What Socks to Wear with Hey Dudes Shoes?

Don’t know what type of socks to wear with your stylish pair of hey dudes shoes?

Hey Dudes shoes are one of the most supportive footwear in providing comfort. If you want to have an extra comfortable experience, then you should wear socks.

There are numerous socks available in the market, and it is difficult to choose the best ones.

I tried many socks with these shoes and selected the top best socks to wear with hey dudes shoes. Wearing socks is highly important to keep your feet dry.

In this post, I will explain all the high-quality socks to put on with Hey Dudes. Let’s move on!

what socks to wear with hey dudes

What Socks to Wear with Hey Dudes? (All Socks with their Benefits)

I have enlisted the top seven socks that work wonderfully with hey dudes shoes.

  • Thirty48 Men’s no-show socks
  • Gold Toe Men’s 656f Cotton Athletic Socks
  • Fruit of the loom Men’s Invisible Socks
  • Zero Sock Men’s Bamboo Socks
  • Sperry Men’s Signature Invisible Socks
  • Starter Men’s 4-Pack Athletic Socks
  • Gold Toe Women’s Everyday Socks

Thirty48 Men’s No-Show Socks

These ankle socks are specially made for those people who don’t want to expose their socks. One of the plus points about them is that they are constructed with lycra material and polyester.

This material makes them soft and comfy. Ultra-breathable fiber is used in them to allow the flow of air. Along with this, these socks last longer. They are available in different colors.

Three pairs of these socks are available in a pack. You can clean them in the washing machine.


  • These good-quality socks are made with 2% lycra and 19% polyester.
  • The manufacturing material is 100% original and the socks are completely genuine
  • The breathable fabric prevents the feet from sweat and bad odor
  • The high-tech fabric used in them prevents stretching while washing them
  • The quality is extremely wonderful that you can even wash Thirty48 socks in a washing machine.

Gold Toe Men’s 656f Cotton Athletic Socks

Gold toe socks are constructed with one of the best materials spandex, cotton, and nylon. They are remarkably durable socks and soft. Not just softness but these socks will also provide you breathability which is important for hey dude slip-on.

This feature will help you to keep your feet cool and dry. The cushioned bottom of socks gives hey dude slippers softness and protection.

You can get three pairs of Gold-toe men’s socks in one package. Your socks will look new by cleaning in the washing machine.


  • These socks are available in size 6-12.5.
  • Gold toe socks are built with premium quality cotton
  • Reinforced toe increased the durability of these socks
  • AquaFX feature is significant to make your feet comfortable and dry

Fruit of The Loom Men’s Invisible Socks

If you want multiple pairs of socks, then the fruit of the loom men’s socks are the perfect choice for you. These socks are available in four pairs.

In addition to this, the quality of these socks is also superb. Spandex and polyester make these socks long-lasting. The breathable mesh is built into them to allow the air to pass through the fabric and to make your feet cool and dry.

Another outstanding feature of these socks is that they come in different sizes. The wide gripper is made on the back of these socks to keep them in one place and avoids slipping.


  • Breathable mesh is perfect for air circulation around the feet
  • Their design is too low from the heel, that’s why they are suitable for low profile hey dude type shoes.
  • Wide gripper works perfectly to keep your socks in one place
  • Ideal for 6-12 men’s size and absorb the moisture from the hey dudes for men

Zero Sock Men’s Bamboo Socks

Zero invisible socks are made with cotton and bamboo to provide double softness and comfort to the hey dude slip-on. Four pairs of socks come in one pack. Forefoot mesh is added to them to provide ventilation to the shoes.

This feature keeps your feet odorless for 24  hours. Their toe side is seamless to protect your shoes from tearing. These are tight enough to not slip from your feet.


  • Seamless toe protects from ripping of the socks
  • These socks are crafted very carefully to protect from slipping
  • Zero no-show socks have maximum breathability due to breathable mesh
  • They are also effective in preventing the sweat

Sperry Men’s Signature Invisible Socks

Sperry Men’s invisible socks are constructed with nylon, spandex, and polyester. These materials make your socks durable and comfy.  The socks liner is ideal for low-profile boots.

The silicone gripper protects the socks from slipping and keeps your feet stuck on the heel side. Not only this, but it also prevents your heel potion from pain.

Additionally, it also manages the moisture properties of the hey dude type shoes and keeps your foot dry. These types of socks are specially made to wear in the summer.


  • The liner is suitable for low-profile boots.
  • Soft gripper hides the liner in the socks and they also come with moisture properties that keep your feet comfortable.
  • Sperry socks are the best-selling socks for hey dude slippers on sunny days.

Starter Men’s 4-Pack Athletic Socks

These comfortable socks are made with spandex or nylon material. This footwear is soft enough to give your feet a suitable position throughout the day. The ventilation system in the socks allows the air to pass through the feet.

Furthermore, these machine-washable socks are important during sports days. In this way, you will get the necessary ventilation from them.


  • This invisible socks pack has 4 pairs in them, and ventilated panels are present at the toe side of the socks.
  • Rubber panels are beneficial in keeping your socks comfortable.
  • The opening of these socks is elastic to make them fit in your feet.

Gold Toe Women’s Everyday Socks

Gold-toe ballerina socks are one of the popular socks for ladies.

The organic cotton and polyester maximize the lifespan of the socks with hey dudes.  These socks are perfect for ladies to wear with hey dude’s slip-on. They are available in multiple sizes, so you can wear them with any kind of footwear.

The gripping of these socks prevents them from sliding down.  They also have a breathability feature to enable the flow of air.


  • These ballerina socks are ideal for the shoe size 6-9
  • This type of sock will look gorgeous with flat heel shoes
  • It is designed with soft yarns to give ultra durability to the socks.
  • The Toe seam is also comfy

Socks for Women & Men

There is no restriction that a woman cannot wear the socks of her husband or brother. There is just a minor difference between the size of men and women.

Besides this, there is no breaking of the rules till you wear socks of your size. I don’t agree with the fact that this type of sock is specially made for men. Why can’t she wear those socks if they fit her properly?

  • Ladies’ socks fit those women whose shoes size is 6 to 10. Men can also wear them if their shoe size is 4 to 8.5.
  • Men’s socks fit those guys who have shoe sizes 8 to 13. Women can wear these socks if their shoe size is 9 to 14.

Can You Wear Hey Dude without Socks?

Wearing shoes without socks is also not a bad idea. You can wear one or many pairs of socks with all black hey dudes shoes.

There is no need to put socks on if you are wearing casual pants or jeans with them.  It is an amazing idea to wear socks with khakis or dresses.

If you don’t like wearing socks with hey dudes, then putting the socks on is not essential. The decision is all yours!

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Wear Socks with Hey Dudes?

I don’t wear socks with my casual wear, but I put them on with my overalls and printed dresses. This gives an astonishing look to my hey dudes shoes.

What Color Socks Should You Wear with Hey Dudes?

You can wear multiple color socks with your boots. It is not necessary to wear a certain color of socks with them.  Try to match the color of your socks with your shoes or shirt.

How Are You Supposed to Wear Hey Dudes?

You can pair your hey dudes shoes with skirts, dresses, overalls, suits, coats, pants, jeans, a top tank, t-shirts, or your jacket.

Do You Tie the Laces on Hey Dude Shoes?

Cross the left lace of your hey dudes shoes over the right one. Tighten the laces according to your preferences.


Luckily, many no-show socks are available if you don’t like to show your socks with hey dudes boots. That’s all, these were some best socks that I recommended. I am sure this guide will help you to pick the right socks for any outfit.

Be confident and style your hey dudes shoes with multiple socks. Go on with what suits you best.

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