What to Wear with Red Vans? – 2023 Outfit Ideas?

Want to know the stylish ways to wear red vans?

Red vans are classic sneakers that have been revolving since 1966. These shoes are still trendy and a favorite of both men and women in 2023.

Many celebrities like Justin Bieber and Maroon 5 were spotted wearing red vans. Red-colored vans are available in both checkboard patterns and signature side stripe patterns.

If you are looking for outfit inspiration for both men and women. No need to worry! I have got you covered. In this post, I will discuss several ways to style red vans. Let’s dive in!

what to wear with red vans

What to Wear with Red Vans?

Red vans can be paired for both formal and casual looks. High-waisted trousers and ripped jeans both look amazing with them. You can also add some accessories but ensure that they match your look.

Graphic socks and vans slip-ons give your outfit a classical and stylish look. A funky pattern shirt and khaki pants give a very ideal and suitable appearance with men’s red shoes.

Men & Women’s Style Guide

It’s time to explain women’s and men’s fashion ideas for red vans. Read all the style ideas carefully to appear decent and trendy.

  • Skirt
  • Shorts
  • Mini dress
  • Long dress
  • Jeans
  • Sweatpants
  • Pants
  • Sweater
  • Leggings

Pairing Skirt with Red Vans

A sleek midi skirt gives a very versatile look with red vans. This high-rated style is very significant with a graphic print tank top. Black sunglasses and a silver shoulder bag add a formal and fashionable combination to your outfit.

Shorts with Red Vans

Jean shorts are an easygoing combination during summer. High-top sneakers and low-top sneakers both come in the signature side stripe style. Basketball hats and small gold hoops emphasize red vans for women.

On the other hand, shorts are one of the best casual outfits for men with red vans due to their polished and chunky appearance.

Mini Dress with Red Vans

Floral print mini dress and red vans Old Skool give a versatile design look. Platform shoes also add height which makes them great to wear with shorts.

You can also add accessories like pearl necklaces, stacking rings, and shoulder bags with them to look cute and decent.

Long Dress

The floral maxi long dress is perfect for traveling or vacation. Red vans give a cool vibe to them, and you can move freely without sacrificing your style. Aviator sunglasses and a pearl flower necklace look vibrant with a women’s outfit for red vans.


Khakhi jeans and a checkered shirt are the best options with red vans for men. Blue denim is also versatile for men’s outfits. Instant color shoes elevate your style when you pair them with gray jeans.


Coordinating a sweatshirt with sweatpants gives it a comfy and trendy appearance. High-top red vans give a sleeker look with casual clothes for men.

A gold chain necklace and tucker hat are the ideal combinations for ladies who wear red vans with sweatpants. Fleece red jogger vans are also well known these days.

Pants with Red Vans

Cargo pants give laid back vibe with red vans Sk8-Hi sneakers. It is perfect for urban street style. I suggest wearing a graphic printed t-shirt with cargo pants.

Ladies can also add a mini tote bag with this style to look more aesthetic.

Sweater with Red Vans

Long sleeve sweater with red vans gives a very cute look for school. High-raised jeans look wonderfully with a sweater. You can carry your notebooks in a graphic-printed tote bag because it gives a cool look with red vans.

Combine your style with Blue light glasses to protect your eyes from long-time screening.

Leggings with Red Vans

Leggings are versatile enough to pair with any shoes. No doubt, they give a sporty appearance with red vans. White and red vans look aesthetic with a blue jacket.

You can also coordinate your outfit with a beanie hat and crew socks.

Is It Okay to Wear Red Vans with Socks?

My answer depends on your preferences. You can wear socks with red vans. Wear vibrant color socks if your outfit is plain; otherwise, wear simple socks with printed floral pattern outfits.

Besides this, it is nothing wrong to wear vans without socks. Vans are made with stretchy and comfortable material that allows them to be worn without socks. Too tight footwear can cause blisters. So it is necessary to wear socks with tight shoes.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Red Vans Go With?

A great way to style red vans is to pair them with skinny jeans or dark-colored sweatpants. You can wear graphic-design socks with them to look fashionable.

Red vans with white stripes look cool with jeans and a denim jacket. You can also try khaki pants and a printed t-shirt with red vans.

Can Men Wear Red Vans?

Most people think that red colored vans are just suitable for women, but that is not true. Men can pair them with blue denim and blue jeans. They can also wear them with sweaters.

Should You Wear Vans Loose or Tight?

Loose vans are more comfortable and fit your size perfectly. Avoid lacing your shoes too tightly. Wear your new vans for a few hours to break them in properly.


Wear a plain faux fur coat and stylish slip dress with red vans for parties. Pair vans slip on men with skinny jeans for a casual look. Due to their vibrant and versatile design, you will not go wrong with red vans shoes.

That’s all! Let me know what your favorite look was. Try any of these looks and be confident. Thank you for reading!

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