Why Are Golden Goose Shoes So Expensive?

Wondering why Golden Goose shoes are so costly?

The golden goose is an Italian dress shoe company famous for manufacturing distressed shoes. The price range of these shoes is from $400 to $700. The main reason for their price is that each pair of shoes is handmade in Italy.

This brand was made by a husband and wife named Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo. The shoe design was inspired by skating parks and Italian crafts.

In this guide, I will disclose why golden goose costs so much. Let’s dive in!

why are golden goose shoes so expensive

Why Are Golden Goose Shoes so Expensive?

Golden Goose is a luxury brand of sneakers that has gained popularity due to its dusty and scuffed appearance. Each shoe is constructed uniquely, just like our unique fingerprints.

Just like some small snd scuff marks on jeans add an aesthetic look, golden souse sneakers have some Italian details. The handmade design has caught the attention of many people, and even shoe distressing is done by hand.

Unlike other shoe brands, the company offers their employees an amount, meaning they have to spend a lot on single shoe pair. The results are impressive and show how much hard work was done on them.

The manufacturing process is also slow. It takes more time to produce a shoe, and employees must work longer. The high demand has made these shoes pricey.

Reasons for Expensive Golden Goose Shoes

Here I will disclose all reasons that made golden shoes pricey. Be with me till the end to know everything about it.

1. The Distressing Procedure

The fact that they are handmade is not the only reason for their high price. The distressed feature makes them expensive. There are multiple methods of distressing the shoes.

You will notice grass stains, skid marks, and muddy marks on them. Their appearance looks like they were already used, but they are not. They are just built that way.

Distressing takes a lot more time and work than manufacturing regular shoes. Since each pair is handmade, workers focus on each shoe.

Workers also need more payment as they work for many hours. It also increases the budget of the company. Another reason, distressing is expensive and those who like unique aesthetic things are ready to pay for them.

2. Uniqueness

Uniqueness is the main reason for their popularity. Single footwear is not the same, and there is some difference in distressing, just like people’s unique fingerprints.

Let’s take an example; one shoe is more colorful than the other, and the other has little different shoe pattern. The skid signs on one are might more than the other or not at all.

The first reason is that it is made by hand, and the second is that it is difficult to make the same pattern on other shoes. Instead of making them perfect, this brand admires the beauty of imperfection.

People prefer buying something unique because finding the same shoe design is easy. Not only this, but it also represents the person’s unique style and looks.

High-quality golden goose shoes are unique, embrace handmade things, and are perfect for those who seek uniqueness. It takes more time to make a unique shoe every time.

3. Calfskin Leather

The kind of material used in their construction is different that increases their expense. Italian items are well known for using the best quality leather. The leather used in the construction of golden shoes comes from the calves. Each calf does not deliver the leather, and Italy is quite popular for its high-standard leather.

The calf should be healthy, so farmers spend a lot of money keeping them healthy. Healthier calf supplies better leather. The company has to give huge amounts of money to purchase the calfskin.

Such kind of leather is known for its durability and extreme comfort. There are more chances of mistakes in making handmade shoes. They also have to cover the money for making such mistakes, and they do this by increasing the price.

4. Premium Cotton Laces

Another thing that makes these shoes costly is their premium cotton laces, as laces have nothing to do with comfort, so companies can use low-quality laces.

But the golden shoe brand is determined to deliver standard quality to the wearers. But remember that low-quality material starts to wear out in a few years. You will notice the ripping of the shoe.

But the case is different with golden goose shoes because they invest in premium quality laces. These laces not just last longer but are also comfortable and look great.

The manufacturer ensures you don’t have to replace the shoe laces, which are durable like shoes. It needs more money to grow premium quality cotton that lasts longer, just like shoes. Laces urge the company to increase the shoe price.

5. Loopback Cotton Toweling Material

Another factor that makes shoes costly is the loopback cotton toweling material used inside the shoe. The most common shoe materials are leather, canvas, or suede, but golden goose company is destined to do something unique.

They have used loopback cotton toweling material that maintains the temperature of the feet. When the weather is warm, it will keep your feet cool and warm in cool weather.

It is perfect for skateboarders who sweat a lot while skating. Golden goose company purchases premium quality material to make the shoe interior; more effort is needed to do it skillfully. It leads to an increase the shoe cost.

6. Sneaker Height

Not just on appearance; they also focus on the height of the shoes. They are also known as high heel shoes. The reason is that they have used a tall insole to increase the height near the heel and flat from the toes.

They have to use a lot of material to make a taller insole, so they need more leather. To ensure comfort and support, it maximizes the price of the shoes. Many people love the shoes’ height, which increases their demand and price.

7. New Design Every Year

Golden Goose company makes unique shoes and delivers different shoes every year. Isn’t it amazing!

It means that the theme of the art and color will be changed each year. Even if the person already owns a pair of golden goose shoes, the new design in the market will urge him to buy a new one.

Employers must learn different designs each year, and people must buy new materials yearly. The style also increases their price because they have to start everything again.

8. Collectible

Collectors love to buy rare shoes, as golden goose sneakers are unique and have different patterns on each pair.

It increases the interest of the collectors and forces them to buy new sneaker models every year. It is a perfect opportunity for them to grab a unique pair of shoes since they are handmade and produced in limited amounts.

The higher the demand, the higher the price.

9. Comfort

Comfort plays an important role in deciding whether to buy these sneakers. People are ready to pay more for comfortable shoes.

They are exceptionally comfortable shoes that do not cause blisters. It costs more for the company to manufacture comfortable footwear. Their incredible comfort is another reason that makes golden goose shoes pricey.

Cost of Golden Goose Shoes

The golden goose is a luxury brand that sells high-quality and unique shoes. They are less expensive compared with other luxury shoe brands like Prada sneakers.

The cost of golden goose shoes is from $400 to $700. The incredible comfort, softness, and uniqueness make them ideal and pricey.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Golden Goose High Quality?

Golden Goose is a quality shoe due to their calfskin upper, loopback cotton toweling material, and premium cotton laces used in construction.

How Did Golden Goose Get so Popular?

The high-quality material, fashionable look, unique design, and distressed appearance of these shoes caught the attention of many people.

Do Celebrities Wear Golden Goose Sneakers?

Selena Gomez, Mandy Moore, Olivia Wilde, and many other celebrities were spotted wearing golden goose shoes. It tells the hype of these unique luxury shoes among people.

Can Golden Gooses Get Wet?

Golden gooses are not waterproof shoes, so you should spray them first. After that, you don’t have to take tension about the damage.

Why Do Golden Goose Shoes Look Dirty?

They look dirty because it is an Italian-based brand inspired by the skate park. Dirt and scuff marks indicate that skateboarders go through a lot of wear and tear of shoes while skating.

Final Words

Golden goose are in demand due to their high quality, unique appearance, and comfort. The built material is durable and expensive. Hopefully, you have got the answer to why they are expensive after going through my guide.

Consider all the reasons and buy the best design golden goose sneakers. They are worth buying for people fond of wearing unique design shoes. On the other, they are not affordable for a common person.

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