What Socks to Wear with Vans Shoes?

Are you confused about the type of socks to wear with vans shoes? In this post, I will talk about the models of vans and the type of socks you can wear with them.

If you don’t want to ruin the look of your outfit, then stick to invisible pair of socks for low-top vans and select ankle socks for high-top boots. These socks will eliminate the unpleasant smell of feet.

There is a variety of socks with different models of vans. Keep your style in mind while buying the perfect pair of socks for yourself in terms of comfort and protection.

what socks to wear with vans

Why Do You Need To Wear Socks With Vans?

One of the main reasons for wearing socks is to prevent sweating of feet. High heat releases sweat from feet. It gives new life to many bacteria and fungi. These living organisms promote foot infections and many other things.

Not only those, wearing socks protect you from slipping and blisters. It also does not allow dirt to enter the shoes. So wear your socks to make your feet warm and good.

What Socks To Wear With Different Vans Models?

Vans produced five impressive designed shoes. But what type of socks should I wear with these charming boots?

  • Vans Old Skool
  • Vans Era
  • Vans Authentic
  • Vans Sk8-Hi
  • Vans Slip Ons

Wearing Socks with Old Skool

These shoes are also called jazz stripes. Their design is unique and sleek. The Old Skool is available in multiple colors, but its solid black color looks way too fascinating than other colors. You should try putting on sports and casual socks with these shoes.

Putting on Socks with Vans Era

The durable construction and remarkable cushioning made these shoes famous among skateboarders. They are also available in leather and denim materials. With this footwear, you can wear casual dress, no socks, and sports socks.

Socks are worn with Vans Authentic

Authentic Vans were first released in California in 1966. These skateboarding shoes can endure complicated flips due to their firm sole. You can try putting on casual, formal, no-show, and athletic socks with these shoes.

Wearing Socks with Sk8-Hi

The Sk8-Hi boots are made with high-quality material along with a side stripe. They were specially made to prevent your ankles from scraping.

Also, they are very common at skate parks, and this casual footwear works ideally for informal use. Casual and sporty socks suit perfectly with these shoes.

Putting on Socks with Vans Slip Ons

I am sure that everyone has Slip on Vans on their shoe tree. Vans Slip Ons are easy to take in or off. Try wearing no-show socks with slip-ons vans but these unique style boots will also look beautiful with bright-colored socks.

Types of Socks

There are seven most common types of socks. I will discuss each kind one by one.

  • Striped Socks
  • No Socks
  • Slip on Socks
  • Funky Socks
  • Plain Socks
  • Branded Socks
  • High Socks

1. Striped Socks

There is the classical type of socks that you will notice many people wearing them. It is the combination of two colors that match the color of your vans. Some people go with high striped and long socks under their shorts.

On the other hand, short socks also look lovely.  It gives a more stylish look to your outfit. You will look more adorable by wearing colorful matching socks.

2. No Socks

No-socks look is becoming trendy these days. You don’t have to wear any socks with vans for this look. Girls and boys both love this trend. Not wearing socks can result in many foot infections.

I know it feels cool, but it can cause a smell in your footwear. This is a little embarrassing. But still, if you wanna try it, then go for it. It will be okay if you try vans with no-show socks for a short time.

3. Slip on Socks

If you love exposed ankle socks outfit style then slip-on socks are best for you. We also refer to them as sporty socks. They come in light to dark colors.  Light color socks are less visible than dark.

Make sure to pair them properly with your outfit color. It will not look good to put on different colored socks.

4. Funky Socks

These are the type of socks that are quite different in style than others. They have also been called rule-breaker socks because there is no definite pattern. You can expect any kind of design on them, whether a burger or flower-shaped pattern.

It works very well with vans. While Gucci shoes require special socks, this is not the case for vans. These boots have versatile designs, and there are many socks to wear with vans.

5. Plain Socks

I am sure that everyone has one pair of white or black plain socks with them. The reason is that it looks suitable for any kind of vans.

You can choose short or long-length plain socks with your shorts or trouser. It is up to you whether you like high or low top design. I prefer to pair the color of dress shoes and socks with my vans look.

6. Branded Socks

Surely, if you want to give a more aesthetic look to your shoes, there are also many branded best socks to wear with vans.

It is for those who are picky about the quality of the socks and don’t settle for anything less.  Branded socks are a little more expensive than others but are worth buying.

7. High Socks

It is the ideal choice of socks to wear with high tops. If you want to make them visible, then try wearing them with shorts. If you don’t like to show off then try putting them on with trousers.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What Socks to Wear with Vans Slip-Ons?

You can put on funky, plain, and invisible socks with them. These types of socks give a more aesthetic look to them. Matching socks with a slip-on look more suitable and beautiful.

What Kind of Socks Are You Supposed to Wear with Vans?

The best ones to wear with vans are striped, funky, plain, branded, high-top, and slip-on socks.  It depends on what model and color of shoes you are wearing. You can also try vans with ankle socks.

How Do You Wear Vans without Getting Blisters?

Double-layer socks are very helpful to protect from blisters. The reason is that it decreases the fiction. Anti-blister socks are available to make you feel comfortable.

What Socks to Wear with Vans Women?

Usually, women like wearing long socks but that is not entirely true. Women can put on colorful, funky, plain, and striped socks with vans. It depends on what they like.


There are unlimited options of socks with vans shoes. For example, if you are looking for van’s old skool socks, make sure they are comfortable and long-lasting.

I like to wear plain socks with my sneakers because it looks more decent. These socks come in almost every color. But there are also some events when funky and slip-on socks will be acceptable. I almost have every kind of sock and I love wearing them.

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