What Does PS Mean in Shoes? – The Ultimate Guide

Do you want to understand the meaning of PS in shoes to get the correct size of footwear for your little one?

While buying your kid’s shoes, understanding the exact size is very necessary because if footwear doesn’t fit properly on your child’s feet, this can lead to serious foot problems.

PS is the abbreviation of Preschool, a sizing category for children ages 3 – 5. It is not only one size; there are various sizes in this category. However, depending on different brands, the range of sizes is different.

In this article, we will discuss what PS means in shoes.

what does ps mean in shoes

PS Shoes Meaning

Now we understand that PS stands for Preschool, so the box that have PS written on them will be the shoes for kids.

Normally, the accepted age for PS shoes is three to five; however, most people think that slightly younger kids should also come in this category. Your child’s feet size can be larger or smaller than this specific sizing group.

PS comes just after the TD sizing category, which stands for Toddler shoes. If the foot growth of your little one has exceeded PS, then you should consider GS sizing, which stands for the Grade School sizing category; it includes children from ages six to above.

You may wonder that sometimes age is not the exact guide, and you may think that feet measurements are required for exact PS size.

Children of ages 3 or 5 rarely have the same foot size; in America, their feet are between 6 ½ to 8 ½ inches. Some brands are slightly different, but this is the most recognized range.

Preschool Shoe Size Chart – Foot Length to Shoe Size

Below is the child’s foot size chart, where the foot length is measured from heel to toe. Moreover, C stands for Child, and Y stands for Youth.

This foot measurement chart has properly explained the children’s shoe sizes.

6.5 16.5 27.5 10 10.5C
6.7 17 28 10.5 11C
6.9 17.5 28.5 11 11.5C
7.1 18 29.5 11.5 12C
7.3 18.5 30 12 12.5C
7.5 19 31 12.5 13C
7.7 19.5 31.5 13 13.5C
7.9 20 32 13.5 1Y
8.0 20.5 33 1 1.5Y
8.3 21 33.5 1.5 2Y
8.5 21.5 34 2 2.5Y
8.7 22 35 2.5 3Y

How to take the Measurement of your Child’s Feet?

It is necessary to measure your kid’s feet correctly to get the exact size of shoes that fit comfortably. Small children cannot tell about their restless footwear, so getting them the correct size is very important.

Wrong shoes will lead to many skin problems and will also not allow proper foot growth.

The most accurate and easy way to find the accurate foot size is to take help from a professional measuring service. It is good to take advice from experts if you can afford it.

This will also be very helpful in finding a lot of information about the correct type of shoes for your child.

Some shoe stores offer this service free of cost. But, there are also methods to do this at home easily. Most people take a measuring tape, hold the baby in their lap, and start measuring the kid’s feet. This is completely the wrong way.

The shape and size of the foot change when weight is applied while walking or standing, so the measurement taken while holding the kid in the lap will not be accurate.

Measuring your little one’s feet in the morning is strongly recommended because the children’s feet are slightly longer before noon and shorter in the evening.

Things You Will Need

  • Blank white paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

For accurate and easy measurement, follow these steps:

  • Grab a sheet of paper and tell your child to stand on it. It is strongly recommended to use a white color sheet without lines to make the sketch visible.
  • Now, draw the shape of your kid’s feet. Make sure the line has been drawn as close as possible. Repeat this step with the other foot using another blank paper.
  • If you want to buy sneakers or closed footwear for your child, ask your little one to wear socks, then outline.
  • Now take a ruler and measure the distance between the longest point of the toes and the heel. You will get the size in inches.
  • Then, look at the child shoe size chart I gave in this article and compare the measurements you have taken.
  • If the measurement is between two figures, choose a size bigger in inches. Little children’s feet are growing, so buying smaller shoes will not only be money-wasting but also make foot problems for your child.

Finding the Right PS Size Shoes

While shopping for the perfect shoes for your little one, keep a few important things in your mind, and the correct size of shoes is one of these things. The following are the most useful tips while getting the accurate size.

  • Let your child walk around in the footwear that you will buy to get a better idea about its size. Most people take the baby in their lap and put on shoes on their feet to check them, but this method is strongly not recommended and always shows wrong results.

While standing or walking, the full body weight is put on the shoes so one can easily guess that the shoes are comfortable or correct to the size.

If we measure shoe size with a measuring tape, we can’t get the exact idea of the sizing at the shoe stores; only walking in the footwear will give us a better idea.

  • Never pick smaller or larger-sized footwear. I have seen many people buying large-size shoes for their kids; they think that children’s feet grow fast, so the footwear will work for a long time.

This is completely wrong; purchasing big-size shoes for your toddlers will make them uncomfortable and severe accidents can happen.

  • After measuring the feet, if your child’s size comes between two figures, you can choose the next size up. While buying sneakers, it’s also OK to buy one size larger. However, please don’t make the difference so big that it causes rubbing or blisters.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Meaning of PS on StockX?

On StockX, the meaning of PS is Pre School. This is the sizing category used for children between ages 3 – 5.

How Are the Terms TD and PS Different in Shoes?

TD is the abbreviation of Toddlers, and the footwear with the TD label indicates that these shoes are used for toddlers. However, the shoes with the tag PS show that they are made for children in preschool.

What is meant by PS and GS in the Shoes?

PS stands for Preschool and is used for the little ones between 3 – 5 years old. The foot length of these shoes comes between 6.5 to 8.5 inches. However, some brands have a little difference in foot lengths.

On the other hand, GS is used for Grade School, and this category comes after Pre School (PS). This means six or above this age.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will understand what PS means in shoes. Always try to buy the accurate size of footwear for your little ones to protect them from foot problems or other accidents.

Strictly follow the guidelines I have given in this guide to take the proper measurement of kids’ feet and compare them with the PS shoe size chart to get the best possible size.

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