What Does DS Mean in Shoes?

Are you new to the sneaker world and overwhelmed by the new abbreviations you have never seen or heard before?

DS is the acronym for deadstock, which means footwear that is not worn and not taken out of the box but is brand-new.

The sellers use them to describe the condition of the shoes easily and quickly. In the past, this word was used to describe products that are not available such as limited edition sneakers or companies that have stopped working.

In this article, I will give more comprehensive details about DS’s meaning in shoes.

what does ds mean in shoes

How has DS Come?

We know that DS stands for deadstock. This word tells that the footwear is brand new, and no one has ever worn it. Basically, they are a fresh pair of shoes placed in storage, waiting to be purchased and used by someone.

Mostly, people divide this term into Dead and Stock and think they are two different words. According to this, Dead means that the specific company no more makes such products. And stock means the products remaining catalog. But the situation is different.

It is noteworthy that deadstock may or may not come with a genuine box. Sometimes, the footwear is picked out from the packaging and displayed in the shoe store. Thus, this doesn’t mean that they are not deadstock.

Until no one uses the shoes to wear, they are considered deadstock. When footwear is no more manufactured, then they become more important.

Sneakers experts look for these shoes because finding them is hard. In such cases, the footwear cost becomes too high due to higher demand and low supply. Thus, if you are searching for a pair of DS shoes, get ready to pay a premium cost.

What Does Ds Mean in Shoes?

Now, we understand that DS or deadstock means new shoes in the sneaker’s world. Therefore, the shoe types worn or tried once for checking are no more deadstock.

You might also have heard VNDS, which means Very Near Deadstock. Another term PADS is also famous, stands for Pass As Deadstock. It is said that the shoes that are used but still in good condition, in this case, this footwear will be termed VNDS.

Normally, in the sneaker’s world, used shoes might not look good but are not out of style. Some shoe experts have defined the deadstock term again. According to them, deadstock sneakers means their original brand.

They say this footwear should never be used before; it must not be out of the box and is made so unique that the sneaker brand will never manufacture it again.

Before buying DS shoes, always ask for pictures of any flaws or scratches on the sneakers so that you know what they will give you.

Moreover, it would be best to determine that they come with the relevant brand shoe box and extra shoelaces, indicating that the sneakers are still in good shape.

DS on StockX

StockX is an online marketplace and sneakers reseller. The meaning of DS on StockX is the same. This means it stands for Deadstock and shows the pair of footwear that are brand new and are never used before.

Thus, deadstock shoes means the ones that no one has ever worn and are fresh at the selling time, according to StockX. These sneakers are sold in an authentic box with a genuine lid and a tag showing the shoe size.

The deadstock shoes come with shoelaces and other extra accessories, but this is not necessary.

Verification of Real Deadstock

The market is full of fake sneakers also. So, you must examine them carefully to ensure they are original.

Unluckily, there is no proper way to check whether they are real or fake. However, you can find the authentic one with the help of some attributes. I have given some signs that will help you find the original one.

  • Look over the overall condition of these sneakers and check them carefully. If you find any wear and tear, they are more likely fake and not DS.
  • Try to find any stain, grime, or scratch on the shoe surface. If you detected, they are not DS.
  • Examine the material of this footwear also. They will be DS if the appearance looks authentic.
  • If you find any defects in the stitching that are imperfectly made, they are not DS.
  • Look at the shoe outsoles closely. If they are neat and clean, without dirt, grime, or marks on the foot, they are surely DS.
  • The brand-new sneakers of any company always come with shoelaces tied in. Therefore, remember this point always.
  • The prices of DS shoes are premium, so compare the costs.
  • Confirm that the seller is trustworthy and has tracked all the records well.

By keeping these things in mind, you will be safe from fake DS shoes, as there is no proper guaranteed way to tell about the originality of DS sneakers.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is DS on StockX?

The shoes and sneakers that are selling on StockX are mentioned as deadstock. It means that the footwear is unworn and fresh at the time of sale.

The packaging of the deadstock sneakers must have an original box. The genuine box includes the original lid, and the label on the box shows the original shoe size.

What is the Meaning of Gs and Ds in Shoes?

Relating to shoes, GS indicates Grade School. This means the shoes are made for the school-age childern’s foot size.

It doesn’t mean that GS shows only one size of shoes but shows various sizes by keeping in mind the school-age children.

What Does Ds Mean in Sneakers?

Briefly, deadstock or DS shows a pair of genuine, fresh, unworn sneakers. They are available in original boxes with the real shoe size label and all the necessary accessories of the footwear.

How Does Deadstock Is Defined by StockX?

The shoes retailed on StockX are called deadstock, which means they are fresh and unworn at selling time. The original box must include the genuine lid, and the label should show the shoe’s size.

Final Thoughts

The people who use sneakers a lot might have heard the term DS which stands for deadstock. After reading this article, you will know what DS means in shoes.

It shows fully fresh shoes that have never been worn, and these products retailers want to sell. The condition of these shoes is good, and they are genuine. Sometimes you may not find them in actual tags and labels.

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