Why are Crocs So Expensive? – The Top 13 Reasons

Are you also wondering what makes crocs so expensive?

Many people prefer crocs because of many reasons. Some love their huge flexibility, and others like them for their unique features.

I accept the fact that they are quite expensive. But I believe they are worth spending your money on.  Their appearance looks like foam blocks. You will change your mind after knowing how valuable these footwear crocs are!

The company has also introduced new, trendy, and stylish designs of crocs that are leveled with their features. If something is better than the previous one, their price would also be high.

why are crocs so expensive

Reasons Why Crocs Are so Expensive

I bought pair of crocs about two years ago. Here are the 13 reasons why I think that top crocs are expensive.

1. Croslite Material

Crocs are made up of extraordinary material called Croslite. The foamed resin that is used in its manufacturing works remarkably. My favorite part about its material is that only the company knows how to make this resin.

In this way, no other fake companies can copy these crocs. Even if they do, the differences are quite clear.

Its unique formula doesn’t exist anywhere. They do much effort into making material for your charming crocs. That’s why the company demands high money for their crocs as compared to other shoe wear.

This is fair! By increasing its price, they make more durable quality crocs and gain profit from it. Using low-quality material ruins the crocs.

To make good quality crocs, they require more material. There is a possibility they will lose some material while production.

It is lightweight, soft, and non-toxic. You can remove dirt from your crocs with soup and water because croslite is non-toxic. It supports your feet by molding crocs into your foot shape. This is even used in making medical appliances and toys.

2. Durable and Waterproof

Its outstanding resin makes it durable and long-lasting. They will not wear out easily. It also makes them waterproof.

Your crocs will help you like your best friend on rainy days. Most people prefer using footwear crocs on the beach. They know that no matter what, their crocs will not deteriorate.

One interesting thing about them is that they don’t sink in water. I heard about this before, but I wanted to try this myself. I put my designer crocs shoes in water; then you know what! They started to float on the water.

Thus, they keep your feet cool even on a hot summer afternoon. Enjoy walking in hot areas without fear of crocs being torn out.

You can also use them for hiking. They work perfectly, even for sharp rocks. These rocks will not rip your stunning pair of crocs. When I say durability, this is what I mean. This makes it pricey.

3. Longlasting

Crocs can last for even five years if you keep them carefully and avoid very harsh conditions, then they will not be damaged.

My friend bought adorable pair of crocs about three years ago. Her custom design crocs are still working like new ones. So I can’t deny its long-lasting feature.

If a person buys single pair, he doesn’t have to buy more often. They are not sold a lot. It took so much effort and money for the company to last them for years. So, its expensive price makes sense.

4. Comfortability

You can’t question its comfort. Not all footwear companies offer comfortable shoes. You can easily get these types of shoes at a low price.

Why are these crocs so comfy even though they are made up of foam boxed?

You can switch to its relaxing mode or sports mode. It is all possible because of its heel straps. Relaxing mode is specially made for casual because you can easily slip on or off your shoes in this mood.

Sports mode is specially made for hiking or climbing. With the help of its straps, you can tighten your crocs so they will not move back and forth. I also went climbing a few days ago, and I wear my customized crocs. My feet didn’t hurt at all, even after wearing them for several hours.

Furthermore, crocs footwears are available in relaxed, standard and spacious fits. The company has got you even if your feet are narrow or wide. Briefly, these footwears are spectacularly comfortable.

5. Unique Design

At first, when crocs arrived in the market, people didn’t like its shape and design. Over time, croc’s popularity increased. It fits perfectly for any kind of suit and style. Thanks to manufacturing for making these trendy crocs in almost all colors.

The company focused on making long-lasting and reliable crocs. It made crocs unique in appearance and features. They won’t let you down, even in harsh conditions.

Nowadays, people want something different and durable. Crocs meet all the requirements of customers that they are looking for their shoes. Being different from other footwear makes them costly.

6. Health Benefits

Looking for shoes that don’t cause any harm to your feet?

Crocs are the first choice of doctors, nurses, and medical staff because they know these crocs’ value. Almost everybody tries to keep themselves healthy, and people adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Wearing crocs is also a little remedy to stay healthy. Let’s take the example of nurses who wear designer crocs shoes. They must walk into the hospital for the whole day to check on their patients. Wearing low-quality shoes can hurt their feet.

They prefer crocs’ comfort for doing their duty. Feet sweat in closed-shape footwear that causes fungus.

Crocs are resistant to sweating because there are 13 holes on the toe side for proper ventilation. Air comes from these holes and prevents it from sweating.

7. Limited Edition

Making limited-edition crocs is another way to boost sales. Crocs company collab with many celebrities and big brands. They also even collab with the most famous singer Justin Bieber.

New design crocs are made for partnership. People love to collect limited edition crocs as they are available in few amounts. You know it would be expensive to buy limited edition crocs.

8. Low Maintenence

Crocs don’t need high maintenance for cleaning purposes. The company demands a high price as you don’t have to put much effort into cleaning. Other shoes require high maintenance after a specific time.

You just need hot water(not much), soup, and a towel to dry crocs. Put your crocs in water and clean gently until it removes all the dirt. Use soup for better results & then dry your shoes with a towel also, avoid extreme temperatures for cleaning.

9. Seasonal Market

Croc’s price gets higher, especially in the summer season. They run out of stock because people love going on beech during holidays. It works perfectly fine on casual days.

Well, that doesn’t mean that their price goes low in winter. It becomes more expensive in summer as there are more chances to go outside.

The manufacturer took advantage of its high demand and increased its price. They also introduce different kinds of crocs to seek people’s attention. If you buy crocs in summer, then be ready to pay more.

10. Customized Crocs

Crocs can also be customized by adding unique holes and some bling. It makes them fancy to wear for weddings and prom.

Some people customize their crocs by adding the touch of their taste. Customized crocs are available on many websites.

More materials are added to them to make them decorative. It also has drawn the attention of many creative people, making them expensive.

11. Collector’s Item

Crocs are also considered collector’s items. They come in many vibrant colors that make them magnificent. They come in every color that a person desires.

Some of you are obsessed with collecting crocs of every color. Every color has its charm. This makes the crocs costly.

12. Environmental Impact

Crocs are made with a material that cannot be recycled. To be successful in the future, they have to make a good environmental impact.

The company is finding ways through which buyers can donate their worn-out crocs. They spend a lot of money on packaging and distribution. This also increases the price of footwear crocs.

13. High Demand

The demand for crocs is increasing daily due to their extraordinary design, longevity, and low maintenance. Many big companies buy crocs for all their workers.

Teenagers also love wearing trendy design footwear. That’s why crocs are expensive due to huge customer demand.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Crocs Worth the Price?

Of course, crocs are worth buying, not because of just its durability. They are also suitable for any sort of outfit. You won’t regret spending your money on it.

What Makes Crocs so Special?

The most special thing about crocs is their croslite material. No one knows how to make this unique foamed resin. Only the company knows.

How Much Do Crocs Cost?

Crocs come in the market in several colors and styles. Crocs usually are less than $50. They are also available in a combination of more than two colors.

Did Crocs Use to Be Cheap?

Yes, Crocs were founded in 2002. They used to be cheap. At that time, the cost of high-top crocs was 30 dollars.


I have shared my experience with you. Two years ago, I also thought that crocs were expensive. But now I don’t think like that. It was worth it, and I am obsessed with my crocs.

I have never felt so comfortable in any shoes. Thus, crocs are stylish, long-lasting, versatile, and efficient shoes in the market.

Thank you for reading this article, and I hope this has made your decision easier. Happy shopping!

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