What Does Reps Mean in Shoes?

Searching the meaning of reps in shoes?

Many people are unaware of the exact meaning of the reps abbreviation. In short, the word reps is used for unauthentic shoes, which means “replicas .”These fake shoes are inexpensive, and that’s why they got popular in no time.

Before purchasing Reps shoes, you must consider the factors I will discuss in the next section. In this post, I will explain the exact meaning of reps, the method to recognize replicas, and the grade levels of these shoes.

Without taking your time, let’s start!

what does reps mean in shoes

What is Reps in Shoes?

Reps stand for replicas shoes that are specially made to look similar to the high levels brands like Nike, Adidas, and Gucci. Moreover, such shoes are constructed with low-quality material and come at in cheaper price than the originals.

These shoes are not real, so they are sold in non-licensed and unauthorized ways. Keep in mind that purchasing and wearing such shoes is considered illegal in many countries.

Reps shoes are mostly designed in china and Indonesia, and their structure resembles the original ones. Not only this, but they also use the picture of real shoes as a sample.

Many people have different opinions about them. Some think it is the cheapest way to buy shoes from a luxury brand and not have any problem wearing them. It is all up to the individual’s preference, so knowing the legal way of buying reps is necessary.

Grade Levels in Replica Shoes

Grade levels are made to describe the quality of replicas. Here are the five most common grade levels in replica shoes.

  • AAA
  • SP
  • SMP
  • 1:1
  • UA


Replica AAA shoes are the poorest quality and come with many flaws, so recognizing them is quite easy. The cheapest and bad quality has made them popular as super fake. They are not even a little similar to the original ones.

AAA shoes don’t even have laces or insoles that spot the difference just by looking at them. If your preference is comfort, then let me tell you, it is terrible. When I wore them, I felt very pain and discomfort. If you wear them frequently, then surely they will not last long.

SP(Super Perfect)

The quality of SP shoes is one step higher than the AAA grade level, but still, the quality is not good and is considered a waste of money. Even though the quality is a little better, some flaws are easy to spot.

In terms of comfort, SP shoes give good comfort and last almost two months. If you wear it daily, it might get damaged before that time.

I still don’t suggest you purchase SP grade-level shoes, but if you are out of money, then no problem.

SMP (Super Max Perfect)

These mid-tier shoes are the improved version of aaa and sp shoes. The quality of SMP is also good, and it is a little difficult to notice the flaws unless you pay full attention. The comfort of these shoes is better than SP and AAA shoes.

Furthermore, the durability of such shoes is almost eight months, so buying them is not a bad idea.


One by one, grade-level shoe shows a lot of resemblance to the original ones. The material used in the construction is almost similar to the real ones, so they give satisfying comfort.

They don’t have any prominent flaws, but if you check closely, you might notice some minor defects. 1:1 shoes are more durable due to their high-quality material.

On the other hand, these shoes are a high copy of the real ones, so they cost higher than aaa, sp, and smp shoes. Their bonus point is that they will also last longer than others.

UA (Unauthorized Authentic)

uA is the top-notch quality of the replicas shoes and looks completely similar to the original shoes. They are constructed in the same factory as real shoes; the only difference is that the manufacturer does not authorize them.

The unauthorized flaw makes them included in reps’ shoes. They might have flaws, like minor color changes and improper stitching. If you maintain them carefully, they will last longer than a year. Nobody can tell by the looks that uA are replicas shoes.

How Do You Know if Your Shoes Are Reps? (Checking Methods)

Following are the key points that you should keep in mind before buying reps shoes.

  • Check the logo
  • Inspect the shoe quality
  • Take a closer look at the construction
  • Check the packaging
  • Look at the inside tag
  • Smell the shoe
  • Price
  • Check the source
  • Check the proof of purchase

1. Check the Logo

The first thing to consider is the shoe logo on the footwear’s back, insole, or tongue. There is also the chance that the logo on fake shoes is misspelled or has a different structure.

Unauthentic Adidas shoes are written as “Adidas.”In the case of Nike shoes, the spot of the logo is different than usual. You can also search on google if there is confusion regarding the logo.

2. Inspect the Shoe Quality

Afterward, you must deeply check the material of the footwear. The reason is that replicas are built with cheap quality materials.

To inspect the quality, I touch the shoe surface with my hands. Fake shoes feel flimsy, and unauthentic leather looks like plastic and feels stiff. Moreover, they look shinier than usual and have a difference in natural color.

3. Take a Closer Look at The Construction

Inspect the construction and stitching of the shoes. If the stitching looks undone, then they are probably fake.

4. Check the Packaging

Real pair of shoes come in the proper packaging and the box. It is a red flag if your shoes don’t have any boxes.

The following information is labeled on most shoe brands’ packaging:

  • Barcode
  • Model number or shoe number
  • Shoe size
  • The place where they are manufactured
  • SKU code

If such information is not given, then your shoes are might fake.

5. Look at The Inside Tag

Real pair of shoes come with an inside tag that holds important information related to the shoe. This tag is either placed on the ankle area or the shoe tongue.

It includes information about shoes like size, manufacture place, model number, and brand name. Matching the written information on the shoe box or packaging is better.

If the information is not the same, you are holding the wrong pair of shoes.

6. Smell the Shoe

It might sound untrue, but you can also recognize unauthentic shoes by smelling them.

Replicas shoes are built with poor and cheap quality material, that’s why their smell is also toxic. Furthermore, you will also notice the smell of harmful chemicals.

Note: this method is not very accurate, but you can spot the difference if you are in a hurry.

7. Price

One of the simplest techniques to know the fake shoes is by their price.

If you notice that a well-known brand is selling its shoes at a low price without sale, then they are probably not the original ones.

8. Check the Source

Inspect the source from where you purchase shoes. Some unknown websites also sell unauthentic shoes, and the chances of fake shoes get higher.

The ideal way to buy shoes is either from their official site or store. It will eliminate the chance of getting scammed.

9. Check the Proof of Purchase

Make sure to take a recipient after buying the shoes. If the shop is not giving you proof of purchase, then they might sell fake shoes.

Remember to check the necessary information about the shoe from the recipient; if anything is misspelled, it also indicates that they are not real.

Are Replicas Worth It?

If you are searching for replicas the same as the original ones, then I suggest spending money on the original thing. On the other hand, if you are looking for shoes that resemble real but don’t have any problem if they are not perfect, then replicas are worth it.

Still, the decision is yours. If you are tight on budget, then replicas are good. If you have money, then buy the original pair of shoes.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Reps Shoes Good?

Reps shoes are good shoes if you are purchasing high-quality replicas. High-tier reps shoes only have minor flaws and can be used for longer.

How Do You Tell if Shoes Are Reps or Not?

We can easily tell the reps shoes by looking at the logo, inside tag, packaging, shoe smell, price, quality, and construction.

Is It Illegal to Sell Reps Shoes?

In the united states, it is illegal to sell fake reps shoes that are unauthorized to the original company. If you sell items knowingly, you could be sentenced to jail.

How to Tell if Shoes Are Reps?

If the shoes are cheap and the flaws are visible, they are reps. You can also tell it by the shoes’ improper stitching and rough packaging.

Final Thoughts

Shortly, replica shoes are sold at a lower price and are copies of the original ones. Before purchasing these shoes, remember that the life span of these shoes is smaller than real shoes.

I hope this guideline assisted you, and if you have any concerns, then ask me in the comment box. I have tried my best to cover all the aspects related to reps in shoes. Happy reading!

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