fashion for many years.

Youth hey dude shoes look stylish when we wear them with a khaki jacket. This look will be more appropriate during the fall season.

7. Pair with A Shirt Jacket

This combination is perfect for those guys who like to present their fashion sense to others. Not just with hey dude shoes but also you can try this look with many other shoes or sneakers. Try matching the color of your sneakers with the button-down shirt.

8. Neutral Outfits

Dark color hey dude sneakers with Chino pants and t-shirts look great when you go out to dinner or do fun with friends. These two items look amazing if they are in blue or you can choose any other colors that you want.

9. Match with A Denim Jacket

A denim jacket looks stunning with these shoes. It is the basic style for men that can be worn any time of the Year but they are usually used in winter. T-shirts will also fit perfectly with them,

10. A Tank Top and Shorts

This look is quite popular in the summer. It is a trendy fashion to wear shorts and a tank top with hey-dude shoes. It indicates comfort and simplicity. it will look outstanding if you match your shoes with a tank top.

11. Trouser and Shirt

This combination does not just look stylish with hey dude type shoes but also with any kind of casual shoes. Dark pants and a light shirt with them give a more elegant look.

12. Pair with A Long Trench Coat

When we talk about men’s fashion how can we miss the trench coat? These classical long coats are very common in the winter and are suitable for any kind of outfit.

They look fashionable and appropriate for every activity. It looks wonderful when we pair a t-shirt and the trench coat with hey dudes.

13. Pair with A Suit

The suit is not very suitable with hey dudes shoes but now this look has become a trend. If you match your suit with hey dude shoes, it will give your outfit a more formal and mature look.

14. Groom’s Outfit

A couple wants to look special and amazing on their wedding day. Hey dude shoe pair very well with the groom’s outfit because they give a unique look to them which is simple but comfortable to wear at the wedding

Different Ways to Wear Hey Dudes for Women

You can style hey dudes for women in numerous looks. Here, I am going to talk about the top 14 ways to style hey dudes for ladies.

  • T-shirt and ripped jeans
  • Long-sleeved shirt and straight-leg jeans
  • Flare jeans and Hoodie
  • T-shirt and straight-leg jeans
  • Wide-leg pants and denim jacket
  • Denim bib skirt
  • Shirtdress
  • Overalls
  • Denim jacket and wool dress
  • Faux fur coat
  • Printed dress
  • T-shirt and leggings
  • Sweater and jeans
  • Bride’s Outfit

1. T-Shirt and Ripped Jeans

A simple t-shirt and jeans look outstanding when paired with hey dudes. If it is cold outside then you can also try a jacket on them. Ripped jeans became common in the 1950s. You can make different looks by using these items of clothing.

2. Long-Sleeved Shirt and Straight-Leg Jeans

This look is a little different from the previous one. Black and white ladies’ hey dude shoes will look more elegant and simpler with the long-sleeved shirt. For this style, a black and white shirt will also look beautiful because it makes a matching unique outfit.

3. Flare Jeans and Hoodie

Every stylish woman has flare jeans in her wardrobe. You can pair it with a hoodie or a simple shirt. If you want to make a simple and fashionable look, combine dark blue or black jeans with hey dudes.

4. T-Shirt and Straight-Leg Jeans

Straight-leg jeans give a classic look with a T-shirt. Hey dude shoes will look charming with any color of jeans. This look is very famous among fashionable women.

5. Denim Jacket and Wide-Leg Pants

This type of style is perfect for a casual yet decent look. There are multiple options available for denim pants and jackets.

The minor difference between them is that denim jacket looks more fashionable. White color Hey dudes will look astonishing with wide-leg pants.

6. Denim Bib Skirt

You can pair a denim bib skirt with jeans. Match a stylish pair of hey dude shoes with these two items to give an informal look.

This outfit has been popular since the early days of the twentieth century. This versatile design can be worn as a skirt or a bib style or you can also wear them with t-shirts.

7. Shirt Dress

Hey dude shoes are comfortable shoes to wear with dresses. These boots come in various colors. Match your shoes with your shirt dress to give them a simple but marvelous look. Make sure to choose a shirt dress that complements your taste.

8. Overalls

This style is for those ladies who don’t like wearing jeans. Most people think that overalls are very uncomfortable to wear but that is not true. If you pair your overalls with white hey dude shoes then you will look cute and lovely.

9. Denim Jacket and Wool Dress

Wool dresses are trendy these days. This combo is best to show your decent personality. You will look more modern if you pair dark color hey dude boots with wool dresses. This cheerful look is mostly seen in cold weather.

10. Faux Fur Coat

Do you also love to wear fur? Wearing a faux fur coat with hey-dude shoes has become a fashion these days. The most interesting thing about this look is that both men and women can try this look with their shoes. You will look superb if you match the right color footwear with your coat.

11. Printed Dress

Printed dresses are an excellent choice to look stylish on many occasions. Hey dude shoes look more attractive and stunning with them. Select the right color to create a romantic look.

12. T-Shirt and Leggings

Girls love to wear leggings with the t-shirt. This cute look is famous these days due to many reasons. Most of all, they protect your body from outside exposure. This outfit looks more fascinating when we wear it with hey dude shoes.

13. Sweater and Jeans

Jeans come at a reasonable price and can be worn on several occasions. Pair your sweater with these shoes for traveling or street walking. When we add hey dude shoes to this look, they make your outfit more charming and comfortable.

14. Bride’s Outfit

You will look amazing by wearing ladies’ hey dude shoes on your wedding day. These shoes will protect your feet from blisters on your special day. It’s to time to get rid of thinking about wearing only heels on your big day.

Tips to Wear Hey Dude in Summer & Winter

Hey Dude shoes work ideally for every kind of weather, whether it is summer or winter. They are not the best fit in rain due to the lack of a waterproof feature.

In summer, you can wear these boots with T-shirt and trousers. Hey dudes are extremely comfy and lightweight. You can also put on socks with them to eliminate sweat from your feet. Otherwise, they are built very well and don’t require socks.

In winter, these footwear work remarkably with hoodies, sweaters, and jeans. They look great with a denim jacket and faux fur coat. If you wear socks with hey dude in winter then they will keep your feet warm.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How to Wear Hey Dudes without Socks?

When you pair your hey dude shoes with a printed dress, T-shirt and straight-leg jeans, shirt dress, overall, and denim bib skirt, there is no need to wear socks with them. After all, the choice is yours.

How to Tie Hey Dude Wendy Shoes?

First, untie the knots of hey dude wendy shoes on both sides. Then adjust the laces according to your comfort.  Then tie the laces of your shoes to make them fit.

Can You Wear Hey Dudes with Leggings?

Of course, hey dude shoes look perfect and stylish when we wear them with leggings, jeans, and skirts. Go grab these shoes to have a more fun experience.

Are Hey Dudes Supposed to Be Loose?

Hey dudes are loose fit. You can tighten them by adjusting their laces or elastic bands. Most of them come with elastic bands.

Why Are Hey Dudes so Popular?

Hey dudes are popular these days due to their versatile nature and can be styled with any type of outfit. Their outstanding cushioning and easy fitting make them vulnerable.


I am sure that now you can easily style your hey dude shoes with any type of clothing. These shoes will not go wrong with jeans, pants, t-shirts, sweaters, coats, suits, or denim jackets.

Hey dude shoes got you covered for every occasion. Just style them according to your taste and don’t think about other people’s opinions.

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