Peloton Shoe Sizing: Are They True To Size?

If you are fond of cycling, you must know what peloton shoes are and why one should be cautious while buying them.

If you think there is nothing to do with shoes when it comes to cycling, you are wrong because shoes impact cycling. I am sure you are wondering what new topic I will discuss in today’s guide.

Your wait is over, as I will disclose all those important terms revolving around Peloton shoes. We will discuss Peloton shoe sizes both for women and men.

Moreover, we will see what vital elements need to be checked before buying them. Pretty excited? Let’s proceed.

peloton shoe sizing

What are Peloton Shoes?

Everyone is fond of something, whether it is shoes, clothes, or makeup items. You know all the big brands offering quality items if you are a clothes lover.

Similarly, as a shoe lover, you are familiar with leading names that manufacture high-quality shoes, and one such name is Peloton.

Peloton is a superior brand that produces top-quality breathable cycling shoes that you can utilize for indoor and outdoor activities. Commonly they are known as cycling shoes as people specifically buy them for this cause.

Why only Peloton when we can avail of other choices as well?

During cycling, one needs to be concerned about the size because if the shoes you are wearing aren’t true to size or if they don’t fit properly, you can fall off the cycle and damage yourself.

This brand has numerous sizing choices, so you can easily get your hands on the required one without hassle. It is one of the many reasons why this brand instantly appears whenever we talk about cycling shoes.

Different Size of Pelaton Shoes

This brand presents shoes both for men and women, but there are some tricky factors or elements regarding sizing about which you should be sensible. Yes, I will explain all the sizing details and how to get the right product.

Every person has a different foot shape, and it is essential to acknowledge it. For instance, if you have semi-narrow or standard feet, you can get your usual size Peloton shoes. Apart from this shape, you need to double-check the size. How? Let’s talk about it.

Peloton Shoes for Women

When I visited the shop to buy these shoes with my friend, I was a bit nervous because sizing is a big concern, and if you mistakenly bring the wrong size, it goes all in vain.

Luckily my friend helped me a lot throughout the process because she had already made a purchase. I have a slim feet shape, so I bought the shoes one size smaller because it is how it works.

Similarly, girls with narrow feet need to go one size down. This brand does not offer shoes in half sizes. If you normally buy shoes half size large or small, you can not implement this method while buying peloton shoes.

If you still have doubts, don’t worry because I will share a complete chart to erase your puzzlement.

Peloton Shoes for Men

Bikes and Bicycles are the biggest companions of men, and these shoes are most popular among this gender; that’s why you will notice that men’s shoes are more adjustable than women’s shoes.

Most importantly, half-size shoes are also available in the men’s category so that they can choose the exact option.

For example, if you normally buy 7.5 or 8.5 sizes, you can go with it in Peloton shoes, but a woman needs to buy either 7 or 8 sizes. So yes, they are true to size, especially in the men’s category.

Peloton Shoes for Kids

We have one more category i.e, kids. If you want to buy Peloton shoes for kids, always select the size 1 step lower so they can easily fit on their feet. However, if the shoes are for boys, you can overlook the chart once to get the exact product.

Men’s Sizing Chart Shoes

You can obtain more idea after checking the actual shoe size chart. If your shoe size is 7, you will have to get Peloton shoe size 40. The rest of the sizes are mentioned below.

Men’s size 7 40
Men’s size 8 41
Men’s size 9 42
Men’s size 10 43
Men’s size 10.5 44
Men’s size 11 45
Men’s size 12 46
Men’s size 13 47
Men’s size 13.5 48

Women’s Shoe Chart

I hope you have understood how you need to select men’s shoes. The same method goes for women. If you wear 5 shoe sizes, you will get size 36 according to the Peloton shoe sizing chart.

Women’s size 5 36
Women’s size 6 37
Women’s size 7 38
Women’s size 8 39
Women’s size 9 40
Women’s size 10 41
Women’s size 11 42
Women’s size 12 43

This chart will assist you in getting perfect-size peloton shoes.

Factors to Check Before Buying Peloton Cycling Shoes

Do you know that you can buy these shoes apart from cycling purposes? Peloton shoes are famous for durability, so why not get one pair?

If you have made up your mind to purchase these shoes, don’t be in a hurry because various components are involved in making this selection successful.

I will share the experience that helped me buy these lovely pairs of shoes. Do you want to hear them? Let’s go.

1. Extra Toe Space

This factor makes the most significant difference when buying running shoes because you won’t run comfortably if there is no extra toe space.

However, does this point matter when buying cycling shoes? It is not something that must be taken into consideration because you won’t have to run wearing them.

At the same time, you can not ignore this factor because fitting is essential. If your shoes fit properly without being overtight, you can easily do cycling. When I bought these shoes a few years ago, I focused on this point.

2. Size Factor

This point doesn’t need to be discussed because we all know how vital it is to get the perfect size completely adjustable on your feet. You won’t cycle appropriately if you wear loose or tight shoes.

The sizing chart is given to get all the information from a single place. Go through the chart and then buy what fits you.

3. Comfort Comes First

Imagine you buy an expensive pair of shoes, but after a few days, you feel extremely uncomfortable wearing them. What could be worst than this?

If you want full relief and comfort, ensure your shoes are properly fitted width-wise, for which you should examine your foot shape. If someone’s feet are wider, it is better to choose 1 size larger than normal so that you won’t complain about the size.

The simplest solution is to try your shoes and go out on a bike to get a clear idea. I walked for almost 5 minutes to ensure I got the right option. After 2 years, I am wearing these shoes with ultimate comfort.

4. Fully Accommodates You

This step includes many things, but above all, convenience is all that is needed when buying shoes. Once you have tried these shoes but they didn’t click you, or you are not convenient, don’t go for them because the results won’t be good.

It is also said that do not order online because you won’t try them. Always visit a shop and do proper testing. One of my friends ordered them online, and she still regrets her decision.

5. Shoe Soles Should Be Stiffed

The most important part of shoes is the soles; if they are not designed well, it will be the sustainable failure of the manufacturer.

Whether the shoes are for running purposes or you want a new pair for sports activities, the soles must be checked because they indicate how well the quality is.

The sole should be stiffed for cycling, so you never lose stability. It is required to have full control of stability so you won’t fall and meet with an accident. I would rate this point 10 out of 10 because it needs to be acknowledged badly.

6. Price

Price is the major part of buying a new product because no one wants to be out of budget. One can easily recognize the price after knowing a lot of traits. It surely needs heavy investment because they are special.

Once you invest in these shoes, you won’t have to empty your pockets repeatedly because their durability is exceptional.

Still, if the rate is your biggest concern and you do not want to invest in any expensive pair of shoes, be mindful because they are more costly than other standard shoes. You might get other alternatives because, currently, Peloton shoes are rated topmost for this intent.

These are a few worth mentioning points I thought to share, so you realize what it takes to get your hands on the perfect shoe option. When you plan to buy them, learn these factors to discover the product you want.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Now it’s time to cover one of the important parts of this guide i.e, frequently asked questions. After this section, peloton bike shoes sizing or cycling shoes will be over.

Should We Go One Size up Or Down for These Cycling Shoes?

It depends on your feet’ shape because each shape requires different shoe sizes. For a wider feel, I would recommend you choose 1 size down. Normally, you should always go for one size up. Just ensure the shoes are properly fitted with enough toe space.

What Should Be Done if These Cycling Shoes Don’t Fit?

Sometimes you mistakenly purchase the wrong size of shoes, and you think your money has been wasted. Well, it is not true in the case of Peloton shoes.

For wrong-size queries, you can always ask them for an exchange. You can also message them on their official website, as they are responsive. Moreover, you can visit the stores for the fastest results.

How Should You Fit These Peloton Shoes?

The simplest solution is to get the exact size as their chart is also given. Moreover, it is better to visit the store to test it personally fully.

Never rely on online orders that will end up in a big mess. It is how you can buy fully fitted shoes that will make your cycling journey pleasant.

Do These Shoes Run True to Size?

These shoes are more flexible for men than women as men find more accurate sizes. For women, you can not get half-inch size, so either buy one step up or one step down.

For example, if you want size 8.5, you will get a size 9 or 8, but for men, you will get the exact 8.5 sizes.

What Should Be the Position of Your Toes in These Shoes?

Always prioritize comfort because cycling will be challenging for you if you are not comfortable in your shoes. Moreover, it is better to have an appropriate room on your toe side so your feet can properly breathe.

Final Thoughts

Peloton shoes have made a massive name because of releasing quality shoes, especially for cycling. Many people do not bother to buy shoes specifically for this purpose. However, you need specific accessories for every sport to make your journey comfortable.

When I first purchased them, I made a few mistakes because of no proper guidance. If you are the one in the row to buy these shoes, luckily, you have our back because this guide has been properly written while keeping all the major and minor points in mind.

Everything is mentioned precisely, from accurate sizing charts to all the points needed for a perfect purchase. If you are still stuck over some point, we are just 1 comment away.

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